Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 21,23,24,25 Oct 2019

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Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 21 Oct  2019

It is Asmita’s haldi and Moushumi derives pleasure  by taunting her about her numerous marriage and  mehendi ceremonies ..and also about Krishi’s paternity...Asmita retorts back about her poor feelings for a Krishi was understandable because moushumi could never be a mother .

Nandini poisons Shekhawat’s mind about Asmita’s character over her numerous marriages in the past ...

Shamita have cute romantic moments as Asmita is proceeding towards mehendi ceremony ..Shaan misses no chance to romance with her and she is taken aback at his amorous actions ..... her Mehendi function has been arranged with huge fanfare ...

During the mehendi applications Nandini feels itchy ...soon Asmita feels it too .. not wipe out their mehendi .. much to the  annoyance n displeasure of Shekhawat 

Krishi knows this was shaan’s chal to stall the mehendi of Asmita tk Shekhawat 


Asmita is shocked to find Shaan’s name in the mehendi of her hand n he romances her over it

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 23 Oct  2019

Shaan gets super romantic with Asmita n serenades her .. she is skeptical but can’t resists his charms but finally she remembers Shaan slapping Krishi .. she tells Shaan that she will marry Shekhawat as he fulfilled his promises 

Shana asks her to prove it .. she assures she will keep Karma chauth vrat for Shekhawat .. Shaan challenges her that he will prove it before every  one that she loved Shaan n her KC vrat will be comp,eyed by Shana only not shekhawat .shaan states he too will keep KC vrat for her ... 

she gets concerned about his low BP n dissuades him from fasting .. Shana then reminds her  how much she loved him .. 

They challenge eachother ... 

Niv tells Krishi how to make Asmita change her mind n not marry Shekhawat ... 

Krishi n Niv discuss Asmita’s KC vrat ... they plan to make sure Shaan completes Asmita’s vrat ...

Nandini n Chahat discuss her first KC vrat .. n they plan to make sure Shana completed Nandini’s vrat .. 

on the day of KC nandini and Shaan have nok jhok as he refuses to give in to Nandini’s demands .. Shaan n krishi plan tk to plate Asmita’s vrat 


Nandini tries time splash ice n water on Asmita but Shana rushes n cover sher with his blazer to prevent water from splashing on Asmita / completing her vrat .. Shekhawat fumes as Shamita are under the blazer close tog n he promises her he will  complete her vrat .

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 24 Oct  2019

It’s is KC night ... Asmita is looking beautiful in red lehenga and Shan too is in red shervani so is Shekhawat ..

Krishi wants Shaan papa to break mumma’s fast n not Shekhawat ..

Niv n Shaan agree with the kid 

Shaan faints because of fasting but refuses to accept water because he is fasting for Asmita 

His repeated amorous attempts trouble Asmita ... she feels frustrated when he tries to break her fast .. she confronts him what was he aiming at ?? Would he marry Asmita after completing/opening  her fast ?? Would he give his name to Krishi after completing her fast ?? What was he hell bent on completing her fast ?? Shaan is shocked

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE Written Updates 25 Oct  2019

At Karwa chauth Shaan appears before Asmita as she performs chaand Pooja .. he is ready to break her fast .. Shekhawat gets annoyed n he confronts Shaan n they get into a fight . Soon they hear screams for help .. Shekhawat finds Nandini inside a trunk n releases her ..she accuses Shaan of acting all this at the behest of Krishi n that kid was being manipulated by Asmita to marry Shaan . Shaan co fronts Asmita for hurting her daughter knowing she disliked Shekhawat n did not ant him as her father .. why was she marrying Shekhawat ??  Asmita then confronts Shaan for acting on the behest of a little kid ..was he not a grown up man ?? could he not decide for himself ?? What was right or wrong ?? Would he give Krishi his name after this ?? Would he become her papa ?? She knew he would never !! How dare he try to break her fast ?? Asmita faints due to exertion m faints ..Shaan supports her ..he makes her drink water ..much to Shekhawat n Nandini, Chahat’s displeasure but to the pleasure of Niv n Krishi .

Asmita then declares she would marry Shekhawat m orders Shaan to leave this house until the marriage was over . Heart broken Shaan walks out leaving equally heart broken Krishi 

Shekhawat tells Asmita that his family desired Rajputana style of wedding so he gets Rajputana style bridal dress n Odhni for her n requests her to wear than n partake in Bhooma dance before the wedding 

She shyly agrees .....Krishi tries to contact Shaan on phone for his help . 

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Silly karwa chauth drama involving little kids who should be busy at school n playing games ... they are seen plotting with oldies on how to manipulate vrats smiley44smiley44smiley21

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