Necessary evil..

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Posted: 10 months ago

SPM ~My Musings 18.9.19~ Necessary evil ..

Without a doubt many of us have no doubts! that Kainat is vile, corrupt and evil.To me she strikes as evil that exists to bring about some goodness in  either the existing characters or in the turn of events. In saying so I am by no means justifying her vile character.. But Iam only  saying that although her deeds make an unpleasant watch,  one evil being who causes  serious harm, kills to other.  for majority of  us viewers she is one character who is covered most!  But  she may be one necessary  evil that is needed, when weighed against the benefits gradually emerging in the story line. Take her sham wedding with Zaroon, her obsessive  throwing  herself at him. Her usurping Saltanat’s position in Zaroon’s life.  All reveals day by day , that  Zaroon  is discovering a  strange, growing aversion towards her. The day is not far when he might actually confess to her that marrying her was not a good idea, that he doubts his own Sufiyana love. As it is in this episode  he is also yet again,fobbing  her off! by telling her, he needs more time to stabilze himself  to the scenario of marrying her.  Basically he delays  getting closer  to her.. Yet again!

Despite her being  the very epitome of bare wickness, as a  married  woman  its obvious for her to begin a family, which puts  Zaroon right off her.. in fact he gives her  suspicious look!  Zaroon following her  past midnight,  shows he trusts her not. In fact both husband and wife do not trust each other. So a marriage  chugging along minus trust. 

Kainat’s insecurity  of shaing Zaroon with some puny little child, provokes   some evil words  out of her mouth and that too for  a child This distances Zaroon from  Kainat  even further more.. so the more she necessitates evil !  Zaroon will take a step backwards from  her. As it is Nadeem’s  invariable caustic comments continue to now push Zaroon away from Kainat.Hopelessly Kainat’s evil words for Krish makes Zaroon  more vociferously in favour of his bond   with Krish.

Undesirable evil ,  prompts some pleasing heart felt truths that even from a distance make a pure connection. Zaroon shares with Kainat,  that on interacting with   the young lad, he feels being  close to a loved one. Far away , Krish too  reveals why being with dost bhaiya is significant  for him, because he feels  it's like being near his dost didi! Krish literally puts it, that both his dost bro' and dost didi, seem similar!

The more moody  Madhav  wants his son’s dost brother, to stay well out of the parameters of his precinct, especially out of  Krish’s heart and out  Kashish's mind! Kashish goes along with Krish’s admiration for his special friend ,by urging the boy to phone Zaroon  and set up a meeting between Madhav, and Kashish,and Zaroon.  Madhav is one more time stumped by  the law unto them selves pair of Kashish and Krish! The last thing he wants  to do is meet this Zaroon bloke. One thing for sure, is some strange emotional hassle keeps meeting him in the face.. he must Focus! Concentrate! That his plan for Kainat is Bad! and it's unlikely miss perfect’s sermonising is going to make him turn into a new leaf!

Saltanat  in response to Kainat’s necessary evil..  inadvertently speaks aloud about her mindset about virtue and vice.. Saltanat uses her brief moral science lesson! to reply to  Madhav the  grouch! That it'ts about choices  that people make in life, whether its better to waste life by damaging oneself by begrudging others and wasting precious moments  of life , which has a short span? Or is it better to give  solace and relief both to others and oneself?  In my humble opinion Saltanat in a simple way, is teaching Krish some life skills.. when ever she  sorts issues with Krish. Aggressive behaviour towards peers at school after all is a serious matter.

Madhav can see  that this MZ. known it all! shirty  Kashish , whether the nastiness   within  him accepts it or not ? Kashish is a fine  influence on his much impressionable  son Krish. Yet as a father it's Kashish's instability  in his house, that concerns him. Who knows when the woman may leave? What implications would that have on his son?

Out of  character  is in true character of Kainat. Kainat arrives at her foes door step. The scene gives the actor playing Kainat  a chance to show her skills at perhaps being an overexaggerated impersonation of a door to door salesman. In every way, from the outside to the inside, Kainat with panache does what she excels at doing! duping, fooling,tricking people. Basically she is on a mission,for which she sells her   theatrical skills before Sneha and Indu and literally buys/ sneaks herself into  Madhav’s house! and from a vantage point, gets crucial information about  Madhav and Saltanat through two reliable sources! Kainat learns Madhav is sIngle, with nothing between Saltanat and him; that  Madhav is Sakshi’s brother who is seeking to kill Kainat for murdering her sister.  However the key fact she finds out is Saltanat has lost her memory! Kainat’s  anxiety is what if after  Saltanat regains her memory and reveals to Madhav, her own identity of being Saltanat not Kainat?  

The rest is not too taxing for Kainat   to work out, that its her own neck which will be on the line!  Yes the scenes all point out, that the wicked prosper and succeed in their wickedness!  while the righteous  suffer in  their dismal world,totally lost to them. When confronted by Saltanat, Kainat studies her.. to confirm, if her foe’s memory has actually  phased out? Kainat suspects this is true.. yet  with Saltanat, she 'd best not take chances.. 

Ahead,thus lies the path, where  Madhav will want Saltanat's memory to return, but the necessary evil Kainat will ensure her twin stays in the doldrums! 19.9.19

Thanks Irshita, Esha for your on going loyalty and commitment to our musings..  will annotate your comments right away.. having health issues, hence erratic in my hammie  



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