Shukla gang far better than bahu gang

Posted: 9 months ago

This season keeps messing my views up and I cannot stick to any view at all. 

Yesterdays episode made me realise that if someone says sorry repeatedly and if someone keeps showing attitude, I will definitely support the one who said sorry.

Also Shehnaz is not characterless at any cost, even if she chooses to be extremely friendly with men and even if that's her gameplan. No one on earth can call someone characterless on this basis. I can also call Siddharth Dey characterless then, for massaging Rashmi Desai, or Shefali for wearing tiny dresses. 

Felt bad for Arti. Literally, a task in which everyone played dirty, the pack of six behave as if they did nothing and everything was done by the other four. Calling someone repeatedly gandi doesn't make them gandi in the first place, rather brings out the mentalilty of the one who keeps saying. Deboleena is done and dusted with. Doesn't even exist for me as a contestant. 

Waiting for Salman's dhulaai.

Call me indecisive, this much I can say, bahu gang have lost their game. And it's high time they do something about it, lest they lose many more neutral people like me, to Shukla gang. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

Well said smiley32

Now get ready to face their wrath smiley36



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Posted: 9 months ago

Last two episode showed the difference between SAAS and Bahu team.

SAAS team will usually talk about their normal life and more about themselves while Bahu team will always backbite about SAAS team.

Team wise i didnt really like any of the team, but now it all makes sense that why ppl r loving SAAS team more than Bahu team. 3 out of top 4 contestants according to votes are from SAAS team, only one person in top 4 from Bahu team is Rashami which is the only sensible person I find in that team. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

Finally smiley31

Welcome to same team this season too 

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Posted: 9 months ago

So Paras' apologies doesn't count? And Shefali dint call her characterless .Sana had said something really terrible that BB had to mute for almost 10 secs .

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Posted: 9 months ago

I am so glad for your post smiley32

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Posted: 9 months ago

Originally posted by subhs

So Paras' apologies doesn't count? And Shefali dint call her characterless .Sana had said something really terrible that BB had to mute for almost 10 secs .

Don't even wanna talk about Paras. He's a complete LOL. 

Everyone curses, and if you mean to say Shefali and Dey didn't call her characterless through the words they used, we are watching different shows. 

Paras tumko thook diya, chipakne and letne aayi hai, and many more, I would have paid more attention then if I was already team SAAS , anyways the gandi ladki rant was initiated by Deboleena. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

Agree with whatever u said..

Bahu gang is very provoking n acts as they did nothing and r very clean sensible ppl.

Out of all bahu gang rashmi is only in her senses all else have lost it completely

Devoleena is nuts n behaves psycho, hiding tea to making lunch in breakfast time, she is main vamp of show..

Mahira is obsessed with supporting paras n usi me doob jayegi

Shefali acts very oversmart jaise sab uske according hoga

Shukla is aggressive but i can see all mess with him even though he is fighting with one person all come n start fighting with him

Asim is targeted from day one by paras n paras acts as women supporter but abused asim's mother..sanskari playboy has no sanskaar

Shehnaz is overfriendly but targeting her as characterless is not right.. all these bahu also have bf n living relationship..they r getting massage from dey

Dey is very ghatiya person.his language sucks 


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