Samaina FF: Expectedly Unexpected #4 (Part 37: Page 20)

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Hi friends! 

Thank you for bearing with me. You know- a month down, I'm still not pleased with what I've written. Would love to know your honest thoughts. 

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Without further ado, here is Part 36. 

                                                                      Part 36: At the Brink

Sameer sat huddled on his bed, poring over the new manuscript he’d received, jotting down comments in a notepad open besides him. His pen worked furiously and now and then, he smiled appreciatively at a few sentences. 

A gush of chilly wind scraped against his face. He shivered and realized that a window was partially open. He got up from the bed and pulled the glass pane close. 

October had brought upon the spell of winters in Delhi. Spending years of his childhood and teenage in Nainital, cold never bothered him. Infact, it was the season that appealed to him the most- especially in Nainital. It always seemed to him that as winter approached, it wreathed a blanket of serenity all around. People wrapped their work as early as possible, hurrying to be cocooned in the warmth of their homes. It was a sign from God, to all species to take a break from their routines, to rest and to enjoy life. The glittering snowflakes swirling through the inky skies, settling on rooftops, on the tall Pines and Deodars was his favorite sight. Sameer felt sure that if there was a place called heaven, it must resemble the milky landscapes of Nainital in December. 

He never minded the chilly winds for they breathed fresh life into him. The warm sunlit days welcomed by them in the hostel, that sharing of peanuts and gajaks in the courtyard, the gossip sessions and the laughter- he loved it all. And then, when he was all alone in evenings, Sameer sat in his room, and wondered about life, his in particular. 

Yes, there was a surreal charm in winter. Something magical, something musical. Musical, because it had been one such snowy evening when he had received a brand new guitar as a new year gift from his mother, and had felt inspired to tag along to the music lessons in his school. Later on, he often sang and played various tunes to amuse his friends- jovial and enthusiastic when someone won a match for their school, a doleful one when a fellow room-mate was spurned by a girl he was crushing upon. These musical sessions continued in his solitary evenings as well as he tried to blend his loneliness with his music. 

A sudden sneeze escaped him and Sameer realized he was still cold. He reached for his sweater lying on a nearby chair. His fingers caressed the Monte Carlo label and he recalled how the boys in the hostel used to receive new hand-knit sweaters, caps, mufflers and socks and what not, from their mothers,  who made frequent telephone calls, and regularly sent letters, urging them to study well, to take care of their health, to come back home for vacations as early as possible, and of course, telling them how much they loved and missed their sons and daughters. 

To be fair, Sameer too received his share of gifts- expensive brands of sweaters and warm coats, even letters from his mother, though they were to mostly lecture him to mend his ways and to focus on his studies, so that his ‘father’ would appreciate him better. Those letters however, generally ended up in shreds in a dustbin in Sameer’s room. The sweaters lay forgotten somewhere, as the rebel in him deliberately ventured out into the cold weather without proper attire. Most of such evenings ended in him catching the flu and being admitted to the school infirmary. The good news was that such bouts of flu and fever warranted a phone call from his mother, reprimanding him for not taking care. That was solace for Sameer. How much he wanted to request his mother to send him a plain muffler or gloves that she’d knit with her own hands. But once when he gathered the courage and subtly placed the request, his mother shoved it away carelessly. 

“Itne mehenge, branded kapde khareedti hun hamesha main tumhare liye Sameer....uski jagah tumhe koi sasta sa hath ka buna sweater chahiye? Dekho Sameer…tumhare classmates itne well-off nahi hain jitney hum log hain, to unki maayein ghar pe bunayi karti hain…and moreover, they don’t have anything better to do! Ab tum chahte ho ki main apna sara kaam chod ke…tumhare daddy ki business me help na karke, gharelu auraton ki tarah yeh silayi bunayi karti baithun? Matlab kaisa lagega Sameer?” Vishakha admonished. 

Sameer wondered if his mother was aware that many of those supposedly jobless ladies who were lavishing their children with love and warmth, were infact bankers, top executives in some companies or some professors and teachers. If he were to compare their busy schedules, it was his mother, who seemed the least loaded and the least concerned about her child. 

He decided not to argue further and to end the conversation responded with a ‘sorry mom’.   

Vishakha sighed. “Sorry ki baat nahi hai beta…samajha karo…acha chalo theek hai, main Mala ko bolti hun, Deepika ki nayi aayah hai na…wo bunn degi tumhare liye…khush?” 

So, Deepika had a new aayah, in addition to his mom and Mr. Somani. Rohan too stayed with his parents. But somehow, Sameer had been deemed incapable of such paternal affection and had been allocated to a hostel. It was hardly a surprise that with years, the melancholy he used to feel initially at being separated from his mother morphed into bitterness and defiance. 

“Nahi mom! That’s okay! Mujhe khud mein aur baaki bacchon me fark samajh aa gaya hai!” He responded begrudgingly. 

Vishakha cheered up, the sarcasm lost on her. 

As he grew, he began to be known as the most troublesome teen in the school- a reckless rulebreaker, the one who sneaked in cigarettes to try and was put in detention for a week. Not that it restrained him. Soon, he joined some of the notorious seniors and tasted alcohol with them for the first time. That was winter too and he explicitly remembered the warmth that shot through his body with his first sip of Brandy. Before long, after having sampled numerous varieties, he became a connoisseur of liquor. In addition, Sameer was also a hit with the ladies residing in the opposite hostel and had casual flings and dates with many. But none of these brought Sameer the contentment he sought in life. Perhaps, all of his actions were deep-down driven by a desire to be noticed by his mother- that seeing the bad influence he was taking on, she’d take him home from there. It never happened. Instead her complaints with him increased exponentially, followed by threats of not allowing him to visit home in vacations. 

The only consolation he had in the name of family was his grandfather. Over time, Sameer looked forward to not going to Delhi for the summer break, and instead discussed with his nanu, if he could visit him in Ahemdabad. Those days were the best from his childhood and teenage that he could remember. Of course, Sameer dared not share his misadventures with him, and Vishakha too, ramped down his antics when she narrated them to her father. Once he’d visited Sameer to surprise him on his birthday and was shocked, when he smelt alcohol on his breath. He sat him down, man to man and discovered that the boy was incredibly lonely. He decided that he would have to step up against Somani’s wishes and take custody of Sameer. After all, if he was reluctant to be a father to him, it did not mean, no one else should. 

Mr. Kabra then asked Sameer, if he wished to move to Ahemdabad with him and continue his studies there. 

Sameer looked up at him in surprise, and Mr. Kabra hastily added, “I mean I’m getting old son. Who knows how much time I have. Also, I feel very lonely these days….”. 

But he needn’t have explained any of this to Sameer, for the next instant he hugged his Nanu and enquired, “kal chal sakte hain?” 

That had been the beginning of his journey in Ahemdabad and Pragati Vidya ka Mandir and his tryst with Naina. 


Silently, he pulled the sweater over his head and carefully straightened his shirt sleeves beneath it. How Naina used to reprimand him for not taking care of his heath. She was the only one who cared. 

“Sare ulte kaam kar sakte ho tum…ek dhang ka sweater nahi pehen sakte!” her reprimanding tone echoed in his ears. 

“Abey Ahemdabad mein bhi koi thand hoti hai? Nainital aake dekho, tab pata chalega thand ka matlab!” he quibbled. 

“Natak mat karo…tumhe pata hai tumhe thand nahi bardasht hoti…aaye din to sardi hoti rehti hai tumhe!” Naina crossed her arms. 

“Uska to alag hi maza hai…fir tum apne room pe bulati ho…mujhe adrak wali chai pilati ho…aur...aur fir mujhe garmaish dene ke liye….,” he smirked, leaving it to her to grasp the unsaid. 

She nudged him away, unable to hide the colour on her face. “Us chakkar mein mujhe sardi ho jati hai!” “Ab jaati hun main…varna Chachi aur Taiji meri class le lenge, ki tera apne ghar se jyaada Swati ke ghar mann lagta hai kya?” 

Sameer sighed and nodded, “Fir kab milogi?” 

“Dekhti hun Sameer…parso gaon bhi jana hai!” 

“Yaarrr…,” he groaned, “tum mat jao naa…bahana bana do koi ki tabyat theek nahi!” 

“Acha wo jaise maan jayenge…jawaan ladki, upar se beemar…use akela chod ke jayenge?” Naina raised her brows. 

“Socho vaise….agar tum ghar pe akeli ho…toh main raat ko chupke se tumhari balcony se aa jaunga…,” his eyes gleamed. 

“Oh hello….apne armaano ko lagaam do…agar kisi ne dekh liya na to dusron ko chodo…pehle papa aake tumhari band jayenge…aur fir meri!” she chuckled. 

“Yaar do minute ke liye bhi kuch acha imagine nahi karne deti tum…us khadoos Librarian ka naam lena zaruri hai kya?” He scrunched his nose in irritation. 

“Papa hain wo mere….mere saamne to tameez se baat kar liya karo!” 

“Main to unke saamne bhi na karun!” 

“Acha…papa ke aage to tumhari saari akad nikal jaati hai!” 

“Hah…kuch bhi! Main kisi se nahi darta!” He cocked his brows. 

Suddenly Naina’s eyes widened as she peered behind him. 

“Kya hua? Aise kya ghoor rahi ho?” he asked confusedly. 

“P…Papa….,” she mumbled frightfully. 

Sameer’s head snapped back, fear writ on his face. “Kahan?” The expanse looked clear. There was no one in sight. 

The sound of her roaring laughter brought him to face her again. Naina mimicked him, “main kisi se nahi darta!” 

Her laughter was contagious and Sameer found himself grinning too. “Bas karo na ab!” 

Naina continued to mock him. Sameer pushed her off the bench, “jao ghar ab…varna sach mein na prakat ho jaye tumhara baap!” 

Naina’s laughter finally died down. “Next week milenge ab…train kitne baje ki hai?” 

“Raat ko 7.45 ki hai…! Aur ghar se fafda zyada laana…last time wala mast tha!” 

“Bhukkad!” she teased. 

Sameer chuckled embarrassedly. 

Naina waved him goodbye and turned, when he called back. “Acha suno…raat ko phone karogi na…main jaagta rahunga!” 

“Pakka!” She winked and then made her way out of the park. 

Was he an idiot then? He must have been. For now that he saw his past self, pining for Naina so badly, he was amazed at how he hadn’t realized he was madly in love with her. He so wished he’d known it sooner and had confessed it to her straight away, perhaps right that day in the park. Life might have been different then. 

Irritated at his wandering mind, Sameer scratched the doodles he was drawing on the page intended for putting down his reviews on the new manuscript. 

Just then he heard tape-recorder being turned on in the opposite room. It seemed like Mr. Somani’s Sunday winter evening ritual winter had begun- lying down on the bed, with a plate of pakoras and some chiwda, a glass of Whiskey in his hands and the tape-recorder tuned to his favorites from the golden era. Mukesh’s baritone emanated from the stereo towards Sameer’s room.

“Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aata hai

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aata hai

Ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye

Tu abse pehle sitaaron mein bas rahi thi kahin

Tu abse pehle sitaaron mein bas rahi thi kahin

Tujhe zameen pe bulaya gaya hai mere liye

Tujhe zameen pe bulaya gaya hai mere liye” 

Sameer lay down on his bed, hands crossed behind his head and listened to the song. 

“Suhaag raat hain ghoonghat utha raha hoon main

Suhaag raat hain ghoonghat utha raha hoon main

Simat rahi hai tu sharma ke apni baahon mein

Simat rahi hai tu sharma ke apni baahon mein”

Where he should have been thinking of Noopur, his imagination conjured up a charming image of Naina attired in the red bridal lehenga, her jewellery glittering, sitting demurely on his bed. Rose petals were scattered about, and strings of dainty flowers canopied the bed. Sameer felt himself creeping closer to her and lifting off her duppatta to reveal her beautiful face. She lifted her kohl lined eyes to him, the streak of red vivid in her parting, and then her gaze crept down shyly. A hint of a coy smile played on her lips as he bent down to kiss her.  

Sameer closed his eyes soaking in his imagination. 

“Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aata hai

Ki jaise tu mujhe chaahegi umar bhar yoohin

Uthegi meri taraf pyaar ki nazar yoohin”

Before realizing himself, he was singing along with the voice from the stereo.

“Main jaanta hoon ki tu gair hai magar yoohin

Main jaanta hoon ki tu gair hai magar yoohin

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aata hai

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aata hai

Ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye

Ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye”

“Pata hai papa ki singing mein aur aapki singing me ek fark hai! Wo bahot besura gaate hain aur aap ekdum kamaal!” 

Sameer turned his face towards the door and saw Deepika standing at the entrance, smiling knowingly. 

“Tu kab aayi?” Sameer sat up and wiped the tears shimmering in his eyes. 

“Bas aapki aawaaz ka jaadu mujhe yahan khinch laaya!” 

Sameer smiled warmly at her. 

“Bhaiya honestly…aap na bekar is publication ki field mein chale gaye, varna ek toota dil aur sureeli awaaz Bollywood ka hit combo hota hai!” 

“Mazaak uda rahi hai mera? Vaise bhi aisa kuch nahi hai!” 

“Dikh raha hai chehre pe…abhi bhi uski yaad aati hai aapko?” Deepika placed her palm over her brother’s. 

Sameer shrugged. “Time lagega shayad!” 

“Bhaiya ek baat bolun?” Deepika asked hesistantly. 

Sameer nodded. 

“Bhaiya…Noopur bhabhi bahot achi hain…!” She then narrated the entire incident of Karwa Chauth, of Noopur fainting at the mention of Naina and then how Deepika had mistakenly broken her fast. 

“Wo mujhpe gussa tak nahi huyi bhaiya…unka pura din kharab hua, lekin unhone koi shikayat nahi ki…bhaiya please unka dil mat todna!” 

This all was news to Sameer. Noopur hadn’t even let him know about this, lest he got angry at Deepika. 

“Wo Naina ka naam sunke udaas ho gayi thi?” Sameer asked again, to which Deepika nodded. 

“Bhaiya Naina ka qissa khatam ho gaya hai…wo khush hai…ab aapki zindagi Noopur hai!” 

Sameer nodded and half-smiled at her. 

“Khana lag gaya hai…mom bula rahi hain!” Deepika got up from his bedside. 

“Aata hun…5 minute?” 

Sameer pondered over Deepika’s words and realized how unfair he was being to Noopur. Whatever be it, she has the right to know the full truth. It should not appear to her that he’d been deceiving her all along. 

He kept the half-read manuscript on his bedside, and as he got ready for dinner, his resolve to come out clean, stronger than ever. He stood at the doorway as the song led way to the famous shayari in Amitabh Bacchan’s voice. 

Kabhi kabhi mere dil main khayal aata hain

Ki zindagi teri zulfon ki narm chhaon main guzarne pati

to shadab ho bhi sakti thi.

Yeh ranj-o-gham ki siyahi jo dil pe chhayi hain

Teri nazar ki shuaon main kho bhi sakti thi.

Magar yeh ho na saka aur ab ye aalam hain

Ki tu nahin, tera gham teri justjoo bhi nahin.

And then he shook his head, turned and walked down the stairs. 


Post dinner, Sameer dialled Noopur’s number on the telephone. 

“Namaste uncle! Kaise hain aap?” Sameer started with the usual courtesies as he heard his father-in-law-to-be pick up the phone. 

“Arey Sameer! Bilkul theek hun beta! Aur kya uncle…papa bola karo abse!” The jovial industrialist boomed into the receiver. 

“Ji uncle…matlab papa! Wo…Noopur ghar pe hai?” 

“Haan haan bulaata hun…aajkal tum dono ka ek dusre ke bina mann kahan lagta hai?” The old man chuckled as he called out to his daughter. 

“Noopur! Beta, Sameer ka phone hai!”  

Over the phone, he heard a clatter of footsteps as Noopur caught the phone, a bit breathless. “Sameer…hi…itni raat ko?” 

“Haanf kyun rahi ho…bhaag ke aayi ho kya?” Sameer asked. 

“Haan…upar thi…,” she muttered, still trying to catch her breath. And then added, “papa please!” 

A loud guffaw reached his ears through the phone. “Kya hua?” 

“Arey kuch nahi…papa! Aajkal sara time mujhe chidhate rehte hain!” 

“Chidhate rehte hain…kyun?” 

“Kyun chidhayenge…tum ekdum gadhe ho Sameer!” 

Sameer grinned. “Acha…samajh gaya…vaise uncle tumhe chidhate hain? Bade cool hain na!” 

Noopur relented. “Haan cool to hain papa…pata hai abhi bol rahe the…pehle to roti rehti thi ki shaadi nahi karni…aajkal shaadi ke liye din ginti rehti hai!” She sniggered. 

Sameer felt a stab of guilt. Here, just a few minutes before, he’d been visualizing Naina as his bride and there Noopur was eagerly looking forward to their wedding. 

“Shame on you Sameer! Apni biwi chod ke kisi aur ki biwi ke baare mein fantasize kar raha hai! Chee!” 

“Noopur suno…ek zaruri baat karni thi…kal free hogi to lunch pe sath chalein?” 

“Haan theek hai…itne serious kyun ho gaye…sab theek hai na?” Noopur enquired. 

“Nahi…sab theek hai…bas kuch zaruri baat thi…main tumhare office aa jaunga tumhe pick karne ke liye! Okay?” 

“Okay!” Noopur appeared to have become terse. 

“Arey tension mein kyun aa gayi…shaadi nahi cancel kar raha!” He chuckled. 

“Karke dikhao…batati hun tumko!” She regained a bit of her cheerfulness as they bade each other goodbyes. 

The next afternoon, at precisely twelve in the noon, Sameer was outside Noopur’s office. It was a small building, constructed on a single floor, and the countless colours dabbed on it, gave him the impression that it’d come alive straight out of a child’s coloring book. On most occasions when he’d picked her up from here, he hadn’t had a chance to go inside and explore the décor. He decided to take his time about it today.  

The outside lawns were decorated with numerous handicrafts and painted pots, of different shapes and sizes. A conventional fountain was placed in the centre of the lawn, while at one end was a white ceramic statue of a lady, handling a pot  through which water was gushing down. Lanterns with cutwork designs hung about, and fairy lights strung at a corner. Colorful pebbles lined different shrubs. All this, Sameer perceived were example creations for their customer. 

As he stepped foot inside the foyer, he was even more impressed. The reception was done in shades of mild gray, interspersed with hues of black and white, with matching spring sofas, and wall shelves. A vase of fresh white lilies adorned the centre table, illuminated by the sun seeping in through the hallway and the windows. The effect was surreal! Noopur was indeed talented. 

He enquired about Noopur and the receptionist, a young girl of about twenty, dressed in casual skirt and top, confirmed his appointment and guided him along to the cabin. Sameer moved on and as he passed through the different offices, he was amazed by the myriad emotions evoked in each- one reflected serenity, one instantly lit up your mood, one was tastefully done with modern feels, while another had an ancient aura about it. 

As Sameer knocked on the door of Noopur’s cabin, she called out, “aa jao Sameer!” Sameer entered smilingly, with a bunch of pink roses in his hand. Noopur was speaking to someone over the telephone. She smiled back at him, and cocked her brows appreciatively at the roses. Then she gestured at him to take a seat, indicating that she was just finishing up a phone call. 

Sameer gave her a thumbs up, and sat down on the plush white sofa set. He surveyed her room, and as expected, it was a cheery, modern set-up. The wall just behind him was done in a purple shade, and was laden with photoframes- of her getting her diploma, awards with her earlier boss, or accolades for the company, or shaking hands with satisfied customers. The room emanated a feminine touch- as was evident in the choice of the floral showpieces, the bright décor, the lavender scent being streamed into the room through a scented candle. 

“Kya? Aur tune kuch nahi bola?” Noopur yelled into the phone and Sameer diverted his attention from his surroundings to her. 

She shook her head at him, and pointed her finger at the receiver. 

“Dekh yaar Sharmila! Wo to bolega hi na…aur baad mein kuch ho gaya un dono ke beech…toh tu kahan jayegi?” 

There was a silence as she listened to what Sharmila had to say. “America! Yeh to hadh hai…insaan ke emotions to same hi hote hain na…chahe America ho ya India! Mere hisaab se to tu use clearly bata de ki yeh sab nahi chalega!” 

The conversation continued for a few more minutes with Noopur providing a listening ear to her friend and chipping in her advice now and then. 

At last, she replaced the receiver and let out an exasperated breath. “Phew!” She stood up, stretched herself and made her way along to Sameer. 

“Sorry Sam!” 

“Sam?” Sameer grinned. 

“Haan tumhara new nickname hai…maine rakha!” 

“Nickname bhi rakh liya? Waah!” And then he handed the bouquet of roses to her, “Yeh lo tumhare liye!” 

“Roses! Not bad Sam!” Noopur took them and took a sniff and closed her eyes, reveling in the scent. 

“Thank you!” She muttered and then placed them in an empty vase on the side table. 

“Chalein lunch ke liye? Ek to bhook lagi hai upar se is Sharmila ne aadhe ghante se dimag kharab kar diya!”

“Kyun, kya hua? Aur yeh Sharmila kaun hai?” Sameer asked as they got up to leave. 

“Bachpan ki saheli hai…best friend! Aajkal America mein hai…apne pati ke sath!” She slung her purse over her shoulder and said, “chalo…chalte chalte kahani sunati hun uski!” 

Sameer and Noopur both strode out of the office and walked along the pavement to their nearby favorite food jaunt. 

“Toh hua yeh tha ki teen saal pehle Sharmila ki shaadi huyi. Uske husband ki alag story hai. US mein engineer tha. Wahan padhne ke liye gaya tha…wahi job lag gayi aur fir wahi settle ho gaya. Aur wahan ka to tumko pata hi hai. Koi Spanish ladki se use pyaar ho gaya…model thi wo…thode din baad dono sath rehne lage- wo bhi bina shaadi ke! Paanch saal sath rehne ke baad wo ladki boli ki use lagta hai ki un donon me kuch  missing hai…she’s unable to feel that spark now…and use chod ke chali gayi! To sahab majnu ban gaye…deewane ho gaye! Gharwalon ko jab pata chala to har Indian maa baap ki tarah, unhone ghabra ke uske liye rishta dekhna shuru kar diya…wo ladka Sharmila ke papa ke dost ka beta tha…to naturally rishte mein Sharmila ka haath maanga gaya…sabne samjhaya waqt ke sath sab theek ho jayega to Sharmila ne haan kar di aur usne bhi…fir dono US settle ho gaye…adjust hone lage…ab sab acha chal raha hai…cheh mahine pehle unhe beti huyi…Sharmila khush thi…Anni bhi khush tha…fir achanak se, sahab ki ex-girlfriend wapis aa gayi hain, aur bolti hain ki unhe kuch beemari ho gayi hai jis wajah se unhe koi assignments nahi mil rahe…bahot financial issues hain to Anirudh uski help kar de… kuch apne contacts se kuch job lagwa de!” 

Sameer was listening to all this intently. “Hmm…fir?” 

“Fir kya? Anni ne Sharmila se pucha…use bataya ki ‘bechari’”, Noopur muttered disgustedly, “ki halat bahot kharab hai…if she’s okay…can he help her out?” 


“Aur yeh meri maasoom saheli ko uspe daya aa gayi aur usne haan kar di!” 

“But yeh to achi baat hai na…tumhari dost kitni understanding hai!” 

“Understanding my foot! Ek number ki duffer hai! Wahan wo Anni uske office me us ladki ko ek clerical job dilwa raha hai…roz milenge…what do you expect? Lovers the! Sath rehte the! Kya kuch nahi hua unke beech? Aur ab wo shaadishuda hai…Sharmila hai uski life mein…bacchi hai uski…aur bhagwan na kare ki unke beech kuch ho gaya fir se, toh yeh Sharmila kahan jayegi, wo bhi bacche ko leke?” 

Sameer nodded, now feeling uneasy. Somehow the situation was similar to the soup he himself was in. 

“Toh wo Anirudh kya bolta hai?” he asked expectantly. 

“He’s saying that he’s over her…ab kuch nahi bacha hai…but he wants to help her out of humanity. And that she also has a boyfriend. She’s also not interested….wahi usual bakwas!” 

“But maybe wo sach mein help hi karna chah raha hoga!” 

“Yeah right!” Noopur exclaimed sarcastically. 

They entered the restaurant and sat down at a corner table as Noopur continued. “Yaar Sameer…agar Anni ke intentions sahi bhi hain…it still isn’t safe! Bahot risk hai!” 

“But Sharmila trusts him right?” 

“Wo to gaay hai gaay! Keh rahi thi…yaar yeh America hai, India nahi…toh yahan to har dusre chaurahe pe kisi na kisi ke ex mil hi jaate hain! Maine use wahi bataya…casual flings aur serious relation mein ek antar hota hai…emotions to sabke same hote hain naa! Aur chahe wo reh rahe ho US mein, wo to Indians hain na…yahan itni easily shaadiyan nahi tootati!” 

The conversation somehow made him feel like a guilty convict standing in a court. “Toh kya conclusion nikla?” he enquired hesitantly. 

“Maine samjhaya use ki mujhe to yeh sahi nahi lag raha…matlab main uski jagah hoti to kabhi yeh sab nahi allow karti! Ek second ke liye samjho…agar tumhari wo…wo Nai…jo bhi thi…wo aake tumhe bole ki Sameer mujhe maaf kar do…mujhe naukri ki zarurat hai…please de do…toh tum kya de doge? Nahi na! Maine seedhe seedhe Sharmila ko bol diya…main uski jagah hoti to kabhi allow nahi karti!” 

Sameer gulped, his palms sweating now. This discussion was going exactly the opposite as he’d planned. 

Gathering some courage, he riposted, “par aisa bhi to ho sakta hai na Noopur…ki use sach mein zarurat ho? Majburi ho uski?” 

“Zarurat…acha excuse hai…ache se jaanti hun main aisi chaalbaaz ladkiyon ko! Aur ek second farz bhi kar lein na ki sach mein need hai…toh bhi kya muh utha ke apne ex ke pass aa jaogi? Tumhari majburi ka theka kya humne leke rakha hai? Tab to bade taav se chod ke gayi thi na…ki hum sahi nahi hai ek dusre ke liye…toh ab kyun us insaan se wapis madad maangne aayi ho…jao duniya mein bhatere log hain…unse madad mango!” 

Sameer felt his temper rising. “Noopur waqt ke sath log zindagi mein aage badh jaate hain…badalte hain…mature ho jate hain…I’m sure us ladki ko bhi samajh aata hai ki Anirudh is now married and has a kid.” 

“Ho sakta hai Sameer…lekin main is maamle mein bilkul purane khayalat ki hoon! Sharmila ko jo karna hai kare…lekin agar main is situation me hoti to bardasht nahi kar paati ki mera pati fir apni ex ke touch mein rahe aur usse baatein kare.” 

Noopur’s eyes bored into his. “Past should be past…I’m okay with that…lekin agar wo present mein aa jaata hai toh future gadbad ho sakta hai!” 

Sameer felt that Noopur was trying to send a message across to him as well. If she wasn’t open to Naina working with him, that would mean her book would be trampled, now, when it was nearing its publication. And if he recommended her to some other publisher at this time, Naina would lose her confidence and be convinced that he’d just taken pity on her and that she wasn’t good enough to be published and hence he was rejecting her. And then to add to it, Naina had her set of financial burdens to carry. An idea appeared in his mind. The middle-way out. 

He placed his palm over her hands and said, “tum stress mat lo! Ek idea hai…tum Sharmila ko bol do ki wo Anirudh se kahe ki us bandi ko aise department me daal de jahan unka interaction na ho…fir to sab theek hoga na?” 

“Nahi Sameer…chahe interaction formally ho na ho…lekin feelings to kabhi bhi jaag sakti hai na…wo ek dusre ko dikh to sakte hai na…baatein kar sakte hain…kabhi coffee pi li…baat to aise hi aage badhti hai!” 

Sameer thought to himself, “aur tu soch raha tha dusre editor se baat kara de Naina ki! Lekin yeh Noopur samajhne ko hi tayyar nahi ki Naina ki kitni majburi hai!” 

Now he felt at a dead-end on how to reveal to her that Naina too, was in fact working with him and they both are still very much in touch. He should try an indirect approach. 

“Yaar tum gussa mat ho please…Sharmila aur Anni khud handle kar lenge…tum aise naraaz ho rahi ho jaise Naina mere sath kaam kar rahi hai!” 

Sameer noticed that she winced at the name. “Please Sameer…mujhe us naam se hi chidh hai!” 

“Lekin usne tumhara kya bigada hai?”

“Wo tumhara beeta hua kal thi…aur yeh cheez mujhe bardasht nahi hoti!”


“Because I….,” her eyes met his and she shook her head, “I like you Sameer! I think I’m getting possessive about you. Aur mujhse nahi sehen nahi hoga ki wo tumhare aas paas bhi aaye! I can’t allow this…I just cannot have her near you!” 

Sameer stood stunned by her words. Is she already becoming too involved with him? But why shouldn’t she? They are about to marry. He remembered what Deepika had told him. 

“Hey…,” he implored Noopur to look at him. Tears were shining in her eyes. “Noopur…listen…relax please!” 

“Dekho Noopur…maine pehle bhi tumse kaha ki main shayad kisi aur se pyaar nahi kar paunga…I’m trying my best, but shayad…waqt ke saath sab theek ho jayega okay?” 

Noopur nodded, unable to hold back her tears now. “I’m sorry Sameer! I’m just…wo uska naam sunke hi mera dimag ghum jaata hai! I’m sure isme uska koi kasoor nahi hai, par pata nahi kyun, aajkal lagta hai wo kahin se aa jayegi aur wo tumhe mujhse cheen legi!” 

“I told you she’s happily married!” 

Noopur nodded. “Fir bhi Sameer…tumhare dad bhi happily married hi the na?” 

“You think I’m like my dad?” The words stung him. 

Noopur bit her lip in apology and shook her head. I’m sorry! That was out of the line! I..I didn’t mean it Sameer! Sam!” She pressed his hands in regret.  

But her words had set him thinking. Sameer realized at this point of time that like his father, he was indeed caught up between two women- one who loved him, the other whom he loved. 

They both had a choice. 

No! He would not choose to be cowardly like him, the way he’d deceived his mother. He could not bear to break Noopur’s heart and make her miserable. But he also knew how much this book was important for Naina’s career, her finances, and ultimately for Diya. He couldn’t disappoint her or be unjust to her, but on the other hand, he didn’t want to keep Noopur in the dark. But she would not take his involvement with Naina and his present friendship with her in a good sense. What if she finds out later? He really wanted to be clear on this with her, but seeing Noopur’s firm stand on ‘no interaction with exes’ policy, Sameer decided he couldn’t ruin Naina and Diya’s future. Yes, he still had feelings for her, but even if he hadn’t, he couldn’t trade humanity to pacify Noopur’s whims. 

From now on, he’ll work extra hard, put Naina’s book on priority, so that it could be released as early as possible, hopefully a few weeks after Diwali. And then anyways, he’ll become involved with his own wedding preparations. He was sure, the book would be a success and give Naina a platform she could climb on her own, without his help. And in the rare case, it would not be, Sameer knew he could financially compensate Naina for her work and then recommend her to his most sought-out publisher friends and provide a good recommendation for her. But for now, he had to keep this secret within himself. He swore to confess about it all to Noopur when the book was out. 

“Vaise tum kuch important baat karna chahte the?” Noopur asked through her sniffles, as she sipped her soup. 

“Huh?” Sameer’s focus returned to her. “Oh haan…wo…wo…actually yes…main chahta tha ki tum mera naya office redecorate karo!” 

“Really? Tumhe pasand aayega Sameer?” Noopur asked, a gleam in her eyes. 

“Sameer nahi Sam…aur aaj tumhara office dekh ke sure hun…bahot pasand aayega!” He smiled and pushed the plate of Tandoori chicken towards her. “Ab khao! Ghar pe nahi milega yeh sab!” 


The Somani household was engaged in a lively conversation. All were dressed to the nines in their traditional finery. Firecrackers could he heard whoosing and crackling around, lighting up the sky intermittently. Their own house was adorned with gleaming Diyas and fairylights, the dining table was laden with sweets on the occasion of Diwali. Noopur and his father had also visited earlier in the evening with numerous packets of sweets for her sasural. While her father took off home shortly afterwards to visit some other friends, Noopur stayed in for dinner on Vishakha and Deepika’s insistence. 

The Somanis had just finished the Lakshmi pujan in their offices and home and were seated around the dinner table, discussing about Sameer’s annual party. His company had finally hit some record sales target and thus the event was being planned on a scale larger than before. Since Sameer had mostly been a pinchpenny with regards to frivolous expenditure in the company, the news was greeted as a respite by his employees. Families of his employees, clients as well as colleagues were all invited to the event next week. 

As was the usual routine since the past few days, the conversation around the dinner table consisted of preparations for this function. Deepika, amidst a mouthful of gulab jamun, opined that they should have some musical band, even some dancing perhaps and that it should be youth-centric. Noopur nodded her head in agreement. Sameer had to remind them both that the crowd expected was not from a college and consisted of several middle-aged people, who in turn might prefer a nice feast and some relaxing music to accompany it. Nevertheless, he promised her to think upon those lines- maybe a special arrangement for the youngsters. 

A series of sutli bombs distracted them all before the family realized the trilling of the telephone over the din in the streets. Sameer, being seated the nearest, got up from his chair and attended to it. 

“Hello…Somani residence,” he enunciated. 


“Nai..Reena…,” he cast a furtive glance at Noopur seated on the table. Sameer cursed his stars inwardly for he was sure Noopur heard that it was Reena on the line. He attempted nonchalance, smiled at her, which she reciprocated and then turned to face her future in-laws who were loading her plate with pulao. 

Sameer slowly pulled the telephone off the table and stood in a corner farther away and murmured, “Naina…Happy Diwali! Tumne achanak yahan phone kiya…sab theek hai?” 

Noopur noticed the way Sameer had moved away from her to speak to Mrs. Reena. Before she could ponder more, her attention was claimed by Vishakha who wanted her opinion on the menu for non-vegetarian dishes for the function. 

“Sameer..D…Diya..,” Naina sobbed. 

Sameer’s heartbeat plummeted. His voice took on an urgent tone. “Diya? Kya hua hai Diya ko? Wo theek hai? Naina bolo!” His heart beat widly, completely oblivious to the cheer at the dinner table with his family in the background. 

“Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha…kise bolun…Arvind nahi hain…uska bukhaar badhta hi jaa rha hai…103 hai…shaam ko thoda utara…phir badh gaya…kuch khaa nahi rahi hai…Diwali hai to abhi koi doctor nahi mil rahe…na taxi…main akeli hun…kya karun kuch samajh nahi aa raha…!”   

“Diya ko subah se 103 bukhaar hai aur tum mujhe abhi bata rahi ho?” he shrieked. Noopur and the others turned to him in surprise. He passed a feeble smile assuring them that they needn’t be worried, though his brows remained wrinkled. “Main doctor ko leke pahunch raha hun!” 

He cut the call and immediately dialled Dr. Mehra’s number, “doctor…ek emergency hai…ek friend ki bacchi bahot beemar hai…aap please challenge?” 

Sameer muttered a hasty goodbye to his family, citing an emergency with an employee. 

“Khana to khatam kar lo bhaiya!” Deepika remarked. 

“Nahi Deepika…thodi urgency hai…Dr. Mehra ko leke jaa raha hun!” 

He turned to Noopur and pleadingly towards Mr. Somani. “Sorry Noopur…aaj papa tumhe drop kar denge!” Noopur smiled and reassured him, though she wasn’t so sure herself. She felt she’d heard Sameer say Diya’s name. Seeing him this worried about Diya, a sense of foreboding settled around Noopur. Was he going to that Reena Mittal’s house? Leaving his family away on Diwali? Wasn’t it a bit odd, especially considering the time of the night? She felt a bit uneasy but chose to remain silent.  

In the next five minutes, Sameer hurried upstairs, grabbed his wallet and car keys and was out. Noopur meanwhile had lost her appetite and put her spoon down midway and tried as best as she could not to overthink and to involve herself in the conversation at the table. 

Dr. Mehra had been ready and waiting outside the gate of his house, when Sameer’s car screeched to a halt besides him. Quickly he opened the door and let the doctor in, and without caring for speed limits, Sameer drove as fast as was safe, and arrived at Naina’s society. He hastily parked the car and led the doctor up the shabby staircase, a bit irked that the old man couldn’t climb faster. 

He rang the bell and the door was immediately opened by a distraught Naina. Her cheeks were stained with tears. Dr. Mehra appeared at the landing and immediately started assuring her that there was no need to worry and that he’ll look into it. 

He was ushered to the bedroom, where Diya lay burning with fever. A bowl of water with a sodden handkerchief lay on the bedstand. Naina had been continuously giving her the cold sponge treatment. 

Sameer knelt besides Diya’s form as Dr. Mehra extracted his equipment. She turned to look at him, her eyes misty. “Uncle, dard ho rha hai!” she let out in a hoarse whisper. 

“Darte nahi mera baccha…main hun na…aur ab doctor uncle aa gaye hain na…tu ekdum theek ho jayega!” Sameer took her hand in his, rubbed it, and kissed it, and then placed his palm in the crook of her neck and felt her temperature. He looked at Naina, his worry mirroring hers. 

Dr. Mehra took Diya’s other hand and checked her pulse. Then he measured her temperature and pulled out his stethoscope and placed it at various points over Diya’s chest, then turned her around, to check on her back. He removed the stethoscope and declared, “viral hai…thoda strong hai…main dawai likh ke deta hun…yeh anti-biotics bhi le lijiye…kuch khila dijiye ise aur ek dose abhi de dijiye…!” 

He turned to Sameer, “mere ghar ke pass mein jo Bhagwan medicals hai na…wo aaj khula hai…wahan se mil jayegi dawai!”  

“D…Doctor…yeh PKU se related to nahi hai na?” Naina questioned fearfully.

A moment of concentration and Dr. Mehra remembered the case which Sameer had brought over for him to check. So this was the girl! The daughter of his friend? 

The doctor smiled kindly at Naina. “Ghabrane ki koi baat nahi…yeh to seasonal viral hai. PKU se kuch relation nahi hai…!” 

Dr. Mehra scribbled some unintelligible lines on a piece of his pad and tore it off and handed it to Naina. “Chinta mat kijiye…3 din ka dose hai…vaise mere hisaab se kal tak hi aaram aa jayega! Aur haan…yeh thande paani ki patti rakhte rahiye jab tak bukhar na utar jaaye!” 

“Main aapko chod ke aata hun doctor!” Sameer motioned to Dr. Mehra who nodded pleasantly. 

“Naina, tum Diya ko kuch khila do…main doctor ko chod ke aata hun aur dawai bhi le aata hun…!” 

Sameer then stooped and kissed Diya on her forehead. “Beta…uncle abhi aate hain…darna nahi hai okay…uncle dawai leke aayenge…fir tu ekdum theek ho jayega okay!” Diya nodded weakly. 

Dr. Mehra observed all this with an expressionless countenance. Years of treating the human kind struggling from illnesses of varying degrees and despair had sharpened his instincts. He’d come to decipher raw emotions of humans, especially in distress in an instant. On one hand, he felt himself glowing with warmth at Sameer’s concern for a friend’s daughter. Yet his experience told him something was off there, something amiss. Why? Why was Sameer overly concerned for a child of a friend? 

Sameer dropped the doctor safely to his home and picked up the medicines at Bhagwan Medicals next. Then he drove, again without bothering about speed limits to reach Naina’s home. He jumped two stairs at a time and rang the bell impatiently. As soon as Naina opened the door, he handed her the medicines and instructed her on the requisite dosage. Then he quickly made his way to Diya’s room. Naina entered on his heels with a bowl of Maggie to try and feed her. Diya kept scrunching her nose, tears in her eyes, not wanting to eat. 

“Beta Diya kha lo…Maggie hai..aapko pasand hai na? Dawai leni hai na!” Naina implored, but Diya writhed on bed, her face averted from the food. 

Sameer rushed to the head of the bed and slowly lifted Diya onto his lap. He pulled his hand out for the bowl of Maggie, and then began coaxing his daughter to have it. 

“Beta dekho Maggie bahot tasty hai…aap nahi khaoge to uncle bhi nahi khayenge na…dono thoda sa khaate hain…do bite bas? Fir dawai le lenge to bukhar kam ho jayega? Haina mera bahadur baccha?” 

Diya opened her watery eyes and looked at him. Then she softly opened her mouth and Sameer quickly fed her a small slurp of Maggie. He kept encouraging her, eating a few spoonfuls himself till Diya had taken in sufficient bites and averted her head again. Naina was dumbfounded. Diya had always been so stubborn and always refused to eat whenever she was ill. To make her eat, especially when she was sick, was a task in itself that Sameer had managed so easily. Perhaps she should have brought in the khichdi she’d prepared earlier, and that Diya declared she did not like, instead of this Maggie. She felt sure Sameer would have been able to feed her that too. Engrossed in the thought, she clasped the half-empty bowl of Maggie from his hands and handed him the medicines and a glass of water. 

“Kadwi hai!” Diya at once made a pukish face, as soon as the tablet entered her mouth. Sameer immediately washed it down with water, and urged Naina to bring some sugar. As Diya licked the sugar off the spoon, she felt better, the bitter taste now subdued. 

Then slowly Sameer rocked her to sleep in his lap and Naina looked on, as if she was a mere spectator in this father-daughter drama. 

Time flew by. Minutes, perhaps hours were gone. 

Sameer felt her forehead once again. It was cool now. The crook of her neck was sweaty and her hair was damp. “Paseena aa raha hai…bukhar utar gaya hai!” 

He didn’t know if he was assuring Naina or himself. Diya had curled up besides his legs on the bed and Naina was rapping her head to let her get a good sleep. A few minutes later, Diya’s chest heaved up and down in peaceful rhythm and her parents observed that she’d fallen into a deep slumber. 

“Bahar chalte hain…ise sone do!” Sameer proposed and Naina nodded. They quietly closed the bedroom door and moved out. 

He glanced around the now familiar room and noticed that the earthen lamps that had been glowing on the balcony were now all extinguished. It seemed Naina hadn’t gone to an extra effort to celebrate the festival, which was understandable seeing Diya’s condition. 

Suddenly a thought struck him. “Arvind kahan hai aaj? Use yahan hona chahiye tha na…aaj tyohaar ke din kya kaam hai use…uski beti beemar hai…”. 

“Sameer please! Abhi mera dimag nahi chal raha…!” Naina cut-him off instantly. 

Seeing her haggard state, Sameer relented. Then he slumped down in front of the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh and closed his eyes, praying in earnest to make Diya hale and hearty again. Naina sat down besides him, her own hands folded. The two sat like that for a while, absorbed in prayer for their daughter. As Sameer opened his eyes, he observed the slightly flickering flame of the earthen lamp in front of the dieties. He noticed the bottle of oil nearby and poured a bit inside the Diya. The flame lapped up again, swirling brightly, restored it to its vigour and vitality. 

He looked at Naina, her eyes closed, her lips murmuring some chants. Taking care not to disturb her, Sameer got up and strolled around, checking in on Diya once again. As he returned, Naina had finished her set of prayers and came to him. 

“So rahi hai!” he answered her questioning gaze. “Nahi hai bukhaar!” 

Naina nodded and then stood silent. 

“Tumne kuch khaya hai Naina?” 

She looked up, her eyes still heavy with all the sobbing. She shook her head mildly, “abhi jee nahi kar raha! Bas Diya theek ho jaye!” Her voice came out throaty. She pulled her pallu to her nose, and tried to stifle a few more tears coming along. 

“Nai…Naina!” He couldn’t help leaning in and wiping away the tears stemming in her eyes. Naina’s misty eyes peered into the depth of his and both stood fixated for a few moments. Naina let go of her pallu and then without thinking, dictated by her heart, crashed against his chest. She put her arms around his back and mumbled, “thank you Sameer…thank you!” 

The proximity was a sudden surprise for him. His body welcomed it gayly, but his brain resisted for a moment. He realized Naina needed comfort and after hesitating a moment, he gave in. His arms folded around her and he patted her head.  

“Nai…Naina…shhh…rote nahi yaar…main hun na!” 

“Diya ko kuch ho jata toh? Main kaise…!” she sobbed. 

“Shhh…kuch nahi hoga Diya ko…main kuch nahi hone dunga! Dekhna kal tak hamari Diya ekdum achi ho jayegi!” 

Sameer’s soothing nothings calmed Naina like nothing else could. She clung to him tighter, as if his being with her took all of her worries away. Perhaps it was a dream to have Sameer this close to her, to be by her side when she needed him, and she wasn’t ready to let go of the moment. His familiar warmth, that fragrant musk invaded her senses. She nuzzled her cheeks against his powerful chest and listened to his throbbing heart. His hand combed through her hair affectionately and he rested his head on hers. And she knew that he was there to set things right.

At last briefly, he parted slightly, their arms still wrapped around each other. She raised her eyes to his. Had so many years really gone by between them? It was hard to believe. There he stood- the handsome boy she fell in love with! He was her Sameer! The cocoon of his warm embrace that protected her from all the monstrosity of the world. The sharp, black eyes, that needed her, that wanted her as much she yearned for him. That familiar lone strand of hair flitting over his left eye. She did not realize when her hand went near this forehead and swept the lock away. His eyes darkened, boring into hers intently and the magnetism of aeons ago geared in. She found herself inching even closer. His eyes scanned her swollen reddened eyes, the innocent face that he’d so come to adore, the girl he’d always wanted to keep happy, the woman he still desperately loved, and as if in a daze, he too dipped in closer, a little hesitant at first, as if seeking permission, closer still and he gave in to the demand of his thumping hormones and his thundering heart. 

His lips touched hers and a series of sparklers roared through the skies, splitting and crackling into spectacular, heart-rendering extravaganza of colours, the ecstasy of two hearts mirrored in the heavens. 

Naina’s lips pressed closer upon his, and Sameer’s palms cradled her face as the kiss deepened. She responded with the enthusiasm that he’d fervently recited in his dreams. The girl who’d bewitched him five years back was casting her magic again, her arms closing round his neck, her body pushing into his. His hold on her tightened and his fingers raked through her bun, and a moment later, her lustrous waves fell loose and tumbled down near her waist. 

The kiss continued, their tongues exploring the ever so-familiar territories they’d missed,  the sighs and moans music to the ears that had so long felt barren, their hearts brimming with long-sought contentment, their bodies having relegated control to the melody of love that had sparked within. The exotic, sensual music, reached its crescendo and then suddenly turned to a shrill, sharp sound. The alarming sound turned sharper, almost jarring- what the hell was this? Irked, they broke apart momentarily, trying to orient themselves to locate the source of the disturbance. 

The doorbell rang again. Naina’s eyes flew to Sameer’s and his disheveled hair and he gazed at her in alarm. Was it a dream? God almightly! What in the world had he done? He was kissing her? And she was kissing him back? 


Before any of them could gather their wits about, the bell rang again. Naina suddenly swerved into action, rolling her hair in a bun, she called out, “aa rahi hun!” 

Sameer too patted his hair and smoothed his shirt. His brain too fizzed to think what he was supposed to do, he just looked on blankly as Naina peeped through the key hole and a minute later, opened the door to Arvind’s form. 

Part 37 (on Page 20): The Revelation

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woowww woowww just amazing...fabulous beautiful or jtny b ach word ha sb sb ap k lye EU k lye...yr kesy likh leti ho itna acha....sach ma aj naina or sameer ma wo maa baap dekhny ko mily jinky lye unki beti sy brh kr khuch ni...unka apna gusa b nai...or noopur ayi brhi possesive...naina masterni ko ni janti shyd...btaye gi tjhy sameer to bs uska ha...smiley42 nd dear thnkuuuuuuu sooooooo mucccchhh samaina romance k lye only u can do this...🤗

last part kya kamal ka tha kash arvind bell na bajata...but koi ni trailer to hum ny dekh hi liya ab picture dekhna baqi ha...smiley43

nxt update plzzz jldi dena i knw ma bht lalchi hu but EU k lye mri beqaraari hr update k sath brh jati ha story to bht bht intrsting ho gyi ha ab bs samaina ek ho jaye...smiley27

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Awesome update,loved it very much. Eagerly waiting for the next update. Please update soon.

Posted: 1 months ago

Ye kya tha!!😍😅🤥🤔

Lovely update.. So many emotions at a time.. Noopur ki possessiveness.. Diya ki beemari.. The long awaited intimacy ka spark.. N now Arvin's ki entry..

Ufff!! This cliffhanger... Is Baar jitne din mat LA ga na pls next update Dene mein..



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