An Episodic Review of 1st Episode of Vidya (9th September)

Posted: 11 months ago

Hi All...

Welcoming all to the Forum of Vidya. Hope we all have a great time here. Happy to be a part of this forum. This is my first post on the forum.😊

Lets come to the first Episode of Vidya:)

Vidya❤ : The one who took me by storm in the first epi itself with the myraid of emotions she went through with so much had already happened in her life and was put through to face the next tough situation laying ahead.

It started with Vidya's Monologue and she coming to pray in Durga ma temple. Its a filmy kind of opening but I loved the details.❤ A perfect opening for a meera fan like me😊




When pandit asks to chant the mantra properly for the wish to happen correctly without any obstacles, he said once and was about to repeat telling one cant memorize it and tell it right in a single go.

But surprise. Guess what.. Vidya repeats the mantra perfectly to pandit's Astonishment and when he expresses it, she credits Durga ma for it. Its shows a trait of her that she is indeed a fast learner besides being illiterate.So we may see it often in future how it helps her.

Then she prays to God to fulfill what she asked for. Wished that  the letter has what she wanted.


she came out of temple, procession with song was going on, I loved the setup and ambience it had.

Then postman reaches Vidya house, there was her FIL(Dharma), MIL and BIL(Bablu)... they seems to be a bunch of greedy troublesome ones. they tried to get the letter but postman didnt give, wanted to hand it over to vidya.

Munni , a little girl was called and asked to bring Vidya who is on field ploughing. 


Girl went and brings vidya, where in pathway a black cat crosses  the way. vidya was superstitious  as taught by her elders and asked munni to wait for someother to cross.

Munni putforth ques that makes one think about these practises , again through vidya and this, they indicated what kind of issues  show is gonna address. but the thing caught my eye was the way its handled and said in a simple humour way. I liked the approach they are having to address the social issues.

 Then on the way, , Munni was scolded by her mom for going with Vidya. Vidya was asked to prepare tea and now dharma convinced postman to read letter for them..its a govt letter where vidya's hubby who was a army man was praised  for his sacrifice , being a matyr and tht she was offered the job as english teacher in govt school.

On reading about him, Vidya sees her husband photo and in fbs , the story of her is shown. We were introduced to the beautiful bride vidya who happily has her mehendi applied on her arms, 



then the shy  beautiful bride getting ready


and entering  into mandap, their marriage and bidaai happening..

just when she gets into house, her hubby gets a call to report immediately, and the expressional changes changes vidya portrayed there👏💔, they way he looked at her before leaving, and the worried vidya with her unsaid emotions seeing with tear filled eyes😭💔.



Then he died in war and was brought back  dead and the broken vidya, totally dumstruck and rituals performed was another heartbreaking scene.


All these emotions, Happy, Shy, worried  and broken, Meera displayed to the T. That myraid of emotions vidya went through in few mins had many transistion from happy to sad and we were taken thru her journey.

Then ,she was shocked with the news of being appointed english teacher, she ran to cowshed and share her sufferings with cow Gauri. We were taken into the fb where she was made to help in house chores and not sent to school for learning  by her dad.


She cried for being put in this situation. why more and more she has to bare and she cant go to school being a illiterate.


BIL questions someone to change this job but no options were left .Even the money given by govt for her hubby was used by her BIL and lost.

she was asked to go to school from tomorrow by walk . she try to refuse it and it ends there.

Precap : A person tells, she needs to go to school, otherwise  he will shoot the other three.. she goes to school.


And me looking forward to see whats next. with she landing in school.

In general,

Thats a paisa vasool opening Episode❤. Starting with Praying to Durga ma🙏 till end, Vidya went through a myraid of emotions taking us along her journey and giving us glimpses of how the show is gonna be and how she is . Meera aced the nuances and the entire changeover💫💫👏👌❤, as always she won the hearts. Kudos to gelling into the character of Vidya so well. With first episode of vidya, Had a filmy experience😊. Now looking forward eagerly to see where vidya is going to take us into😊 #GoodFirstShow #Vidya #Colors

P.S.  Bear the low clarity caps☺🙏. Will edit the post tomorrow with more caps that are hd 😊

posted without proofcheck😁 so some edit glitches were corrected😊

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Posted: 11 months ago

Felt bad she had to go to temple so early to avoid ppl taunts in normal timessmiley6

I think letter part was handled well, audience think she is praying to get job but its reverse, she didn't want the jobsmiley3

I already dislike Vidya family, esp her BIL , he is so rude to hersmiley7

whole marriage fb sequence with a song in bg made me emotionalsmiley19

We got to see Meera in 4 different looks in first episode itselfsmiley42

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Posted: 11 months ago

I saw the epi just to see how Meera has geared up. I thought o will get the shade of the Eagle but she has transformed into the sparrow. 

Proved she has grown versatile. 


The only line i repeat as uma has covered everything from my tweet is that 

Indeed Maa Durga brought out Maa Saraswati from the simple Graha lakshmi. 

All the best. 

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Posted: 11 months ago

Nice review dear so vidya is widow and also uneducated who is forced to teach ina school that too english😳😳 so mean in laws and as vidya chanted the mantra back with guruji points that she will be a fast learner so once our hero collector sahab enters he will recognize her😍 even in previews they said hero who is a district magistrate will help vidya and obviously romance will kick off and he even mentioned in Twitter that he will enter the show in 10 th episode 😔 we should wait 10 more episodes

And Frends  vidyas devar looks fishy to me means is he eyeing vidya?  But I felt some what like that

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Posted: 11 months ago

As of now Vidya's BIL comes around as a very rude selfish person but who knows, in future he may be a harm to her and district magistrate can give him one or two punches😁

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Posted: 11 months ago

Great review! After months I switched to rangeela channel just to watch meera's performance and I must admit meera grew exponentially as an actorsmiley27

Honestly first episode was beautifully shot, meera is looking fresh....she gracefully got under the skin of it her shyness, naiveness...her innocence has already touched my heart... this girl deserves the best in her life... Not a life of gavar widow dil😪and I cannot wait for the journey to begin already!! 

vidya's sasuraal is one selfish family,be it fil, mil or bill only her husband looked sane for me......and when her bil was forcing his decision on her.....I stood up from my chair and started cheering for her.....come on girl give it right back to him...... Apne andhar ki sothe hue chakor ko utao😂😂

But then meera has gracefully transformed from chakor to vidya.....though I'm a lil disappointed with the casting of sasuraal....cast would have been better........Eagerly waiting for namish's entry ☺☺

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Posted: 11 months ago

Totally agree with you. You have stated all the points to T giving a short gist of how the first epi was

The graceful transformation, that shy and being naive,innocent vidya attracting us  and the selfish sasural.

Awake the chakor inside..goodonesmiley36

And agree on the cast of Sasural too.

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