Arshi FF - Tezaab - Page 2

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Posted: 1 years ago

surprising that Arnav wants to join army.surprised to see anupre here.surprising that instead of sashi kamlesh is khushi's dad.if they are rich why kamlesh is in shortage of money n khushi is dancing to make money? oh no..kamlesh threatened harshaardhan that he will not send khushi if he doesnt give is shyam related to harsh?when I was shyam convincing harsh to give him money I thought shyam is good.but shocked to see him spoiling kamlesh by serving drinks.shocking that shyam slapped him n took back the money..khushi's do teen dance was superb.shocking that rajdeep kidnapped khushi.good that prerna messaged Arnav about khushi in danger.hope arnav saves khushi.perfect pics

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Posted: 1 years ago

Khushi has such a loser as her father.

Posted: 1 years ago

Part 2

Rajdeep & his men caused accidents to many people & successfully kidnapped Khushi.  Arnav is living the life of a fighter who is standing for what is right. He enters. All salute him. The cops are chasing Rajdeep, but he does not relent. On his rash driving, he causes an accident of many innocent people. 

Arnav sits on the chair. All of them put money on the table, which they have won in gambling. One of the men said, "Since it is the month-end, no one played."

Arnav angrily puts his knife before his fingers & said, "Your fingers are not far away from my cutting-edge knife.  If you lie to me, you had it."

The other person said, "Arnav takes money, but he is very prompt."

Arnav: Don't waste time. Give the money quickly. I need to report it to the police.

Image result for arnav in ipkknd

He is about to leave. One of the small boys come to Arnav.

Arnav: What happened. How did you get hurt?

One of the men said, "There was a lot of robbery in the Navaratri festival. They have done this."

Arnav: Who is that person? Do you know their address?

The boy said: No.

The man said, "They come to Hanumangalli during the dandia to loot people.

Arnav: Fine. I will come.

The next day, Arnav goes to see dandiya.

A little girl has ice cream. Suddenly someone takes out the earring from her ears and runs away. The girl said, "Someone stole my earring."

Arnav plays dandiya. The background song is a combination of all the pieces.

After dandiya, everyone goes home. Arnav acts like a drunkard on the railway platform.  The goons who stole the earring comes there. Arnav fights the men and takes all the things which they have stolen and looted. All of them celebrate the victory.

Arnav then checks his email and finds that Prerna sent him an email. 

At the police station, a police inspector named Zakir enquires, "What is happening here?"

The men said, "In my opinion, it is Rajdeep's work. He kidnapped Khushi & we don't even know where he is!"

Zakir gets the information from the other source, where he learns that Arnav is under Tadpari's sentence. He studies Arnav's files & recollects the dream Arnav had. Zakir gets curious about how Arnav became ASR.

Zakir: I want to know how Arnav become ASR.'

One of the cops said, "He is called ASR in this area. He was behind bars for one year in a murder case, and for the other year, he has to be a goon. Do you know him?"

Zakir: I knew him a long time back. I got the posting at Nasik. His mom & dad were working in a bank. Arnav came to their office after winning the trophy. 


Rajesh and Vidya had hugged Arnav and congratulated him.

Rajesh: I promised you that I would buy a bicycle for you if you win the trophy. Here is the money.

Arnav: Thanks a lot.

After he went, the goons attacked everyone in the bank. We had instructed everyone in the bank to go out. Arnav came with the bicycle. We tried to control the mob, but the goons were powerful. Arnav decided to take the initiative and insisted on the orders from me to save his parents. By the time he reached there, his parents had breathed their last. Prerna was very small at that time. He took Prerna and went to Mumbai. 

Flashback ends

Zakir: I now want to know how did Arnav become ASR.

Zakir studies Arnav's file.

Arnav checks his email and reaches home.

He sees Prerna crying. 

Arnav: What is the matter? 

Prerna: I am seeing you after one year.

Arnav: There are still four more days for me to complete my sentence. I have the stigma on me, where I have to be like a goon. The cops are after me like a dog. Tell me, why did you call me?

Prerna: For Khushi.

Arnav gets shocked and emotional.

Prerna: Rajdeep has kidnapped Khushi, and who else is there apart from you to save Khushi?

Arnav: Look sister, there are millions of girls kidnapped, and I have not taken everybody's responsibilities. So it is the job of the police. 

Prerna: Khushi is among those girls, and she is the one who helped you to save my dignity. 

Arnav: I am a banished criminal, and I don't want to involve in any such thing. It is the lookout of the cops or her father. It is not my lookout.

Prerna: Do you know that Shyam wants to marry Khushi? 

Arnav gets shocked. 

He said, "Oh, the theatre guy."

Prerna: Exactly. And as a father, he can get Khushi married to Shyam.

Arnav: Let him many her. She is not related to you and me.

Prerna: Have you lost your mind? She is your love, and I have looked upon her as my sister-in-law.

Arnav: She cannot be your sister-in-law.

Prerna: unless she gets married to someone else or you marry someone else, I have given this right to Khushi. As for you, look at my face and say that Khushi doesn't mean anything to you.  Then you can go from here.

Arnav looks & Prerna. Both of them smile at each other.

Arnav: Silly girl. Go & get a cup of tea for me.

Prerna: Sure.

Meanwhile, Kamlesh is worried about Khushi's kidnap. Shyam comes there. 

Kamlesh: Why have you come here?

Shyam: I have come to ask for Khushi's hand in marriage. 

Kamlesh: That's great. You are perfect for her. It will be good riddance for her from Arnav.

Arnav comes there. 

He said, "I can save Khushi on one condition."


Kamlesh: What is that?

Arnav: I need Rs. 50k

Kamlesh is shocked. 

Kamlesh: Fine, I will pay you 50K.

Kamlesh: Yes, I know him for quite some time.  He is after our money. I agreed to give money so that he will leave Khushi forever. Tell me who is important to you. Is it Khushi or money?

Shyam: Khushi, if you are ready to give me the blessings. Khushi will continue to dance and act. I can guarantee you a luxurious life.

Kamlesh: Then, she is yours.  I am ready to sell my blessings for this life.

Shyam: ASR, I agree with the deal.

Anurag and Rishab are running a small shop with various eatables and ice creams.  

They are selling the dishes to the customers.

He goes upstairs & lost in his thoughts about Prerna. 

Rishab is thinking about Komalika.

Both are listening to the song sunn saba sunn sun—Pyaar ki dhun.

After collecting a fair amount of money, Anurag, Rishab, & others celebrate.

Suddenly, they see Arnav & are happy.

Anurag: How come you have come before your term?

Arnav: I had to come.

Anurag: Is it for Khushi?

Arnav: Yes.

Anurag: Any information about Rajdeep?

Arnav: Yes, his hideouts are in Kasara slum ghats.

Anurag: How do you know that?

Arnav: Through reliable sources. All they want is a pack of cigarettes & drugs. But we have to go with full preparation.

Anurag: We are ready. Tell me when we need to leave.

Arnav: Right now.

Arnav, Anurag, & Rishab get into the car.

They are on the way, & are having fun.

Zakir comes there and blocks their way. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Arnav is a tough guy here. Hopefully tough enough to save Khushi.

Posted: 1 years ago

great update! well written! thanks 

Posted: 1 years ago

sad to see rajdeep is causing accidents of many innocents. why is Arnav taking the money made from gambling from those people?who are those people?good that arnav defeated the goons n took whatever stolen from others.surprising that zakhir knew Arnav before itself. oh so Arnav had sought his help to save his parents. so is zakhir old?sad that arnav's parents got killed.what? Arnav was in the jail?but why? what's arshi's past?if they were lovers then why Arnav is behaving like this?loved prerna convincing Arnav to save khushi.with what intention did Arnav ask kamlesh to give him money to save khushi? it's sad n irritating to see kamlesh shyam planning shyam khushi wedding. perfect pics.when will anurag enter?

Posted: 1 years ago

Chapter 2 

Just Fabulous

Posted: 1 years ago

Nice start and 1st and 2nd chapter of the story, though am a bit  confused about certain things but still enjoyed reading, also happy seeing arnav- Prerna as brother sister , really confused about many things like how is Khushi rich, What happened between Arshi, Why Arnav is taking money to save Kushi? Confused, would Love to read next parts...

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