The journey of Union to Salvation to Creation- Mythology and THR

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Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye…….

They say there is your better half who is perfect fit for you...complementing you, completing you ...your other half and together you become whole.

The relation so profound and beautiful that world stops to watch you together.

That’s what they are- Lord Shiva and his wife goddess Parvati.

They are two halves of the whole who come together to bring life and happiness in this world.

Their stories said beautifully through centuries always fascinated mankind.

The love they share...the bond they nurture....always an inspiration to couples.

They are together known as Ardhanarishwar as there is no Shiva without Shakti and there is no Shakti without Shiva.

The power in Shiva is his other half – Shakti or Parvati

Again their story is  told through two characters in a beautifully woven tale of love and devotion and showing us the divine connection they share.

Malhar , Lord Shiva himself and his other half Kalyani, his Parvati.

 Shiva – the protector, the destroyer of evil and regenerator of the universe and all life and his wife  goddess Parvati-goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage,children, and devotion; as well as of divine strength and power.

This is their journey to each other and then together as they change the world with their otherworldly love and devotion to each other.

Each other characters taking various forms as their family supporting them in the journey.

Kalyani as Sati being the only daughter of arrogant atul /daksha

Then Kalyani’s  transformation to Parvati as she travels to Aurangabad and gets new birth becoming the daughter of Anupriya who represents Parvati’s mother Menavati/Mena.

Sarthak fitting well as king of mountains Himavat and Parvathy’s father.

Atharv -the personification of evil , the veda that deals with magic and rituals but is more  associated with black magic and  people who use it for wicked deeds.

Sampada -meaning riches and prosperity but here a personification of greed for wealth and of selfishness.

Moksh being the salvation that is brought by the union of Lord Shiva , Malhar and his wife Parvati,Kalyani.

This thread will explore different  aspects of their story and how deeply connected it is to the mythology.

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“My life and his were twisted into a single strand. Cut one, and you cut both. If he were gone, I would not be able to live through that. If I were gone, he wouldn't live through it, either.”


According to Chinese, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the Finger of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation as they are their true love…their soulmate.  

Through centuries we have heard stories of soulmates completing u as no one else can.

Lord Shiva and Parvati story too shows same, how in spite of so many hurdles they came together and together they brought balance in the universe.

The story might  have been heard even before vedic times but the charm is never lost.

Now its told through malhar , representation of lord Shiva in human form and his wife Kalyani, goddess Parvati.


Lord Shiva was married to sati but due to her father’s arrogance she left that mortal body leaving lord Shiva detached from the world in sorrow.

Since sampada cannot be sati as she is as her name suggests money and prosperity here is shown as a personification of greed for money and also of selfishness which leads her to leave her husband and run away with another man.

Atharv is shown as personification of evil side- his name being the name of veda which is more known as the veda of tantra, black magic and dark rituals.


Kalyani on the other hand lived an entirely different life as daughter of atul and madhuri. She was their favourite. But suddenly things changed.

She had to leave her life and identity entirely as she stepped in Aurangabad which is simplified form of goddess sati leaving her  life to be born as Parvati.

Kalyani became another person altogether as she entered aurangbad signifying transition of goddess Sati to goddess Parvati.

In this new birth she got a new mother in the form of Anupriya who is same as Parvati’s mother Menavati or Mena.

She loved Kalyani more than anything.

Now comes Malhar who had become detached due to betrayal of sampada.

Malhar hated kalyani similarly lord shiva hated and was beyond angry when Parvati initially approached him.

But through her continuous devotion Parvati was able to win his heart just like Kalyani did.

Kalyani was tested several times by Malhar himself not intentionally but she always stood by him same as Lord Shiva tested Parvati.

finally Parvati won his heart and so did Kalyani.

Similarly Anupriya initially hated Malhar’s marriage to Kalyani like Menavati did with Shiva. Mena thought Shiva could never be ideal husband to Parvati and Anupriya thought same.

but Shiva proved her wrong and so did malhar by being the best husband that any girl could get.

Now comes kaka . sarthak is perfect representation of lord of himalyas himavat.

He is goddess shakti’s sec father and parvathy’s father.

His calm cool demeanor matchs perfectly with Himavat and is paired with Anupriya, his Mena.

The story of Malhar and Kalyani develops same as that of lord Shiva and Parvati.

Malhar being angry at first then kalyani’s love and devotion makes him melt and recognizes her as his other half just like the lord.

They together fight the evils of the aurangabad just the way lord and goddess fight against evil forces.

Malhar is this rough ,introvert, silent, apne kaam se kaaam rakne wala but always known for his anger just like lord shiva who is known for his silent nature but known for his anger and kalyani who is soft sweet and always happy, the feminine half of him representing the goddess herself.

Parvati is the only one who can calm lord Shivas anger just like only Kalyani can calm malhar.

Their first born karthikeya was also not born from goddess parvati just like  moksh.

Karthikeya was taken away for sometime like Moksh was kidnapped but they got him back.

the name Moksh itself means salvation which comes by union of  lord shiva and parvati here being Malhar and Kalyani.

As lord shiva and goddess parvati are always together  being each other strength malhar kalyani represents human version of similar bond, being each other's life force.

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Kalyani Malhar Represents Feminine & Masculine Sides of Creation

Malhar represents Masculine side where Kalyani represents the Feminine side...

If we go back to mytho Purush & Prakriti meaning Shiv & Shakti...

Both have one roop Ardhnarishwar which is Milan of Shiv & Shiva .....Purush & Prakriti are coming together for the new creation, for the prosperity of all of us...

Well with Kalyani & Malhar together, there is prosperity for Anupriya who didn't get the chance to complete her education....but Kalyani & Malhar help her...

Anupriya gets that guts to stand for herself, stand for Kalyani, Stand for Malhar n Stand for justice...

when everyone against Anurpiya's education it's Kalyani & Malhar only stands for her ...together they foiled Sampada & Atharv's plan against Anupriya's education ...Together Kalyani & Malhar caught Sampada who was kidnapping their son Moksh...Together they even trap Atharv...Together they foiled Sampada & Athrav's vivacious plan...

Together Kalyani, Malhar brought down a gang of Terrorist, nabbed them & even spoiled their devious plan ...

Ardhnarishwar Roop is very Powerful ... it represents also how Purush n Prakriti aka Shiv & Shakti are inseparable from each other...

Like our Malhar & Kalyani....they r inseparable... 

How Purush & Prakriti aka Masculine & Feminine  side union make things beautiful 

How it can create new creations

how new Creations meaning new life...

 along with that if we go with our show 

Malhar & Kalyani's name represents Shiv & Shakti & masculine n Feminine sides ...both together r winners against all odds we have seen it...both together bring down negativity n injustice...

Both can't stay away from each other...

Both of them together has their creation of trust, understanding & Salvation & Love name Moksh Kalyani Malhar Rane.......their first Son...their bundle of joy ....

Malhar is the Masculine side, has an angry side also n he can calm only by Kalyani who is feminine side ...

Malhar can't take the insult of Kalyani ....he might have flaws here as he is human after all but he takes his stand for his wife...he is proud of her. He knows her, He acknowledges her dedication care, respect for him 

Kalyani wife of Malhar, can't take any insult against her Husband .... (Mytho ma Parvathy never take any insult of Lord Shiv) 

we have seen Kalyani's angry roop when someone tries to hurt Malhar ...

Both stand for each other, live for each other...Both together r one...Both together can bring down evil .......

The masculine n feminine side, Malhar & Kalyani two halves together become whole... 

Ardhnarishwar  , the Better half of each other came from western countries....but the meaning is almost the same...

Husband  & Wife r not different but one in whole..Two different entity become one with this....

Will edit more little later 

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Kalyani Malhar Are the Replica of Two Raga

if we go with Malhar & Kalyani's name are from Musical Raag....Two DifferentRaag...

Malhar Raag is too powerful like our Show's hero Malhar come to our show'shero he is powerful ...he has a strong personality...He brings down many things with his emotions.....if we go by Raag Malhar brings Rain has meanings.....

now coming to show's Malhar ....he is emotional ..he brings positive n destructive both element...

The rain which brings out two things; one gives us prosperity balance in this earth but extreme Rain can make things drastically change with natural calamity...

Malhar from out show brings two things...he is positive indeed which make things good for many like Anupriya, Kalyani, Sartak, Moksh but he is angry n emotional...

Raag Malhar invites Rain which makes us happy, sad, give us many emotions like Malhar Rane also has this trait, he can bring happiness & light but extreme Anger makes things ugly from his side...

Raag Malhar has that power can bring Rain like our Show's Malhar's emotion came out ....

Somewhere Raag Malhar known as Megh Malhar...Megh meaning Cloud which means stability, inner consciousness but cloud also has different shades like our show's Malhar has different shades ....

Now coming to Raag Kalyani this Raag cause auspicious thing which means prosperous success happiness.

Kalyani brings happiness for Anu, Malhar n Pillu's life ...Anu who was not getting the time & opportunity for Study but after Kalyani came, she went to college& enrolled herself there...After Kalyani entered Malhar's life, he got a promotion, he nabbed criminals, terrorists ...n most imp Kalyani become Mother of Moksh Rane , her darling Pillu.

If we go with previous one of the epi has mentioned from old pandit of the showKalyani's destiny has powerful n she will change AN n brings down thing AS's regime .....

now going with the show Kalyani indeed break the wheel of AS n changed many things & not only with Deshmukh but others n even ranes...with Malhar by her side.....

 Some even Said Raag Kalyani is the queen of all Raag ..well Kalyani indeed queen for her King  , her husband Malhar Rane .....

Some even Said Raag Kalyani sets the mood right...Well, Kalyani can make everyone's mood perfect with her innocent, Will power.....

Some even said, Raag Kalyani represents Bhakti , Shringar , Vatsalya meaning Devotion, making own self beautiful, affection towards children...well our show's Kalyani has these qualities..She has devotion for her mother, son, husband, she is beautiful cause her soul is beautiful though like any other 18yrs old she loved to do make up n most imp she has Vatsalya aka affection for her son... 

Will edit more little later 

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Swara The name of Raag & Justice

Lord Shiva created or has sister name Ashabhari whom Ma Parvathy used to love & taking care of her but Her Sister in law's behavior hurt Ma Gauri aka Kalyani& one day make Ma lost patience, she asked Mahadev to send Ashabhari away to her Sasural..

now coming to the THR CVS twist it here Swara is Malhar's sister whom Both Kalmatrying love n give love but Swara making thing complicated where now Kalma's patience going off ....

now Kalma may do help her to come out from the phase n make her see lights about couple n marriage well then might as mytho story going Kalyani n malhar send Swara to her sasural now Malhar is another name of Lord Shiva where Kalyani is another name of maParvathy....

Cvs might take an actual story, twist it but the main essence will be the same ...

now coming to twist of name Ashabhari name is Malhar's stepmother who is too sweet but might be the real culprit who will insult n hurt Kalyani if we go with the real story so Ashabhari aka stepmother of Malhar going out from that house with Kalyani wish & by Malhar...

Why I told it here as per Puran, Ashabhari is the name of Lord Shiva's Sister ..but Cvs have twisted it little give the name to Malhar's Stepmother.....

Now the Swara , its also another Raag Name.....

Swara a raag name who did things by the self way , its saath suro ka sangam or say Mixture of seven notes....some said aathva sur suru hota hain isse... After 7th Notes or mixtures of7 notes, there is another note call 8th note 8 has importance in numerology yet in Sargam or Music Athva Sur or 8 notes can bring anything it positive or negative 

Swara the name has another meaning shruthi which mean learning by hearing things...sometimes when we hear things from ear , it can cause a with hearing we need to see things by ourselves.... so Swara might have learned something about kaka by ear, not by eyes....

maybe baapji or someone else might lie to him so she has the (mis)conception......

she has seen baap ji n his evil deeds maybe.

She has no idea about Malhar  & she has a fear that; Malhar might be a replica of Baapji or evil..She is not aware of her brother neither she know-how is Malhar..though she loves Malhar but right now Swara became Athva sur which wants to destroy things instead of making the creation of new Music....She heard or learn something n her another trait as  Shruthi she has (MIS)conception about Rane Family rest men ...

saath suro ka sangam can bring many things

Athva sur is too good & too dangerous 

She can do good but with her conception, she is like Athva sur n making everything mess with hurting Malhar,Kalyani to Insulting them n their relation...

but like Raag Swara has its quality ,Our show's Swara also has ....

Swara is the voice of injustice happens by Rane families which under the carpet She might have heard something n want to voice Swara meaning too sound also.

Swara will be the voice for justice n bring out the real sinner from the past....


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Title will be updated later.

Sati and parvathi are same form.but we know that shivji has another wife named Devi ganga.many version of mytho doenot acknowledge her as a wife but a responsibilty that shivji took up. It is said if ganga directly falls on Earth it's force will destroy it and hence shivji showed his head to recive it and then sent it to earth.apart from that ganga is also said to have another husband. In Mahabharata bhishma was born out of the maarige between shanthanu and ganga.

 Malhar was married to sampada by As to prevent the destruction of image and pride  that family would face if she goes to atharva.malhar feelings for sampu was more like his responsibility  as a  husband or something similar following an arranged marriage and the love or may be an attraction that he felt for her and never so deep.also she left a person like malhar and came to a human like atharva.

In mytho ganga is also the daughter of himvan so is parvathi they are sister.sampu is also kallus sister realted by both mom and dads side.

Certain other version of mythos discuss the catfights between parvathiji and ganga and how eager was paravathi devi to keep ganga away from shivji.yeha though malhar never had anything but kallu she had problem with sampu being near to malhar.

Like she damaged the nighties.then she in that blind state proclaimed ki malhar has only one wife and her name is kalyani.then in one epi in sleeps malhar rants sampadas name she threw water on him. And during the entire kbm period she was like u are staying away from na kind of behaviour. So that can also be compared . Also certain verse in mytho parvathi refers ganga as her sakhi so in ketki track kabhi sauten kabhi saheli dikhi.

Then there are two theories about the birth of Lord karthikeya. First ki he was given birth by six krithikas for parvathi. Other lesser know version is that shivs seed was heavy and could nt be carried by parvathi so wind gave it to river ganaga , Agni made the seed to human form and she gave karthikeya to earth.which states shivjis other wife bore him in womb for parvathi. But as we all now shanmugha is always shivparvathi sutha ya parvathi is moksh , kallu never had him in womb malhars first wife did it for her but pillu is always moksh kalyani Rane.and it's also said river Ganges gives us moksh.

These are just my thought no way a women like sample is comparable to ganga maiyya who is the purest of all. I was just comparing the equations between this people and situation. So if anybody felt anything please tell me I will remove this I just gave diff ideas different colours don't know wether colours have some meanings or like that agar he to batha Dena please.

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Moksha the fruit of shiv parvathi union - it is said that shiv parvathi Milan leads to moksh or salvation and hence did they attain moksh or our cutie pillu.

The main reason why the entire devlog wanted shiv parvathi milan is beacuse when shiv was in his yogi roop a demon named tarakasura conquered the three worlds.indra lost his throe and devas were forced to live in disgues.only shivputhra could kill him.and Deva log and Brahma vishnu did a lot of hardwork to get them married to beget shivputhra ya shivs son (karthikeya)

Here the entire ahaliya nivas wasis got kalma married for moksh (shiva's son) and so the reason why people wanted the marriage in both the case is exactly the same.only thing moksh was a already born but situation and cause is similar.Then again even though shivparvathi married to get a son . Their son who killed the demon was never really born from paravathis was in some version krithikas and some cases river ganga who bore it for her like surrogacy but karthikeya is always paravathis son her ansh. So is the case with moksh. 

There are similarities between ganeshji and parvathis rltn to moksh and kalyani

Shivji who immensely loves his kids once killed ganeshji out of anger.when paravathi came to know about it she became Kali and threatened to destroy the entire universe and even shivji until or unless she gets back her child. And it is said that shivji who is rudra himself was frightened to see her Roop and rushed out to get another head for him.

The same thing we saw in moksh DNA test case. Malhar unknowingly brought harm to his child and kalayni was ready to destroy the entire universe for her son. Remember how atom bomb got tensed rushed back to hospital.

There are stories were paravathi has taken raudra Roop and fought against her beloved ones  for her children.once parasuram and Ganesha got into a dirty duel and gannuji lost a part of his tusk.and then parvathi mom came out to fight with Rama the favorite most disciple of shivji. Similary there are many times when kalyani has fought with the people who is close to her or realted to her for moksh. Instances like sample , aparna , vaman and even her own father in laws are the comparison.

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