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Posted: 9 months ago

You guys. You're killing me. 🥰

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Posted: 9 months ago

I dont want to pitch in to these great discussions as I am not at all good with words, but can I just say that the best part of that scene where he breaks their engagement was the way he folds his hands to say bye to Moloy and Basus while exiting through the doors. Her words were echoing his ears, heartbroken that he was, anyone else in that position, going by the ITV standard, would be shown disoriented and devastated. But there was my RB ❤️ who didn't forget to wish the Basus back and bidding them goodbye with folding hands even when he was torn inside. 

My RB. My forever crush. smiley31

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Posted: 9 months ago

Originally posted by aryapdane

Thank you so much.

You're right about the suffocation. I thought about that angle but then I feel her suffocation in their relationship is subconscious. Of course she was comfortable with him being her friend but I feel she has to have been overwhelmed by the depths of his feelings and her lack of reciprocation only made her guilty and conflicted.

It's my personal opinion but I have always felt that she was a little obtuse. She refused to see things from other people's perspective. Even as I was writing her point of view, I was struck by how wrong her demand for trust from RB was. She has literally never given him any reason to be assured of his position in her life. He is painfully aware of her history with Anurag. He also knows they've been intimate in the recent past. And he knows that for them, the sexual act is not devoid of feelings. It will be an act of love (God, shoot me for using that expression). It's so, so unreasonable to demand unconditional trust from him. But Prerna demands it anyway.

The scenes you mentioned are quite easily among my top five PRB scenes. Especially when his outburst! It's everything. I would love to examine Prerna's thoughts during it. I just need some spare time.

Thank you again for your encouraging words.

WORD! How can you be so ignorant (read self-centred)? RB had lived the pain of seeing her MADLY in LOVE with Basu. And of course, the sexual union you mentioned. I would say it was pukeworthy. IVF was available during that time but no, they want to disturb feeble minds with cringy plotssmiley11

I have always felt and very strongly indeed, RB deserved a better lover-wife than P. And that scene where her TRUTH is OUT. How can she think in her mind, please mujhe samjhne ki koshish kijiye, maine apko dhokha nhi diya! Hain?? Excuse me!! Did I hear it right?  Behenji use dhokha dena hi kehte hain. Self-righteous much! 

@bold Pleasure is minesmiley31

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Posted: 8 months ago

He had damn good scenes with little Sneha but I personally like RR-JW scenes more. Maybe due to the fact that those scenes used to be high on sentiments. smiley17

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Posted: 8 months ago

Yeh scen kab aya pavan ji help karo...smiley44

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