Ansh Kidnaps Amrita&Randhir Searching For Them

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Posted: 7 months ago

when i see Randhir it bleeds my heart,he is so lonely,he lost everything for his kind and good heart friendship and love,he is so lonely and there is noone for him now but i am glad baby is there with him they share the Ram-Lakshman bond and only Dadi understand him so well that he is lonely and there is noone to take care of him,our genius needs love

Dilkash bro's strangles Amrita and Dhiransh are struggling to come out from the trap set,somehow Randhir manage to set himself free and runs to his truck where his science equipment are set and advise Baby what is the plan of action using the experiment that they set for Ansh,Babbly gets worried for Amrita but Randhir says not to worry as it will weaken the magnetic guy and Jiya along with Chetan witness all the events and gives a smirk,Randhir rush to Amrita and Baby switch on the experiment and it weakens the magnetic guy n he leaves Amrita,Randhir tries to revive Amrita but she stops breathing and Ansh breaks free from the chain and runs to Amrita and tries to revive her but Randhir tells him that Amrita has stop breathing and Ansh gets very angry and turns into a Haiwan w/o his watch remote control and this shock Randhir and wonder how meanwhile the magnetic approach the truck and destroy Randhir's experiment while Baby escapes from him,the experiment has weaken the magnetic guy and he drops on the floor and suddenly Amrita opens her eyes and Randhir is happy while Ansh approach towards the magnetic guy and a war happen b/w them these war is seen by Ridhir,on the other hand Dadi is approaching the cafeteria searching and calling for Amrita and Ansh too confused her while leaving home thus she gets worried for Amrita and it shocked her when her eyes caught Amrita in weak condition lying on Randhir's lap also saw get shock seeing the war b/w Haiwan and the magnetic guy,she gets worried for Amrita and runs to her while Randhir hand over Amrita to Dadi,Ansh has killed the magnetic guy but he is uncontrollable due to his anger,Randhir tries to calm him down but Ansh is not willing to listen and approach to attack Randhir but Dadi saves Randhir and got hurt by Ansh in Haiwan mode and Amrita witness all these 

Ridhir runs to Dadi and Amrita tries to revive Dadi but she was unconscious meanwhile Ansh comes back in his human form and gets worried for Dadi because it happened unintentionally,Amrita gets to know Ansh is a Haiwan through his behaviour and blast him that he is a Haiwan,he claims to love her but what kind of love is this and curse him that he will never get love and will always remain lonely in life and if anything happen to Dadi,she will not spare him,Ansh got heartbroken and runs away in tears and anger while Randhir runs behind him and Baby-Amrita rushes Dadi to the hospital(i love this new blooming devar-bhabhi bonding😍)

Ansh keeps on running and turns into a Haiwan,Randhir tries to calm him but in vain than he came into his human form and cries that Amrita thinks he is a wild animal,Randhir advice him that Amrita is angry and she did not mean what she say and there is still time to sort out b/w Amrita,Ansh slaps Randhir and he fall hurting his hand,he accuse Randhir that all these MU happened because of him,Randhir tries to calm Ansh but he attacks him,Ansh says that from now onwards Randhir will witness his enimity and hatred for him and runs into the jungle(how shallow ansh friendship just for love and here randhir sacrifice his love for friendship😭,such a selfish guy,his friendship is limited till randhir doesn't eyes things belongs to him and this amrita whom he always loved,this is not love but crazy obsession😡🤮randhir doesn't need such friend🤮)

In the hospital,doctor informs Amrita that Dadi is out of danger but she is deeply injured too and her BP shook up,they are monitoring her just than Randhir comes there and ask how is Dadi doing which Baby reply that she is fine and Amrita gets angry and ask him whether this fine for him,Baby gets scared of her anger and says that he was explaning in scientifically terms,Amrita gets even more angry with the word science looking at Randhir,she advise Baby that do not get too engross in science and experiments that one forgets human feelings and emotions and easily break someone heart and inflict pain who loves the person immensely,Randhir feels guilty kept quiet and listen to her meanwhile Baby excuse himself but advise Randhir to kiss Amrita and sort out,Randhir whisper has he gone crazy even Amrita hears his advice while Baby left them alone to sort their issue

Randhir apologise to Amrita for Baby's childish behaviour as he is a kiddo,Amrita gets angry and scolds him that does he even know what he have done and apologies is not enough,Randhir explains that Ansh volunteer to conduct his super human experiment originally it was him who was conducting this experiment on him which Amrita ask what did he achieve from it,he lost his friend and love which Randhir tries to explain her that Jiya injected negative solution on Ansh which Amrita explains to him in a harsh manner that Ansh is not a 2 years kid to get manipulated,he is a Haiwan now because he chose him for himself and he turn into Haiwan with his own will so stop defending Ansh,Randhir stay silent and Amrita leaves,Randhir's monologue that he cannot leave Amrita alone and he is fine if she stays away from him but he needs to protect her from Ansh now who is uncontrollable and he can do anything to her(amrita spoke what i have been saying,ansh becomes haiwan because he chose to be neither randhir,amrita nor jiya is blamedsmiley32,he is no kid,he has all these negative emotions in him which is unknown to randhir😡,what we saw b/w Dhiransh was a bond😭 but their individual personalities are very different from each other😥)

Ansh is in Jiya's lab and is very angry breaking things in her lab and he further says that he has decided to turn into full charged Haiwan and ask her to start the process and inject him with so much negativity that he doesn't hesitate to kill Randhir and win Amrita by hook or by crook,Jiya ask him to think twice because it can be fatal for him,Ansh says nothing will happen to him,Jiya starts the process and Ansh says Amrita only belongs to him,process is successful,Jiya promise that she will help him unite with Amrita which Anshin his Haiwan mode says that he wants Amrita now and leaves the lab with anger,Jiya smirks and says to Chetan that their plan is successful now

In the hospital,Amrita is bleeding and stops a nurse passing by for a band aid but the nurse herself offers her for first aid,accidentally the antiseptic drops on her duppatta and she starts coughing chronically,the nurse ask her what happened which Amrita replies to her that she is allergic to antiseptic meanwhile Randhir comes there and ask what happened which the nurse reply that the antiseptic cause Amrita coughing chronically which Randhir told the nurse that he will handle her,Randhir makes Amrita sit down and he ask her that she is still allergic to antiseptic which Amrita say certain things in life follows throughout life than Randhir told her that in their childhood when her allergy triggers she always handle it with good thoughts and she should do it again and ask her to breathe in and out(gosh randhir knows everything about amrita seems like she is his childhood love😍❤)just than Randhir notice that her dupatta is filled with antiseptic he takes it out from her,Amrita ask him what is he doing since she wore a sleeveless kameez,he explains the situation,soon they share an eye-lock and also realise that they are in awkward position with Chahun Mein Ya Na from Aashiqui 2 playing on bg just than Baby lighthen the mood up and Amrita starts coughing,Randhir ask her to breathe in and out a nurse pass by saw Randhir's care and concern for Amrita mistaken them as husband-wife and ask him if she is pregnant,Randhir gets a shock and he explains its nothing like that while Baby joke with the nurse,Randhir request for a anti-allergy injection to release Amrita from the allergy,she taunts how much pain will he give her and leaves from there,Randhir tells Baby that Ansh can do anything and now he can turn into Haiwan w/o the remote they cannot leave Amrita alone as her lifein danger,Ansh overhears their conversation,he says that Randhir can use all his energy he wants but he will sweep Amrita right under his nose

the doctors are checking Dadi who is conscious now and told her that she is recovering very well,Amrita is happy and say that her Dadi is strong,the doctor leaves them alone,Dadi ask what was that monster is it Haiwan,Amrita calms her down saying that he is a criminal,Dadi further ask where is Dharam,which Amrita informs her that he is out of town and she did not inform him anything,Dadi ask her if Randhir is fine,Amrita informs her that he is fine...Dadi request Amrita to forgive Randhir and he is a very nice guy which Amrita gets emotional and tells her that there is no MU but its Randhir who doesn't want her in his life which Dadi advise her that whatever Randhir did was to save a friendship and he sacrifice his love for friendship,he was stuck in a situation,Dadi request Amrita to take care of Randhir because now he is all lonely and alone,Amrita says she will(i love this scenes dadi loves and understand randhir furthermore she knows he is lonely now😭and only amrita can complete his loneliness😭)

Amrita ask her nurse where to get the medicine she tolds her the direction and Amrita proceeds to get those medicines prescribed meanwhile Ansh threatens the nurse to lie to Amrita the medicine is not in the hospital and she needs to purchase him from the chemist or else he will kill her,in fear the nurse agree to do it

Amrita reaches the location and she knock if someone is inside and when she open the door it was Randhir there,he was applying medicine to his wounds which was cause by Ansh,the door gets locked and both are stuck enough,Amrita taunts that whenever she is with him something goes wrong for sure,Randhir offers to help but he too could not open the door as the door needs code they are stuck inside and temperature is getting colder just than the nurse from outside tells them that they have informed the maintenance and they are on the way

the temperature gets even more colder,Randhir realise that Amrita is shivering,he went to her and drape her around with her duppatta and tells her that he knows she can't tolerate cold,Amrita gets touched(now i confirm he was in love with her since childhood,he knows her every habit by heart❤)Randhir moves away,he struggles with bandaging his wound and Amrita helps him and he advise her to think all the good thoughts and she will not feel cold,Randhir is shivering and he see Amrita is shivering too and sit beside her and he apologise to Amrita that he broke her heart but he had no choice but the truth is he really loves her,he loves her alot and can't live w/o her,Amrita gets teary,he promise her that even if she is not in his fate,he will always love her,he belongs to her only and Randhir comes back to reality as it was his thoughts on Amrita...Amrita notice Randhir shivering and go close to him and hugs him crying that she didn't know that love gives so much pain and this pain is given by the man she loves who broke her heart,she further says love happens in life once and its only with him,she cannot fall in love with another person,he loves him and only wants to spend her entire life with him and Amrita comes back in reality and realise that its her thoughts on Randhir with Manmuradein from Fitrat playing on bg than the maintenance opens the door and Ridhir left the place while Baby welcomes Randhir with his mischievious smile since Randhir was with  Amrita(a very beautiful and touching scenes and param's intoxicating eyes are to die for,there is something intoxicating in his eyes when he does romantic scenes,he just make us drown into those intoxicating eyes of his😍❤)

Upon leaving from the cold room,the nurse informs Amrita that the medicine is no more in the hospital and she needs to get it from the chemist,Amrita agrees to it and leaves...Ansh gives a evil smirk

Randhir gets irritated and ask Baby to stay in his limits and there is nothing b/w him n Amrita now,its over and he needs to get it straight in his brains than he ask about Amrita's whereabouts which Baby has no clue,he gets worried for Amrita since Ansh is on loose than they notice the pune and ask him about Amrita's whereabouts he told her that she went outside,Randhir-Baby thank him and leaves

Amrita is walking to the chemist and Ansh is following her while Randhir-Baby searching for her when they saw Amrita and calls out her name,Ansh saw Randhir and he vows that he will take his Haiwan mode and kidnaps Amrita and Randhir will not able to do anything just than a truck pass in b/w Ridhir-Baby,Ansh in his Haiwan mode kidnaps Amrita and brings her to a jungle,while Randhir-Baby are searching for her

Amrita is unconscious and Ansh tries to touch and carress her face but than Ridhir intimate moment flashes across his mind and he gets angry and he leaves from there

its morning and there is no news of Amrita,Randhir approach to Misha and ask her about Ansh which Misha ask him to stay away from Ansh,its because of him that Ansh turns into a Haiwan,Randhir is shocked,Misha says,she knew...Randhir ask her even after knowing that he is a Haiwan and Misha still loves him which Misha says her love for Ansh is true and she doesn't care whether he is a Haiwan or human,Randhir says Ansh is with Amrita she says she knows it that Ansh loves Amrita,he ask about Ansh whereabouts she taunts Randhir saying that whether Amrita lives or die she doesn't care(both sore loosers are perfectly made for each other🤮😡highly selfish and obsessed🤮and stop blaming randhir he created a super human but highly big time looser chose to be haiwan for his crazy obsession that is not randhir's fault,he can't get straight on his head that amrita doesn't love him😡)Randhir says only one person can help him now

Randhir enters Jiya's lab who was tracking Ansh with a laser gun and attack her scientists and ask everyone to get out,he ask Jiya where is Ansh and Amrita

Amrita comes to her conscious and realise that Ansh had kidnapped her,she tries to run away from the jungle but she bumps on Ansh,he ask her where is she running,she cannot leave him as he loves her,Amrita gets angry and ask him to stop his madness and stop stalking and leave her alone,Ansh says he will never leave her and loves her alot and realise that Amrita is bleeding,she ask him to leave her as he is not concern of her pain,which Ansh gets angry and tells her that her pain is important to him and takes out the thorn,Amrita takes a branch and hits him but nothing is affecting him,which Ansh taunts her that she is wasting her energy because he is not a human,he is Haiwan...he gets emotional and cupps her face saying why doesn't she understand his love she needs to understand that Randhir came in b/w them and he loves her alot and whomever comes b/w them he will kill them which Amrita pushes him and say she only loves Randhir and she belongs to Randhir only,Ansh gets very angry and vows that whomever comes b/w them he will kill all,Amrita escapes from there

Precap- Jiya informs Randhir that Ansh has brought Amrita to the jungle and Randhir has very little time to save Amrita,Chetan gives a task to some creature they invent,he told her that Randhir should not reach Ansh n shows Randhir-Amrita and Ansh pictures to that creature,Randhir-Baby reaches the jungle,Ansh tells Amrita tonight they will become one soul,Amrita is in shock and he carries Amrita to a durga maa temple

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Posted: 7 months ago

Thanks for such detailed update . I was searching yesterday's update on Tellyupdates site, they have not uploaded yet. I think Nisha and Ansh should be couple. They looks hot together.

This show is different from all saasbahu shows. Nowdays in supernatural and fantasy shows also saasbahu drama is included. This show is keeping mystery factor intact till now .mystery plus science plus horror is great combination. Feels like watching a movie. 😍loving it.

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