Barun story forever The Untold Saga- 61 chapters complete

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Trials Of Fire !!

This is not a story...with screenshot pics, these are episodes to be watched in your mind's realm. 

Amitji has taught us when realities don't happen, dwell in your dreamworld, " Main Aur Meri Tanhaayee Aksar yeh baatein karate hain!Tum hoti to kaisa hota!..."  

( Myself and my solitude, always converse...had you been there, how it would be?...)

This is that saga which Barun chose to connect with fans on TV screen again, we shall not let it stop ever!

Storyline to justify Barun's choice for the show

Pics to commemorate Barun's talent and give a live show feel.

Hindi Dialogues to reminisce Barun's dialogue delivery 

English Translations for Sweet Barun's global fans who must not miss the story pleasure.

Songs fitting for the episode and the youtube version to enjoy the song in real

Season 1

Index with links

Epi 71 Adni Suhaagraat Wedding Night with Barun Dialogues N translation

Epi 71 After Break! Was Undressing ever so beautiful? Chapter1 page2 with English Translation

Epi 72 Marriage Consummation leads to Advay's redemption Chapter2 with English Translation  

Epi 73 Shower Scene Morning Romance Family Banter Chapter 3 with English translation

Epi 74 Happy BF time brings tears Advay connects heart of Chandni Chapter 4 with English translation

Epi 74 After Break! Sasha Redemption Advay opens his heart out Chapter 4 Page 2 with English translation

Epi 75 Chandni's Redemption Advay's flirting AdVeer Bromance Chapter 5 with English translation

Epi 75 After Break! Chandni again with Options ABC Advay gets attack again Chapter 5 Page 2 with English translations

Epi 76 Advay's attack Chandni's care again Karava Chauth ADNI REMARRIAGE Chapter 6 with English translations

Epi 77 Advay-Pooja BroSis Pair! Husband dresses up Wife Advay's fast Chapter 7 with English translations

Epi 78 The Morning After! The revenge is incomplete Chandni Stepping into new World Chapter 8 with English translations

Epi 78 After Break! Chandni PTSD Attack Advay The saviour Husband takes wife Shopping Chapter 8 Page 2 With English Translations

Epi 79 Conquering Phobias Veer's Pain Advay's pain Flirting romance of Adni Chapter 9 with English translations

Epi 80 Diwali Bumper Episode Chirkut Reminiscence A new War with opposing views Chapter 10 with English translations

Epi 80 After Break! Diwali Festivities but Chandni's PTSD Finally Diwali Lovemaking celebration. Chapter 10 pg 2 with English translations

Epi 81 Diwali Continues A new dimension to Lovemaking The true meaning of Laxmipooja Chapter 11 with English translations

Epi 81 After Break! Diwali The true meaning of Laxmi pooja A Night Promised Chapter 11 Page 2 with English translations

Epi 82 The Lover's wrath A child's pain A heartrendering Repentance Chapter 12 with English translations

Epi 82 After Break! Redemption throu' love Flirting Banter, His fantasies His despair Chapter 12 Page 2 with English translations

Epi 83 Barun Celebration Special Maha episode Not an FF chapter Rather a VM Chapter13 with English translations

Epi 83 After Break! Barun Celebration Special IPK3 ending reminiscence Tribute to team Chapter13 Page 2 with english translations

Epi 83 After Break2! Barun Celebration Special An Ode to Barun's talent Chapter 13 Page 3 with English translations

Epi 84 The homecoming A lover's grievance Happy Make Up Sex Chapter14

Epi 84 After Break!Whispers of the past Memories, Smokes and scars True meaning of Ganesha Veer emerges winner Chapter 14 Page 2

Epi 85 Advay retaliates against pressure Pooja's Bhaidooj Chandni's Govardhan Pooja True meaning of religion and faith. Chapter 15

Epi 85 After break! Scientology In Ancient Indian Culture Test Your Love And then make love Chapter 15 page 2

Epi 86 A beautiful Morning A Lover's Gift The Trauma Need for a new revenge Chapter 16 with English translations

Epi 87 The couple Dynamics Men From Mars Women From Venus A Baby Dream The Baby dilemma Chapter17

Epi 88 A Wife's Regret Advay's True Redemption The Meaning of Loving Someone Chapter 18

Epi 89 Chandni's Baby Expectation Advay's Baby Dilemma His Own Demons In Allahabad Chapter 19 with English Translation 

Epi 90 An Unfulfilled Dream Makes Love Go Wrong, It's a crime The trials of love Chapter 20 in English

Epi 91 Life is Harsh and Love is Complex. Advay's Pain Chapter 21 in English

Epi 92 Advay leaves home and goes to Allahabad Naani worries Chapter 22 With English translations

Epi 93 Chandni realises her mistake and repents. Will history repeat itself? Chapter 23

Epi 94 Chandni's words Push Advay to a dilemma but while AdNi love is in storm, a new Saga is blooming in some garden. Chapter 24

Epi 95 Advay's dilemma with Meghna's baby; PP is back but Advay has doubts on his integrity. Chapter 25

Epi 96 Love stories are never easy; be it Veer Shikha, be it Advay-Chandni. Advay reinstates his father's legacy Chapter 26

Epi 97 Advay's True Revenge Kick Started. Love so potent that it becomes toxic. Chapter 27

Epi 98 The loving hearts call out to each other and the soulmates dash to each other. Revenge drama materialising. Tension between Shikha-Chandni Chapter 28

Epi 99 The lovers miss each others. Will they meet or will there be another mishap in their journey. Chapter 29

Epi 100 The beautiful Century of IPKKND3 . Enjoy the beautiful lover's experience Chapter 30

Epi 101 After emotional upheaval happy frolicking and flirting between Advay Chandni. Nightcap meal of Noodles was never better! Chapter 31

Epi 102 Just Dream or a premonition for Chandni Aadi's insecurity Family gets pulled in vortex Chapter 32

Epi 103 Devar Bhabhi join hands Advay gets angry The Konch blown The battle starts Yada Yada Hi Chapter 33

Epi 104 Advay's intelligent Business Mngmt strategy in Village development PP Meghna love story struggles Chapter 34

Epi 105 Adi's Sansani, Household returning to normal, Revenge battle proceeds in background Chandni visits Siddhi Vinayak Chapter 35

Epi 106 Chandni's heart-rendering prayer asks for Gauri's penance Wife lost Husband rushes. what amkes Advay happy Chapter 36

Epi 107 A woman's insecurity and a man's frustration Super Conflict and garama garam (hot spicy) exchange between lovers Chapter 37

Epi 108 A New Revenge planned A new entry expected Shower lovescene again Chapter 38

Epi 109 A Song returns Love returns Happiness returns Bromance moves to next level Chapter 39

Epi 110 Advay's office day Shikha rebels Chandni in her wifey mou but worried for Advay Chapter 40

Epi 111 How angry can your love get? Bromance discussion of each other's love interest Chapter 41

Epi 112 Chandni forced with security Love Banter between Adni! How can anybody not love this pair Chapter 42

Epi 113 Barter exchange between husband n wife Advay's new look Shikha's new tension breeds Chapter 43

Epi 114 Advay's health in risk AdNi turmoil brings tears to eyes A perspective of life and death Chapter 44

Epi 115 Love that stays on through multiple births PP Meghna new Love story ADNI I am with you Always Chapter 45

Epi 116 The REVENGE COMES TRUE Gangaram the first culprit punished Chapter 46

Epi 117 Advay's inner sanctum challenged by Chandni. Just be with me! Always! Chapter 47

Epi 118 Aadi's sansani Chandni Jhoothi hai She's liar Happy Banter Veer takes up Revenge Battle leadership Chapter 48

Epi 119 Advay's best Gift To Chandni "Shall We Dance?" Gangaram committed Suicide Chapter 49

Epi 120 Honeymoon Special Mahaepisode filled with Love as the season changes Chapter 50

Season 2

Index with links

Episode 121 Country Change Avatars Change Role players change Chapter 51

Episode 122 yeh Koun Aaya? Who's this? Darsh Pooja DDPJ a new love saga Chapter 52

Episode 123 Mingling of loved ones Darsh's backstory Advay plans his revenge again Chapter 53

Episode 124 Advay's revenge plan Darsh Pooja love saga backstory unveils. Fun In Pub Chapter 54

Episode 125 Love story Veer Shikha Darsh Pooja Dev Chandu at individual up and down as fun continues in honeymoon

Episode 126 Darsh Pooja blooming Pooja's back story Simulataneous game plans in background

Episode 127 ChikuMiku face each other Louvre visit Love stories bloom

Episode 128 PPmeghna Darsh Pooja Advay Chandni Advay inner turmoil Family enjoys a chat

Episode 129 Pooja the wise one Advay flirts with chandni Advay Darsh launch their mission

Episode 130 Advay's attrition warfare. Another Revenge drama What is Advay like?

Episode 131 The story of three loving pairs Happy Family banter A tribute to Gul

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Posted: 2019-09-13T03:47:48Z

For all genuine Barun Fan, IPKKND3 was a story with huge potential which got butchered up and closed prematurely. 

But such stories always linger in our hearts......very much same as the legend of Madhubala remains immortal.

It was Barun's choice for a comeback and connect with fans on daily basis..... so naturally the story is close to my heart. I found his acting far more matured like an ageing wine; so the expressions linger in your heart.

This  FanFic is not just chapters with only character names being the same and rest story entirely new. No!

This story starts exactly where the show closed..... and takes the journey ahead of Advay's true revenge......So Here Advay is like Arnav, having known his foe separate from his love but still carrying the same anger inside.

The story closes a lot of loops left open in the show with logical explanation for each twist and then opens further loops for the story to move ahead making justice to all characters.

Take a complete enjoyable experience replete with fitting screen shots of expressions, songs and Barun's own dialogues used in the show.

Happy Reading!

Posted: 2019-09-14T08:23:54Z

As readers, you gals may realise I have changed the title of the FF as the story moved further.

The show had started as  Inteha , Intezaar ya ilzaam doon, iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? 

Inteha, that's limit/epitome ........Advay and Chandni will both show "Inteha" in exhibiting their emotions- anger love included

Intezaar, waiting....... both have waited for sixteen years and even now their destination has not arrivedit's going to be an interesting long wait! For us too!smiley2

ilzaam, the censure.......The story started with ilzaam, the blame, even today, the blame game continues in the couple and will continue to do so.... because ilzaam is integral in their saga.

Yet, this is the Untold Saga which is after the Suhaag raat episode. The story is now turning into Imtehaan, the trial/ examination of both where both will have to go through Trials of Fire before they find their unified equilibrium!

The reference of fire was used again and again in promos..... The original story intended was perhaps different than what got shown. My effort is to bring justice to those original promos.

My start of FF writing had been just scripting of Suhaagraat that we all wanted desperately but did not get..... it was the Lamha..... a moment that we wanted to linger in..... so I titled this Lingering moments. 

Because friends loved my writing, they wanted me to continue and what initially was just remembering the earlier moments again and again and doing a true repentance.

But somehow the story grew on me and turned into revenge saga..... So now I feel the original title doesn't make justice to content.... hence changing the title.

Buckle up your seat belts, we shall ourselves witness Inteha (Limit) Intezaar (Waiting) ilzaam (censure) of this beloved Adni couple as they go through their Trials Of Fire  

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Barun Sobti Shivani Tomar

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