An Episodic Review of 3rd Episode of Vidya (11th September)

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Posted: 2019-09-11T22:23:40Z

Hi all😊

I am back with my Episodic review for 3rd episode(September 11th) of Vidya

The episode starts with she is about to sign 


and in her house, her in-laws, avtaar all are worried. On hearing a boy's shout, on tht jerk,  mistakenly she scribbles something which is similar to V 


and Tiwars mistakes it for a sign and say english teachers hv a unique way of signing.


and she too looked at it.


how innocent she looks😍❤

then he said he will take her to the class and show the school. On the path way, it was shown a Man was making two school boys move a grain sack asking them to take it to mill for grinding,asking them to work on..


he Was introduced as the hindi teacher Tripathi and he tells to Tiwari , anyways after schooling , end result is these people are going to work like this, so what harm if they did now...Hearing this Vidya felt bad. she reminisce her childhood memory of leaving school and start doing house chore.


And then it seems , Tripathi differentiates people on caste based and still belives in that discrimination and point certain people should do this and that...

On hearing him telling that anyways, these people will do small work,  the worker lady Santhosh  replies back ,are you a fortune teller, nowadays any caste people can do any job, Tiwari asked not to talk like tht to Tripathi and introduces vidya to  tripathi ..he asks whether she is pandit or thakur.. Tiwari says she is  Mrs.Ram singh, Kshatriya..Again Tripathi comments that only certain caste should do teaching. Again kids do the work, vidya sees it..felt bad.

This Tripathi comes around as a old schooled person who have regressive thoughts on the society and still believes in caste discrimination. He seems to be the person who may trouble vidya in future and vidya may be giving him back. Through him they will address certain issues.

Then she have a look around on the classes where teachers arent doing anything constructive, kids are just playing,sleeping and she looked outside area too, the restrooms and all that.


she noted each thing at school, a book knowledge doesnt mean all.. a person who knows the worth is who will do it right. I think in future she may simply try to better things out there.

Then she was taken to her class, 


introduced to kids 


and Tiwari says, they havent got the chance to learn  english so far,  now its your responsibility to do from scratch,teach them, start today,even I want to see you teaching them and he sat on a chair.

Meantime at vidya's home, her MiL offers kheer to Avtaar and he was like i eas so tensed and you are behind me to drink kheer. 

He gives them back nicely and I am liking it😁

In school Santosh gave the chalk piece.. Vidya took it with fear and hesitation. 


Tiwari&Santosh were happy faces on going to see her teaching english, kids were like what is she going to teach and Vidya she was like what to do and holding her durga ma pendant prayed , and kept the chalk at board, 


they hear a scream and all ran out. she thanked God and she too came out.

As in promo God helps her out everytime will god help her to learn and succeed too..have to wait and see.

they come to the outside mud area and see a boy lying down, vidya noticed a snake going through tht way. vidya informs Tiwari that a snake has bitten the boy. tripathi tells others to lift the boy and take to hospital but  santhosh and Tripathi himself refuse to do so.. Tiwari sends students to bring the doctor. Vidya was worried and tensed, was about to step down to help,


Tripathi says are you teacher or doctor, dont thinking of going into dirt and do something, kids are like tht, let doctor come, vidya replies the boy needs help, medical aid, he isnt fine. then she turns and get  down in mud, 


runs, lifts that boy and take him to the room. all follow.


the way she turned and walked in to save the child, I liked it. And it didnt looked like the chakor inside her woke up☺, the entire saving was in Vidya's Isstyle❤

placing him on a desk, she asks Santhosh for a Knife, hotwater and a rope. Meanwhile the kids who ran to get the doctor from clinic found the clinic shut and tells the people around there, that boy called sanju was bitten by snake..hearing that sanju's mom cries and all ran to school.

Vidya , tie the rope around his leg near the snake bite area and the put the knife in hot water, santhosh enquired  will you do this here. Vidya asked Sanju to open his eyes and assured nothing will happen to him by god's grace. she asked Santhosh to hold his leg tight and she slit the snake bite area lightly to remove the poison from blood by squeezing the blood out there.  


The people arrive, sanju mom sat near him with helding his hand, vidya asks for cloth, the person sitting near sanju's head gave that and asks to call doctor.. Tiwari says he sent persons but doctor isnt available. Meanwhile vidya cleans the blood and yet boy hasnt opened his eyes, she ran out, got some leaves and spill the milk on it , 


then prayed to durga ma to save him.


Finally the boy regain consciousness and open his eyes to see Vidya, 


all were glad tht he was saved, kids ,even tripathi claps thrir hands, Sanju's mom falls on vidya's feet, 


thanked her and called her an avtar of devi, and tells thats why you saved him, and she today came to know why Guru is kept above parents, you will indeed make these kids life better..

with inner inconclusive thoughts on that statement, vidya says, she didnt do anything, its God's  doing. 


Tiwari asked the parents to take the boy to Govt hospital stating that the medicine for snake bite is only available there.

Again with this incident , we came to know a few things indirectly. the insufficient medical aid in rural areas was shown,  the regressive attitude of some shown and its also shown when determined, Vidya does things in her own way , even if its subtle. good at heart and she opens up where she has to.

And  he praised Vidya for her doing telling beside teaching , you knew this too. Tripathi comments in  taunting tone,  say that yes only vidya knows that vanspathi herbs can cure snake bite, vidya says , once while working in field similar thing happened and the treatment was given this way, so she learnt from it.  


This picture tells the scenario at school, seems Tiwari ji will have high regards for vidya and be supportive, while Tripathi makes it difficult for Vidya to stay there.

I loved the way her thoughts worked..Again proving she is a fast learner, grasp things on seeing. Hope the one who God has made to help her on that aspect reaches soon😉😊

Tripathi again comments, have you learnt english by studying with pen or working in fields, now i doubt whether you are a English teacher or not. Vidya tensed on hearing it.


Precap...without anyone knowledge, taking Gauri(Calf) along with her, vidya goes out.. her MIL wakesup and couldnt find vidya, so she tells dharma that vidya ran away. Vidya is shown walking on road

I doubt that she will ran away. I am intrigued to know what she is up to.

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Posted: 2019-09-12T09:57:07Z

Beautiful episode 

Posted: 2019-09-14T16:55:49Z

loving  your episodic reviews with beautiful caps 😍.Its sad that even educated people are judging students capability based on their caste. 

Posted: 2019-09-14T21:02:37Z

Thanks again🤗 yes its sad and indeed a sad reality...

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