Randhir Know Ansh Is Haiwan

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Posted: 10 months ago

A good epi with balance of action and romance👍🏻

sometimes i wonder haiwan n bepanah pyar belongs to EK becos its awesome👌🏻


Ridhir relationship is shaping up beautifully and they are fit to be husband-wife in true sense the way they protect and understand each other

the scene was beautiful when amrita learns cooking for randhir and he told her that he loves the way she is,the inner beauty she is,his words touched my heart indeed amrita is so beautiful and irresistible

i love the way randhir ask for amrita's hand from her father...it was sweet

the last scene when randhir was shocked that ansh is a haiwan than amrita question him and he was maintaining a distance from her,she could sense it and this is just the beginning when randhir gets to know abt ansh,he will maintain more distance from her

amrita also confronted ansh saying that he is very lucky to have a friend like randhir who loves him so much and she can't come b/w 2 friends thus she never told randhir the truth

amrita is very clear abt her feelings that she loves only randhir even if ansh proposed her first she would rejected him,she only loves randhir

but the way randhir treats her due to ansh is heartbreaking and she does not deserve that for loving him...the guy needs to know where to cross a line for love and friendship and he cannot let friendship affects his love


ansh's insecurities,selfishness,jealousy destroyed his friendship with randhir...here randhir the poor guy believes that his experiment has gone wrong and is in deep guilt and regret believes that he has turn his friend into a haiwan and here ansh joins hands with jiya to destroy randhir,his love for randhir is so limited...i just feel bad for randhir,he has become so lonely and now if he distance himself from amrita for his selfish friend,thats the worst decision he made in his life and also destroying amrita's life who loves him deeply

Other Characters

I am liking this new temporary friendship b/w misha-amrita,the way she help amrita and saved her life from that invisible man...i really like that scene but than we know misha is so happy becos amrita loves randhir

hahahaha,that bhootiya kissed misha's mom and that too french kiss,she thought it was her hubby but ends up that bhootiya kissed hersmiley37smiley37that was the highlight scene for me

Precap: randhir gets to know that ansh loves amrita...someone posted fake news that Ridhir are getting engaged...dharam says to amrita that even ansh proposed her for marriage which amrita makes it very clear that ansh is only a friend and she loves only randhir

well randhir change behaviour will definitely lead him to sacrifice his love,lets see how he does it and hope amrita takes matters in her hands becos randhir is not being fair to her and respect her feelings after he very well know what she wants and whom she loves

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