Once upon a Midnight

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Once upon a midnight


Traffic blues

Traffic going into NOIDA was blocked from all access points,she sat in the back seat of the plush Lexus SUV and drummed her fingers on the arm rest, the driver tried to hide a scowl, tipping his hat over his eyes and turned away from the rear view mirror as he tried to look sideways out thewindow


“Aap hamey kisi auto stand ke paas utaar dena”  Shubhra Grover scratched her chin and shiftedin her seat

Her white shirt soaked in the back despite the air conditioning,the family always drove a car for two years and got rid of it, “AC sucks” they would all say.

Both her younger brothers were in college, overseas now, she was running the family business with her Dad

“Auto stand taq bhi ghanta lag jaayega”

“Aapse opinion nahi maangi humne” she snapped at the driver

She looked at her manicured nails, the pale pink was smooth and shiny

She bend down and took off her pumps and looked at her toenails, they were purple… she smiled conspiratorially

She loved crazy colors on her toes.

“Wear COLORS” her mother ordered every morning

“Kyon? Blue is a color too”


“Shub, please I am tired of seeing you in blues and greys”

“dad’s not, I work with him all day”

Manik Grover grinned “AND… I get dragged into things that are none of my business”


The house was beyond gorgeous in Mehrauli, in fact the 10 foot walls made it seem like a quiet resort, they had 10 acres of trees with a red tile Mediterranean bungalow nestled in the center

“She is going with you today, you have something o fight about all the way to Mall Rd” Shubhra giggled

Tara Grover her mother smacked her for that

“We are going to my brother’s house, he is already in a bad mood”

“I don’t hate ur brother Taru”

“Umm.. nahi, bus aap MILNA nahi chahte”

“saala hai BHAI to nahi” Manik grunted shoving his face witha giant forkful of scrambled eggs

“Oh pleez” Tara was furious


“I am going to the office” Shubhra stood up, dismissing her parents silkily

“YOU started it” her Dad was angry


“Oh no… Mom did, by ordering me to wear those high end slinky sarees” Shubhra snarked


“PEHNO hamesha LADKON wale kapde MUJHE KYA” her mother threw her spotless white linen napkin on her plate and stood up too

“Madam, isgali se le jaayen hum?  Ashram se shortcut?”

“Nizamuddin mein jam hai, AAPNE lagayi hai radio aap KHUDnahi sunte kya?” she shrieked

“Phir to ghanta lagega” he said smugly

“thank u, aap to sirf driver reh gaye, aapko to mathematician hona chahiye tha” she insulted him needlessly


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Nice starting 👍🏻

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Urban Boss

Urban Realty was one of the largest property brokers inDelhi. Shubhra managed the NOIDA flagship office. There was one in North Delhi,and there were two others, Rohtak and Ghaziabad. She hated goingt o both places.Her Dad ended up frequenting them. She liked the plush airconditioned confines of the HQ

She had looked at new listings and commented on listings herstaff had planned to post on the website this morning. Urban had their own dedicated web/graphics department and tended to post the best pictures in town.

99acres had spent months snooping to figure out who and how Urban managed to have such a fantastic online presence.

She derived a lot of pleasure from leading the pack.Whenever Manik tried to tone her down she jumped up to accuse him of “notletting her grow to her fullest potential”

Manik started out as small time property dealer in the Mehrauliarea

Key decisions along the way had catapulted him into the bigleague

Shubhra was now in charge

She walked briskly into her office

“Ma’am who  Defence Colony mein who 3rd floor remodel ke pictures aaye hain”


“I saw them in the car, the back balcony view makes thehouse look like a ghetto. Kaise bikega ghar” she barked


“Oh those are just prep pictures”


“If they are sent to ME they are final Abhay”

“I get it, let me see” he cowered

“Main dikhaane jaaoongi aaj shaam ko Rajouri Garden waalikothi” she said firmly

He nodded

“Expats hain, I want to make a good impression”


“Meet and greet team ne unke relocation consultants se baatkar li hai”


“Relo consultants are just trying to make a buck, I willmeet the family and talk myself”


“But Ma’am, Relo se Aarti Arya ka message aaya hai she is incharge of the family’s Delhi schedule”


“Is she their admin?” Shubhra scoffed


“Umm.. nahi… but Mr Govil, the expat, has been asked to interactwith Arti Arya, his employer in the US Chevron has paid Arti Arya” Abhay argued


“Arti runs a hello hai chai peeyo type company. This housecosts 87 crores, I am not letting some stupid noob delay the deal” Shubhrascowled


“Ma’am she has brought us many good buyers”

“Are u dating her or something?” Shubhra riled him


“No… no… oh god no… she is older”


“Kyon? U hate old women?”


“Umm.. Ma’am”

“Anyway, text me Mr Govil’s contact I will show them thehouse”


“JAO” she ordered



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Bossyyyyyy...nice start Nisha! Congrats on your new job! Hope u are having time for yourself. Hope u write for us every other day if possible. Wishing u luck and God bless!

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Dang it! Caught this link pretty late. Sorry. The Plus is get to read two updates now.  Congratulations on the new story Nisha. Thank you.

Jas thanks for catching it and pasting the link. God bless you😀🙏. Nice weekend I think to look forward to.

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Ah Haan! Butt kicking Realtor with very glaring layers going by the first two updates if I may dare judge her ! 

Peeling the superficial external layers... Elitist, territorial,snippy lest I forget to mention condescending.... Jolly good ride this is going to be! Swamiye charanam!!!😀

Waiting to see what's beneath her hood!!

Pretty interesting and solid Nisha. Keep them coming. Thanks again

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Congrats Nisha on start of the new story. 

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Straight up!

She arrived early, spent an hour on the godawful Metrogetting to Rajouri Garden from NOIDA

She hated it but this was the biggest listing, This willhelp her make a case to Manik Grover that she was indeed mature enough to makethings happen. She sat in the Metro running the numbers 4 different ways

3% of 87 crores… straight up!!


Three freaking crores in one transaction, ALL WHITE.

She had been able to turn that kind of money before in 2years and 4 months and 17 days

This was phenomenal


She read up about the Govils, what he did for Chevron, whywas he back in India? Why was he still working for Chevron USA. She looked uphis Linked in, she was sharp and had fantastic memory she was able to memorizethe important things all on the Metro ride

She was usually handed a glossy spiral bound book ofaffluent buyers, everything including bra size… well.. almost

She looked at his kids pictures from social media

Urban Realty had a “PR agency” that snooped around on the Webbuilding up portfolios. They made phone calls bribed IT officers, ensured thebuyer had “black and white”

She cursed Abhay for not handing her a gift bag ofchocolates for the kids

She had expensive chocolates at the HQ pantry locked up,only to be used to “look good”


She drummed her fingers on her laptop in her signature styleas her mind raced

“where could she buy expensive chocolates?”


Well… with no car possibly in a “dukaan” near the house

She wondered if she could do an Uber to the Saket Mall andbuy something

The train stopped at Rajouri Garden

Her phone rang


It was Abhay


“Kya hai?”


“Ma’am who buyer’s agent called”


“Thora sa delay hai”

“U r kidding”


“Umm.. no… it will be at 4”

“Abhi BARAH baje hain” she yelled the turnstile hitting herhip as she walked out, she cursed hanging up

She didn’t like to call Any agents, she only liked to callwealthy affluent buyers or sellers


She was aching o ask Abhay for the Buyer’s agent

Abhay and minions like him usually dealt with the propertydealer types

She scrolled through her text, pausing outside the stationin the blazing heat. Her $200 cotton shirt was soaked in the back, thank godshe left the blazer back at the office

Her toes were squishy inside her pumps


She released them and stared at them for a few beforesinking her feet into the right shoe

An auto wala used the opp to solicit biz


“Nahi… itni garmi mein auto nahi le sakti she told himhaughtily

She called Abhay again

“Agent kaun hai?”


“Mittal Properties Ma’am Janakpuri


“Janakpuri mein Govils ke kaun hai? Binder mein to yeh likhatha they are living in Vasant Vihar”


“Ma’am Mrs Govil ke cousin aise kuch hain”

“KYA investigate karte hain aap, aise yeh 90 karod kilisting 90 saal baithi rahegi Urban Realty ke paas” she yelled

Auto walas and rickshaw walas glanced salaciously …..


She ordered an Uber and decided to go chill in the bungalow


As she approached the bungalow her phone rang again, it wasAbhay


“Hmm.. kya hua?”


“Maam Deal HO GAYI dikhti hai”

Her heart sank to her purple painted toes



“Ma’am haan who Janakpuri se “





KAISE koi deal kar sakta hai” “LISTING to HAMARE paas hai”she yelled

“Ma’am batate hain, owner Mr Pyaare Lal Goel ji ne ghar kekaagaz de diye”

“AREY kya bakwas kar rahe ho, legal agreement to MERE sesign ki hai, FEES mujhe di hai mahiney ke ek lakh buyer dhoondne ke liye” sheshouted asked the Uber to pull over


She was sweaty and almost havinga heart attack


“Ma’am” Abhay called out anxiously


“Zinda hoon mari nahi abhi”

“Ma’am it’s a giant mix up, looks like Pyare Lal ji has twotimed us, he acted like he was listing it with us and he listed with someoneelse”






“Dilli mein high end deals kitne log karte hain, 1000?”


“No Ma’am”




“Atleast 100 to hongey” Abhay spoke nervously

“Govil ne khareed li?”


“Umm… uh… umm.. JEE MAM”

She dropped the phone in white rage


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