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Hey everyone, I am a new member to this Forum. smiley1

I do follow the show regularly post Karan's entry and have been a KSG fan since Dill Mill Gayye Days smiley42smiley9

So I had this idea of a new story and I have just written it down, please read it and let me know if you like it! And I would love to make friends with some people here! 

I have not proof-read the story so please ignore the errors and mistakes !! smiley9

Plot clarifications : 

I remember that the was this track in the show where Prerna was pregnant with Anurag’s child while he was married to Komolika but this OS has a different term of Prerna’s pregnancy. It’s been over a month that Mr. Bajaj met and got married to Prerna, so please keep that in mind while reading the story! 


Part 1 

It’s been over a week that Mr. Bajaj had come back from Jail and also he did somehow successfully explain to Prerna that he didn’t feel jealous of her and Anurag’s closeness because had complete faith in her that she wouldn’t leave him and Kukki. He knew what Anurag meant to her 

‘I just wish main aapko kisi aur ke milne se pehle mila hota.. ‘ he Said once again and walked out of their room 

Now that Prerna was not mad at him for trying to kill Anurag she analysed his words and still couldn’t decode them 

‘Yeh Mr. Bajaj ke dil main kya hai vo saaf saaf kyun nahi kehte... yeh itna complicated baatein kyun karte hain.. main inse kisi aur ko milne se pehle milti iska kya matlab hai ...’ she thought shook her head. Understanding Mr. Bajaj was proving to be a task! He admitted that he hit Anurag with his car but he wasn’t jealous and he also let her go and tend Anurag when he needed her the most. 

At least till now she had come to know this that Rishabh Bajaj was not a ruthless man that everyone assumed him to be, he was definitely complicated but not a stone hearted person! 

She shook her head and let out a huge sigh before heading down for breakfast, the situation between the Basu’s and Rishabh’s family were still not good but still they managed to sit silently at the same table and have their food. As soon as she came down Anurag gave her a small smile while his family were still upset with Prerna for trying to prove Rishabh’s innocence in the accident case.

Prerna sat at the table she started preparing breakfast for Kukki, taking a bowl she added some cereals in it and was about to add some milk when she suddenly started feeling nauseous. She tired to ignore the feeling and continued pouring milk in the bowl but before she could finish her task, she felt a sudden urge to puke. She handed the bowl to Rishabh and ran towards the kitchen sink to vomit. Everyone got confused at her sudden behaviour

‘Inhe achanak kya hogaya..’ Rishabh thought, he passed the bowl to his Masi and went behind Prerna, by the time he made it to the kitchen she was already coming out while wiping her face with a small napkin, fatigue was clearly visible on her face and she suddenly showed signs of weakness. 

‘Prerna are you okay??’ Rishabh asked while wrapping his left arm around her shoulder and giving her support she gave him a weak nod but before she could reply Prerna fainted in his arms. Rishabh patted her slightly and tried to wake her up! 

Masi and Tanvi rushed towards them, followed by Anurag and Anupam. Rishabh lifted Prerna in his arms and took her to their room while asking Masi to call the doctor immediately.

Others followed them silently, Anurag was getting tensed and worried for Prerna, he was sure that Mr. Bajaj must have told her something that stressed her or he had misbehaved with Prerna because of which she fell ill. 

Rishabh lay Prerna in their bed and kept caressing her face till the doctor arrived, he was very well aware that the Basu’s were standing in his room but right now that wasn’t an issue of concern for him. 

The doctor came and asked everyone to go outside, she wanted some privacy while she treated Prerna. Once outside Rishabh couldn’t stop pacing here and there in the corridor, rubbing his forehead with his fingers trying to stay calm,his concern for Prerna was clearly visible on his face! It irked Masi, Tanvi and Anurag, they all didn’t understand why was Rishabh so worried for Prerna. Masi and Tanvi knew the reason behind their marriage alliance was Kukki’s happiness and Anurag still assumed that Bajaj married Prerna just to destroy him. So his concern and worry for Prerna was troubling them. 

After a few minutes the doctor came out and Anurag rushed to her and asked ‘Dr. Prerna kaisi hai? Is she fine? Usse achanak kya hogaya tha?’ 

‘Aap mujhe pehle yehi baitye ki kya aap unke husband hain? ‘ the doctor asked calmly and before Anurag could reply Rishabh came ahead and answered her 

‘Well, tension ki koi baat nahi hai, in fact it’s a good news, your wife is pregnant!!’ 


Both Anurag and Rishabh had same reaction to the news that the Doctor had given them ! Anurag was shattered to here this and Rishabh on the other hand was totally taken by shock, he knew that was impossible so the only explanation to Prerna’s pregnancy was that it was Anurag’s child that she was carrying and not his! He didn’t know how to react but he knew he’d have to compose himself in front of everyone! 

He looked at others and realised that thankfully no one had paid much attention to his reaction because everyone had a similar reaction, they were all in some kind of shock. He smiled at the doctor and asked her if he could go and meet Prerna, he had to talk to her right now. She gave him a nod and told they should go one at a time because Prerna needed rest and after telling him that she has explained everything to Prerna and also given her a prescription for the medicines she is supposed to consume , she left from there. 

Rishabh opened the door and walked in the room only to find it empty, he then heard sobs coming from the washroom and entered even without knocking on the door. He saw Prerna sitting down and crying softly. His heart broke into pieces seeing her like this! 

He sat next to her and caught her hand. And started rubbing his thumb on the back of her hand 

‘Prerna, I assume yeh Mr. Basu ka baccha hai!?’ he asked softly and Prerna looked at him with more tears threatening to fall out of her eyes! She nodded slightly and then crashed into his hard chest 

‘Doctor ne kaha ki main five weeks pregnant hun and mujhe iss bare main pata bhi nahi tha, Anurag aur mere pyaar ki nishani hai yeh lekin main kisi ko yeh bata bhi nahi sakti. I know Mr. Bajaj ki aapko mere aur Anurag ke relation se problem hai but I request you please iss baache ko uss problem ka part mat banaye’ she spoke softly and it almost sounded liked she was pleading him for something and she also sounded a little scared as if he would punish her for this! 

 Rishabh’s heart broke into more pieces, it was natural that because Prerna didn’t know him well she thought like this and he knew that he had to change the image about him that she had in her mind and also confess his love to her, to let her know he could never do anything to hurt her. He rubbed her back and spoke softly as if he wasn’t speaking to Prerna but he was speaking to Kukki 

‘Prerna, listen to me, first, mujhe aapke aur Mr. Basu ke past se koi matlab nahi hai, mujhe bas humare present se matlab hai and second, we need to get out of here, uske baad hum baki baatein karenge!’ 

Prerna nodded slightly and stood up with his help, she moved to the sink to wash her face after crying so much, Rishabh was holding her from her shoulders and bought her outside! He noticed that everyone was still standing outside their room and almost talking to each other in whispers, none could digest the news of Prerna’s pregnancy. 

‘Prerna now you have to be more careful with yourself! ‘ he said a little louder catching everyone’s attention. Prerna looked at him with a frown as he made her sit on the bed and sat in front of her. He took her in a hug and whispered in her ear ‘Everyone thinks ki yeh humara baccha hai and I would be really happy if we let them continue thinking like this, after all we are married to each other. Now just close your eyes and don’t open them until I say anything else’ 

Before Prerna could reply or ask him anything he broke the hug and cupped her face, he aligned his face in such a way that to everyone else it looked like he was kissing her. He knew he had to let everyone assume that they shared an intimate relationship for them to believe that this was their baby. Anurag couldn’t believe what was happening, first the doctor announced Prerna’s pregnancy and now Mr. Bajaj was kissing her! 

Rishabh parted himself from Prerna and pushed the few strands of her hair behind her ear! Prerna slowly opened her eyes and looked into his, he gave a genuine smile and said ‘Thank you for giving me such a great news Jaan!!’ Before Prerna could react to his actions, he made her lie on the bed and covered her with the blanket, he caressed her forehead and said ‘You need rest, sleep for a while! Okay!’

Prerna knew she had a lot of questions to ask him regarding his behaviour but right now she didn’t have the strength to speak a word, let alone ask him questions and even before she knew it she had dozed off to sleep! Once Prerna was sound asleep Rishab, kissed her forehead and started walking out of the room. While he was putting Prerna to sleep the others had walked down to the living area, except for Anurag, he was still standing next to their window, he just couldn’t believe whatever he saw or he heard a few minutes ago! 

Rishabh looked at him but choose to ignore him and walked downstairs, as soon as he reached the living area, Masi and Tanvi started their drama of being happy for him and Prerna, they congratulated him and he looked genuinely happy! He knew that no matter what the truth is, he will be the father to Prerna’s child! 

‘Thank you Masi, Kukki ne breakfast kiya? Ya vo bina kuch khaye school chali gai?’ He had completely forgotten about Kukki while taking Prerna’s care 

‘Vo doctor ke aane se pehle hi humane Chandu se keh diya tha ki kuch fruits aur juice pilakar vo kukki ko school Drop kar de. Tum kukki ki tension mat lo usse sambhalne ke liye bohut log hai, filhal tum Prerna aur apne hone wale bacche ke khayal rakho’ she Said joyfully, Rishabh smiled and nodded at her. He felt his phone vibrate and saw Mr. Mehra’s Id on it. 

‘Ji Mr. Mehra... nahi main aaj office nahi aa raha jo bhi meetings hain vo conference calls pe hongi and agar kuch urgent ho toh please aap ghar aa jayega!’ He cut the call and went towards his study. 


Prerna woke after a while and suddenly sat with a jerk when she remembered the happenings of the morning, she placed her hand on the tummy and fresh tears brimmed in her eyes! She heard a click and saw Rishab coming out of the washroom. She had so many questions to ask him. She hurriedly got of the bed and walked towards him. 

‘Mr. Bajaj mujhe aap se baat karni hai’ she spoke with an urgency in her voice. Rishabh understood her situation and asked her to relax 

‘Yes, Prerna we have to talk about a lot of things but not here. Main nahi chahta ki ghar main koi bhi humari kisi bhi baat ko sunne!’ He calmed her down and reasoned out with her, Prerna knew he was right, she couldn’t let anyone know that this was Hers and Anurag’s baby. She just nodded and agreed to him. 

‘We will go out in sometime but first you need to eat something; Subah se aapne kuch nahi khaya hai and you need to take your vitamins as well, come’ Rishabh clasped his hand with hers and took her downstairs. 

Everyone had finished their lunch and were seated in the living room when Rishab and Prerna came down, Prerna saw Anurag and immediately her hand went towards her Belly. Anurag’s eyes were blood red and His face clearly spoke that he was hurt deeply. She took a deep breath while walking towards the table, Rishabh understood her dilemma and just squeezed her hand giving her a silent assurance that she needed right now. He made her sit on a chair and sat on the chair next to her. 

Chandu got lunch for Prerna and started serving her, he had hardly put anything on Prerna’s plate when she stopped him saying that she wouldn’t eat much 

‘No. Prerna you have to take care of your health, and you need to eat properly!’ Rishabh said 

‘But Mr. Bajaj Mera Mann nahi hai’ 

‘ I understand but Prerna you have eat, if not for yourself...’ he placed his hand on her belly and continued ‘ ...then for our baby atleast!’

Prerna looked in his eyes and she saw something she had never seen before, love and care, she also realised that she didn’t mind him touching her belly and addressing her baby as ‘theirs’ again and again!

Rishabh smiled at her and shifted his chair to her to come closer, he started feeding her food himself! To be honest, no one in the room was happy seeing them so close to each other, Masi and Tanvi were upset that now it will be more difficult for them to separate Prerna and Rishabh while the Basu’s were concerned about Anurag and his reaction to their closeness. 

Once Prerna was done with her lunch, Rishab pulled her chair back and helped her to get up, he didn’t leave her hand at all. Since the doctor had announced about her pregnancy Rishabh was handling her as if she was a fragile doll. They came towards Masi and Rishabh said that he and Prerna were going out for a while and they’ll bring Kukki back from school. Masi just smiled at them and nodded. He ignored the Basus and Prerna couldn’t look them either, their was an emotional turmoil going in her head. She wanted to speak with Mr. Bajaj clearly. As to what was he actually trying to do, why was he ready to accept her baby and why is he not angry or mad at her. 

Rishabh made Prerna sit in the car first and took the drivers seat himself. He started the car and carefully drove them to the nearest park. He went to Prerna’s side and opened the door for her, holding her hand once again he took her to the nearest bench. He knew that Prerna had a lot of questions to ask but before she would ask anything he had to say what was in his heart. Taking a deep breath he started speaking 

‘ Prerna I know you have a lot of questions in your head, but I’d like to speak first!! Maine aapse subah jab kaha tha that I wish main aapko kisi aur ke milnse pehle milta, I meant that if hum dono ki mulaqat pehle hui hoti jab aapke aur Mr. Basu ke beech koi relation nahi tha then there are chances ki Humari equation aaj jaisi hai vaisi nahi hoti. I want you to understand one thing clearly Prerna, aapko use karke Mr. Basu ko destroy karne ka mera kabhi koi intention nahi tha. I have my reasons to destroy that family, which I can’t share with you right now but you have to believe me that I never wanted to use your relationship with them to create any trouble in their family. Aapne mujhe Mr. Basu ke accident ke liye accuse kiya because you thought I am jealous of your chemistry with him but Prerna, I have never been insecure about your, insecurities wahan hoti hain jahan trust nahi hota, and I trust you issliye Maine samne se iss baat ke liye agree kiya ki aap Mr. Basu ke paas rukh sakti hain, mere liye kisi ki jaan se important kuch nahi hota, behle hi vo uss insaan ki kyun na ho jaise mujhe problems hain. Tell me Prerna, agar mujhe Mr. Basu ka accident karke unki jaan leni hoti toh main aapko unke paas unke recovery ke liye kyun jane deta??’ 

Prerna looked down at her knotted fingers, listening and trying to understand what Rishabh was trying to say, she knew somewhere he was right. He never stopped her from caring about the Basu family, he always took a stand for her against them, he stood with her when her own family was venting their anger on her,  it was she who was accusing him all the time, blaming him for every wrong that happened and now she felt guilty about it. Rishabh sensed her guilt and gently squeezed her hand and continued 

‘ Prerna, I know that this child is a symbol for your love for Anurag and I respect this feeling of yours, but you have to remember that now you are Mrs. Prerna Rishabh Bajaj, my wife and you are also the mother to my daughter Kukki, You know that she loves you as much as she loves me or even more than that, because you have given her that kind of love. It would be my pleasure Prerna if you could let me do same to your child.’ 

Prerna looked at him and tried to understand if he actually meant what he was saying. When she looked in his eyes she could only see his genuine care for her and her child since the morning. Rishabh took another breath and continued

‘ You know when the doctor announced that you are pregnant, I immediately understood that it’s Mr.  Basu’s child and I was scared for a minute that you will leave Me and Kukki and go back to Mr. Basu to start a new life and I won’t lie to you Prerna but I can’t let that happen. You mean a lot to me, I know I have said this time and again that I married you only because your company had a positive impact on Kukki and her health started improving but now I have realised that even I am changing Prerna, and for the good, I know that if I let you go then neither me nor Kukki could ever imagine being happy in our lives and that is why without even waiting for you to say anything I claimed in-front of everyone that this is OUR child and trust me Prerna I am not worried that your love for Kukki will ever be compromised after having this child because I know you Prerna, you can never fall short of spreading love and happiness in the lives of others. And I want to try to return that same amount of love and happiness to you!!’ 

Rishabh waited for Prerna to say something, for the past few minutes he was the only one voicing his thoughts and Prerna had not even spoken a single word, he tried to read in her eyes what she wanted to say but he only saw tears in them, he felt as if he made a huge mistake expressing his  thoughts to her and was about to apologise when Prerna hugged him with all her might. Without any hesitation he hugged her back and started soothing her hair to calm her down. 

‘ I am so sorry Mr. Bajaj, I was misunderstood you. I thought you were insecure about me and Anurag and that’s why you did everything but here You are ready to accept me with my child knowing very well that this child will always remind me of my love for Anurag and yet you are ready to give it you name. You always tried to help my family and you take a stand for me even when I can’t do it myself, without me asking for it! And today you have made me realise that I judged you so easily and that too inn correctly. I am so so sorry and I promise Mr. Bajaj, I’ll never let my love for Kukki he compromised, I’ll always be Kukki’s mother first’ 

Rishabh smiled to himself, finally the heavy weight was lifted from his chest, and also Prerna had at least now understood that he wasn’t the guy she accused him of being. He felt bad to see her cry like this but he knew that she too needed to get everything out of her system. 

After a few minutes when he thought that Prerna must now be feeling better, he broke the hug, wiping her tears from her face he placed a soft kiss on her forehead and holding her hands once again. He said ‘ Prerna, I know that from today we will have a better understanding between us, I can’t expect that our dynamic will change immediately but I think that we should give a chance to our marriage not just for the sake of our children but also for our selves, we can’t always be a parent right? At some point we will have to become partners too! I don’t want you to forget you past, I just want you to think about your present and your future! ‘

Prerna analysed his words and realised what he was asking her to do, he had already accepted her with her past and now it was her turn to accept her present, that was being his wife and her future was to be the mother of their two children. She knew that she can never let go of her love for Anurag but she also knew that she couldn’t go back to him, she couldn’t leave her daughter and her husband for it. 

Rishabh was patiently waiting for her to react to his latest words, Prerna looked at him and smiled at him squeezing his hand

‘ Main koshish karungi Mr. Bajaj ki main vo kar pau jo aap keh rahe hain, Anurag ke pyaar ko main peeche nahi chod sakti lekin Kukki aur iss baache ke pyaar ke saath main aage zaroor badh sakti hun. Aur main yeh bhi koshish karungi ki main aapke liye bhi ek acchi partner ban sakun!’ 

Rishabh gave her his rare smile and pulled her in a hug again. It was in that moment they both knew that their life was going to change and it would be only for the betterment of everyone! 

‘ Come, let’s go Kukki ko school pick karne jana hai’ 

Rishabh stood up and extended his hand towards Prerna, intertwining their fingers to each others they walked backed to the car when Prerna asked him a question 

‘ Mr. Bajaj, Hum Kukki se yeh news jaise share karenge??’ 

Rishabh was speechless, he knew that it was going to be an embarrassing task to explain their daughter about Prerna’s pregnancy and seeing his expressions Prerna couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He pouted looking at her laughing on him but then he joined her too. He shook his head and made her sit properly in his car and then he got in the car too. And throughout their journey they were only trying to come up with an idea to break this news to their princess !! This new little member had already become a reason happiness in their lives ! 


Okay, so I have tried my best to write down exactly what I had in my mind, please leave your likes and comments below to let me know how it was. smiley1

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Welcome to the forum! Please come join us at the PreRish AT and/or the KSG one!!

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Welcome to the forum! Please come join us at the PreRish AT and/or the KSG one!!

Oh God I said her Welcome to PreRish AT smiley36smiley37smiley36

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Welcome 🙏 Welcome 🙏 dear To PreRish AT smiley27

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Welcome to the forum! Please come join us at the PreRish AT and/or the KSG one!!

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Oh God I said her Welcome to PreRish AT smiley36smiley37smiley36

I said wrong naa smiley44smiley44smiley44🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊🙊

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LMAOOO hota hai yaar maine notice bhi nahi kiya smiley37

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