An Episodic Review of 2nd Episode of Vidya (10th September)

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Posted: 11 months ago

Hi Allsmiley1

I am again back with my Review for second Episode of Vidya.

It started from yesterday where Vidya was refusing to go to school. Dharma was like, the old school custom  saying girl shouldnt talk, listen to ours and scolded for not going.

Then Vidya said how could she do it.Its like cheating the students, spoiling their future and crushing the dream of their parents. she cant spoil their future like that.


I loved the way that the fears inside her and hesitation was not for whether she would manage or not. its for she doesnt want to do that which spoils the kids future and the dreams of parents crushed

an indirect mild saying to audiences that an incompetent teacher should think about that.smiley14

Then she said I dont know to read english...Bablu says you are right but think about the reaction of Avtaar singh. for that Vidya replied, i didnt do, you all got the job for me, he replied  fake degree is on her name, she was assigned the job, so only she will be spoilt .Image

Meantime we are introduced to Avtaar sign in Sultan style opening, he doing wrestling in mud infront of Anuman idol.


he has sent his men to inform vidya family to come to his haveli.

they all come and Avtaar singh congratulate vidya for job, but bablu says, there is a issue.. he says, vidya wanted to do job, so bablu with Avtaar help got it but she has got a fake degree with 10 lakhs...

avtaar asks is it true, Vidya cries.

Bablu says she is greedy for money and did this.

I just wanted him to slap right there but wait Avtaaar himself did the needful😁..


He beat him and said, have you thought of me as a fool. if she is greedy she would hv kept all the money given for her hubby by herself and who cant even talk well, wouldnt hv got a degree by fake and beat him saying its bablu's fault and the govt knew this ,then avtaar's post may lost.

then he beat dharma too and scold vidya's  MIL too...i was like go on.😁

Vidya pleaded to stop and asked to tell her a way out of this..

he said only you hv two options, one to school, next to ghat bcoz if she doesnt go he will kill those three..... he apologies to vidya and says by anymeans she has to go to school. vidya was preplexed.


So , how is Avtaar singh. he came across like a man with good intention but hv his own ways to make things happen. In my thoughts, he may be a helping hand to leads   against the main antagonist.

He is Sensible, the way he said how she couldnt be the one and beat them to pulp. as he said to bablu , he isnt a fool.

he looked as the  only one good one besides all other side characters so far

then they home vidya serves dinner, finish her chores and was lost in thoughts how all is going to be.


Morning we see a worried vidya sitting on the cot in deep thoughts.even in tht worried looks, sitting in cot thinking what to do.. she looked😍😍❤ without pallu in head.


then her MiL comes and makes her ready to go to school.


 MiL makes her wear the watch. it was given by vidya's dad and she wore it doing her bidaai.




That slight smile seeing it back and going back to those memories, that emotions clearly visible in Vidya's face.. meera aced again.

for telling that she wore it in bidaai . MiL taunted murmuringly , immediately after bidaai , broking her bangles situation came, what to do with this watch..

then she said, wear it now to school, good time may come.

I too wish this change in her life is bringing a good time for her..

she was greeted by many people outside house, Avtaar gifts her a cycle for going to school.  


Munni's mom ask munni to get blessings from vidya and spoke high of her.


vidya remembered yesterday words and confused how things changed today.


then with all bidding bye.. she comes to the ploughing field 


and in thoughts said, this was my world so far , now i am going to go to school daily but what will i do there.


That was the worried thoughts towards her questionable future shown by her..

then she walks with cycle , 


on the way , another one asks her daughter to get blessing, vidya does it with hesitation, 


then 2 people praised her act of giving respect besides being well educated and going to earn lot as english teacher.

by these things, they portrayed the normal society norm that being educated gives different respect, kept high and appreciated.  where the worth of a real insan left behind.

Then finally Vidya reaches school.



Her safar as a english teacher starts here and I am awaiting to see how it all shapes up.

A lady worker helps her in 


and calls the principal for doing the needful who was into getting body massage outside.

He greets her and talks about the school, 


he was telling her about how not much english teachers are there, how some did wrong with not knowing english yet teach , spoiling kids future and tht he tood , he took actions against them..but he says he cant allow teachers to spoil kids future. vidya was even more scared and into hesiatation how all things are going to shape up.

He says God has written your fate with respect yo your name. Name is vidya and profession is teaching.

i too wish god create a co-link with both.

he said the register as to be signed everyday to get salary. she was offered the pen to sign.


And vidya's shock expressions were like she saw a  sword rather than pen.


She was about to sign and it ends there.


Precap : when she is about to sign. a student was calling for principal and all...


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