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I know based on the story so far that Shaira's motivations for heeding to Noor's demands are all rooted in her guilt.  I don't know if I need a monologue to explain her thoughts because it's evident in her face every time she deals with Azaan.  She feels bad for ignoring him - just because she gave her husband away doesn't mean she loves him any less.  They've shown that time and time again.  

Unfortunately there's not much depth or logic to her character at the moment, IMO.  Maybe that's why we're all like why is she still enabling Noor to get close to Azaan, etc.  

I think most of it is that she feels immense guilt because she is so soft-hearted, and guilt drives people to do a lot and bear a lot from others. 

She's only strong willed when it's an injustice to someone who doesn't deserve it. She thinks she deserves this injustice she's committing to herself (by allowing Noor to get close to Azaan).  

Now, why doesn't she think she's committing an injustice to Azaan & Razia? Because of everything you said - she thinks Noor's behavior is temporary; that they loved Noor once, they'll love her again, and she was the one that messed everything up. So, probably to her, it's more of a "correct what was done wrong" instead of an injustice.   

Of course, none of these reasons are good reasons to the audience, IMO, but that's what I've interpreted so far. IMO, it's pretty clear in her actions what she's thinking internally.  There are a lot of doormats like her out there in the world, and right now they're writing Shaira's character as that.  Even if she doesn't like the idea of Noor & Azaan together, she'll swallow her feelings because its "for the greater good" . 

I would need a monologue, not to explain her actions, but for her to be reasserted as the third lead in this show. Because I think you hit it on the nail - her character is being used as a plot device (which is what I got from the original promos) to drive this story that the writer seems to want to revolve around Noor and Azaan more in the long run. 

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