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Posted: 10 months ago

Originally posted by pyaar2012

Precap - Anupriya revealed that it was she who came from Sohlapur to Aurangabad with the same Lady who was murdered . And she had been witnessed near the Pond . Anu said this is enough as a proof to make her the murderer .

So basically she wants to save Kalma marriage and had taken a drastic decision which we still unware of.So technically Anu is the eye witness. But kitna usne dekha hai yeh nhi samaj aya ! 



so one step forward 

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Posted: 10 months ago


Check the sound once. Mujhe kuch sunai nhi diya  may b prob in my phone....

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Posted: 10 months ago

Kya Anu sach mein vul gayi thi 26 th july wali bat or she was pretending ? Now thats also a very essential question !!

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Posted: 10 months ago

Titu di i kindoff understood it in a different way. She has come with a woman in car from solhapur . And Anu feels that woman has been murdered based on the ongoing circumstances. She rembered being near a pond also. So basically anupriya doenot have the memory of that day (may be she has witnessed something and while running away she would have fallen down or hit somewhere and had a partial loss of memory.sorry mein movies kuch zyaada hi dekhtahusmiley37).so she may have some flashes based on which she considers her as the murder. Drastic step as far as the bts and if stories is Anu decides to  marrying that new man and deciding to leave behind AN and kalayani for ever. May be that man owes something to AS and is here to do a fake marriage drama. Aap log ko Kya lagtha he.

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Posted: 10 months ago

TFS for the update titli gayu

So the truth is gradually coming out 

Waiseh Anu ko kaiseh Yaad agayi ki she was near the pond wagera 

I just hope before navratri ends truth comes out and these new Ranes get caught

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Posted: 10 months ago

So Anu wo aurat cum wo creepy aadmi ke gaadi se aayi thi

ya shayad wo dusri hi aurat hogi

and Solapur connection 

to shayad ye saare extended Ranes Solapur mein reh rahe the itne saal

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