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It's my first attempt on Prerish. So don't be judgemental and can someone suggest me a good title! 

Two things are here to clear:

First: This is not similar with kzk2 storyline yet few characters are named same. rishab and prerna were married arranged not forced or anything. No kookie or sneha involved. Well about  Prerish their characteristics are same.

Second: Anurag lovers please stay away from this he is not even a character here.

First shot

present time

Prerna ‘s  POV 

I want to know his side of truth so I planned today's dinner. So after a really cosy dinner, we retired back to the bed which was our daily routine now a days. I was busy fighting with the buttons of his shirt. While Mr. bajaj was sucking moisture off my lips. He was already half successful in undressing  me whereas I was still stuck with his buttons.

" Need my help?" he winked at me. " No I can manage!" I snorted and unbuttoned his shirt  and pushed it down his shoulders. I slowly place my lips on his bare chest and trailed my lips up his jawline. He clutched my waist tightly " even I can make you feel the way you , numb my senses. "

 I smirked . He smiled and clutched my hairs. " switzerland se  aa ke shameless ho gayi h aap mrs. Bajaj.But I lust this avatar of urs!!!" he teased his lips on her plump ones.." mr. bajaj" I hushed as I rested my head on his chest..." hmm!!" he was busy rubbing his lips on my arms. " I want to have our baby ." I breathed out.   “our baby! Prerna! "  he lifted my face up. “yes . a baby. our epitome of togetherness " I hushed. He slowly cupped my face  and he asked.” but why ?"

 "I want to return U back ur lost childhood with him!" I pecked his forehead. I sensed him shivering.

" My baby" his eyes swelled a little" yes!  ours" I gulped.

" are you sure?" he eyed me." yes!" I hugged him tightly .I knew we had our separation thing round the corner and he was pretty casual about it ,like it means nothing to him. But I wanted to thread Mr. Bajaj  tightly in this relationship of ours. I can't loose him and I knew that only our baby can glue him to me . he gently held my cheeks between his palms and touched his nose with mine.." I want twins! So that ek tumhare pass rahe en ek mere pass. you know after our separation!" he smiled to my wish. 

I jerked my face away and , an instant irritation swept off my senses. " what's wrong !!" he pulled me back on his frame.." why are you hell bent to finish this bond of ours. what's the problem. in one second you love me like i am your everything and the other second you behave like this, a man who wants get rid off me " my eyes oozed fire.

" Because this thing is mutual isn't it. You also wanted a separation from me " he chipped casually ." Mr. bajaj U R impossible. " I huffed and tore myself away from him but again he yanked me back ." us din chod ke kyun gayi thi tum phir." his voice was cold and my breath got hitched.." kis din" i chipped like an idiot." U know what i exactly meant by " usdin" he gripped my nape. i gulped.." its was ur decision too. U wanted a separation. don't you. You never wanted me" i mumbled out.." main ek baar bolunga toh kya mujhe chod dengi aap" he huffed.." I thought u hated me " i shook my head.

"how can i hate you prerna? " he look lost and mumbled me." kyaaa!!" I was puzzled. "what kya." he jerked me aside returning to his previous self and Sprang up." U only asked me for a separation. U did right." I exclaimed .He grabbed my shoulders and jerked me up." I was just." his voice was heavy." you were just .What?" I chipped maintaining an eye contact and he kept his silence like a prized possession.

"kyun....boliye na" I screamed but my voice cracked.

" okay that's it. I can't live in this hollowness wapas kyun leker aaye aap mujhe.. torture karne ke liye" I lost my last thread of control and left the room. 

He caught me in the lobby again by hugging me hard. "prerna  sirf 4 mahino ki hi toh baat hai please.. kya sirf 120 din mujhe nhi dekh sakti" he said in my ears. I wanted to push him ,well a part of me and the other part of  me was craving for more. It wanted to him to ravish me till the end. " ahh"  I let out a light moan as he went on my collarbone." kyun kar rahe h aap yeh sab  jaane kyun nhi dete mujhe" I stammered with great difficulty." stop it plz! Plzz!!" tears rolled down my eyes.

 He slowly led me to the room again make me lay down again , and pulled my frame over so he can purposely latched my eyes with his. 

" its never too late to mend!!" he yanked me close and crashed on his chest. " I left the house with divorce papers than why you came back to me. i know you can never love me. and why all this 6 mahine pyaar se rahne ka drama haan? and in these last two month we became so close.  what do you want from me? you know what this is a slow poison. Do one thing.  Kill me right away.  So that  I could die peacefully" I got off him. I adjusted my hairs , while he hooked my blouse Caressing my back and closed my eyes I was about to get up when he entwined our fingers and pulled me on his lap. " prerna !!!" he hushed.." don't give me so much to remember.  Just stay away from Me waise bhi sirf 120 din bache h divorce me" I groaned under his iron hold.

" can u stay away from me? ." he asked in a heavy voice. I turned my head to see his face." I  will convince myself" I gulped.." teach me. How to do that. The day u will successful in tutoring me that I will let you go." en my eyes welled up .

I kept looking at him ,precisely into his eyes. To search a tinge of truth in them " we will be parting anyways Mr. bajaj its  just a matter of 4 months. you are the one who filed the divorce and why the hell i'm doing this with you. I would suggest you to let go off me. Start a new life , with a person of ur choice en mindset. People are but slaves of their habits. May be I became your habit in last two months. U will get over me soon" I cupped his face and I don't know why I pecked his forehead. "An't I your habit ..!!" he held my palms en kissed them.." i m sleepy!" i distanced myself..." there are few things that i need to tell you!!" he clutched my wrist.." what !!" i mellowed.." not now! u sleep first. we will talk in the morning" he smiled sadly.." okey!!" i got up." Mr. bajaj"

"hmm " he hummed back " aap apne laptop k pass wapas ja sakte h i know u R dying to be with it" i pressed my lips. He just smiled While i poised and assembled myself to sleep, when i caught him shutting down his laptop and retired to bed beside me.

" Give us time Prerna, everything will be clear to you, good night wifey" I heard his slow murmurs while sleeping.

-----------------------------------------------Next will be uploaded in max 6 hours

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Title suggestions please

Teaser of prerish past 

" I think we should separate!!! There isn't any spark left in this relationship!!.. En I can't spare you enough time to nurture this bond so lets get divorced!!!" A ruthless bajaj chipped sipping his coffee. Prerna glanced at his face one last time and chipped " Do whatever you feel like." she placed his sandwiches on the tea table and walked out of the room. It was time to pack her bags and what more can a girl expect from an emotionless monster like Mr. Rishab Bajaj. There wasn't any love in their year long conjugal life or well Prerna expected Rishab  to be a bit responsible.  She even sacrificed her career to give their relationship a try. But Rishab being a machine, ignored her every attempt en now wants to abandon her." My lawyer will send U the notice!!" Prerna  chipped while walking out of that room ,with her luggage which once happened to be her room. While rishab nodded with a fat file in his hands. 

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Tooo good... loved this version of bajaj and prerna where only they r to be blamed for their action anu no sharma and no basu....i loved their intimate scene ...hope u will elaboratesmiley1

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Though amazing startsmiley27

Posted: 5 months ago

That was a brilliant start..smiley32

Posted: 5 months ago

That was such a gripping start. smiley20

Posted: 5 months ago

Interesting start 

Posted: 5 months ago

aamzing start and the title is mind blowing . keep it up

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