Prerna Menka SOS- A Talk

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God knows why I have written this. smiley44



A Talk

"24 years." Prerna's head whipped at the voice. 

She turned to see Menka Bose, in all her stunning glory, standing in front of her, dressed in a gorgeous black gown, dark brown hair cascading to her bottom, longs arms crossed as she looked at Prerna standing at the party hall's balcony.

"He's lived alone for 24 years. And you think your shenanigans are going to affect him?" Menka chuckled. "I see what you're trying to do Ms Sharma, trying to make him jealous by waving your boyfriend in his face but let me tell you, men don't get jealous of boys."

"What talking ab-

"Oh please, don't play with me. I see you, I see your eyes, I see that you are incapable of hiding your emotions, goddamn you wear your heart not on your sleeve but on your face! If you are trying to win him back, talk to him. That's the only thing that goes through him, communication." Menka shrugged, making Prerna frown.

"You are telling me-

"Yes I am. I was with that man for 12 years Prerna. Together for four, married for eight. I know what's going in his head, and heart." She said and Prerna chuckled.

"Yet you left him-

"That was my choice, my life. I did what I felt was right. Tell me, should I have stayed with him, knowing that I don't love him anymore? I left him because I cared for him and wanted him to move on-

"Oh please-

"Don't oh please me." Menka smiled an unaffected smile, just like their ex-husband. "I know I have given him immense pain and I feel terrible about it till this day. I loved him Prerna, with all my heart."

Prerna's heart dropped at the sight of Menka's face, her expression so vulnerable for a second that if you touched her, she would break. Did he also love her so much when they were together all those years ago?

"I was his everything. He was an open book, just for me. You have not seen what he's capable of, if he loves someone, he'll do everything-

"I know, I have seen him with Kuki-

"I am not talking about a father's love for his daughter, I am talking about a man's love for his woman. You have not seen it Prerna, and frankly, I don't think you deserve to see it." Menka looked disgusted as she shook her head.

"Excuse me?" She gasped and Menka nodded.

"You are a selfish woman Prerna. At lease I left him at the right time but you? You chose the wrong person and the wrong time. You are dangling your boyfriend in front of him, trying to make him jealous while your wedding cards are being printed." Menka laughed sarcastically. "Let me tell you Ms Sharma, you don't know how to play a game."

"Ms Bose-

"Shhh." Menka shushed her. "Stop this game Ms Sharma, you are going to get hurt, because if Rishabh realises what you are trying to do, he'll turn the world upside down to have you and you won't be able to handle that side of his. He's a man who has lived alone for 24 years, if he wants to have something, he'll take it and posses it for eternity."

"I am just-

"You know, he knows he's alone. And he knows he'll be alone forever. He knows no one will bother because he knows no one is capable enough to fight for him. I wasn't." Menka said and walked towards her. "And neither are you."

"He's worth fighting for." Prerna said and Menka smiled.

"You know whom you'll have to fight?" She asked and Prerna chuckled.

"I'll fight the world for him-

"No. You'll have to fight him. The man himself is equal to a thousand worlds." Menka laughed. "Can you do that?"

"I can." Prerna nodded. "And I will."

"Be careful, love is a dangerous game darling." Menka started walking away.

"I'll be fine." Prerna whispered to herself. She saw him walking around the party hall, mingling with the VIP guests, his dimple shining. "When the prize is so tempting, I won't mind fighting, even if it's for forever."


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What a conversation between Meneka and Prerna. Wow. Wow. Wow. I loved this. I want this I SO WANT THIS. Cvs are you reading this? 

Posted: 8 months ago

Originally posted by WaqtZaya

What a conversation between Meneka and Prerna. Wow. Wow. Wow. I loved this. I want this I SO WANT THIS. Cvs are you reading this? 

I want this too! I feel Menka is the only person who knows Rishabh in and out and who is capable of making Prerna face her actual feelings 😭❤️

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That was some mean women talk!

She knows him inside out, and she knows only what he had shown till now.

She lived with him, she is willing to

She loved him, she loves him

Somwer she quit it, she know she isnt ever going to be her .. never give up on him

Loved it smiley41

Posted: 8 months ago

Damn!! What did I read just nowsmiley42. A conversation between both the ex-wifes of Bajaj. A conversation which I never ever expected in between themsmiley3.

Prerna trying to make Bajaj Jeolous, while Menka understood it. I loved this Menka. She loved Bajaj truly. She left him for him as she didn't love him anymore. She knows him for 12 years. Prerna being the naive person that she is trying to get him using Anurag.

Prerna, how can she think that his love for his daughter will be similar to the love he has for his woman. And I agree that he would do any damn thing to get her back in his life if he knows what she is doing. I so want to read this. OS please for thissmiley9.

He was alone for 24 years and he knows he would be alone as no one is there to fight for him😭. Finally Menka is successful in making sure Prerna fights with him to get him.

Sanusmiley31you deserve all the😘😘😘😘😘 in the world for this update.

I couldn't get enough of this update anytime soon. I am going to read multiple timessmiley42. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. This is beyond awesome, brilliant, amazingsmiley42.

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that was really good, you really know how to write wonderful pieces. keep it up.

Posted: 8 months ago

What was that!wow ! Outstanding! The talk between this two is a bomb👌.hay prerna are u capable of fighting??plz make it a full fledge os plz plz plz. Thanks 👏

Posted: 8 months ago

ohhh sanuuuuu 

i loved it

you just made my day

`and hey dont left it here as SOS 

make it a TS or SS whatever you want but continue it

p.s aur kripya karke koi bhi new story post kare toh mujhe INDEX thread par inform kar diya 

so that i can update it in the index

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