Sep 6 : Low tolerance when it comes to love

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Posted: 5 months ago

Tonight's episode revolved around this line from Azaan. I am a little late, there is power cut in this locality and I can't watch TV on phone. 

Episode starts with Suraiya and neighbors waiting for Mu Dikhai ceremony, Suraiya sees Shaira and humiliates her. Neighbors start taunting Shaira by saying that Azaan is a man, who will keep marrying women as they come to him. Shaira gets angry and asks them to be in their limits, she won't listen a word against her husband. 

Noor is getting ready in her room, Azaan is leaving for office, Noor stops him to ask him for a gift as it is her Mu dikhai, Azaan mocks her. Noor asks him how is she looking, Azaan looks at her and says that she has everything beauty, grace and style but she doesn't have a heart. Noor asks him not to make a scene at the ceremony as many people are there. 

Is this Noor's game? Didn't she make a scene in the morning, in her night dress? Azaan had the same question, he was amused that Noor was worried about making a scene after making his, his mother's life a circus. 

Suraiya suggests that they rate Azaan's both wives on their Surat and Seerat. Neighbors say that Azaan knows Noor since childhood and his relationship with Shaira is a few years old, so Noor gets one point and Shaira zero. Next one suggests that Shaira has an edge when it comes to beauty but Noor has salt, spice, garam masala, dhaniya powder etc. so Noor and Shaira get one point each. 

A neighbor suggests that they should ask Azaan to decide as he was the one who had sex with both of them and they start making fun of Azaan. Shaira takes a stand for Azaan, asking neighbors not to insult her husband. A woman retorts that why is she angry with them when her husband married another woman? Shaira says that Azaan didn't marry because he wanted to, he can't do anything wrong, Azaan is not capable of doing anything wrong, Azaan is her pride and she won't let anyone hurt her pride. 

Suraiya intervenes saying that everyone was just having fun, Shaira says that there's a difference between having fun and making fun of other people, but what can she expect from outsiders when her own family members are making a tamasha. 

Noor calls Azaan's name who is walking in front of her and runs towards him, acting like she slipped and Azaan held her. The cliché catching scene but not so cliché because it was staged by Noor and Azaan was not looking into her eyes with a romantic BG music. 

Shaira gets hurt seeing Azaan and Noor, Azaan looks at neighbors then Shaira and pushes Noor away. Neighbors start talking how Noor's spice is working on Azaan, she can control him with her fingers, who will say that the Nawab was forced to marry her, he is enjoying himself to the fullest?

Azaan gets angry and Shaira holds her hand up, counting till 5 to calm him down ♥️♥️❤️ Azaan's anger dies down and he leaves. 

I don't believe in controlling people but neighbors didn't see that Shaira can actually control Azaan through her fingers, I don't know if it was intended after the dialogue to show that the image Noor is trying to create for herself and Azaan as a happy romantic couple is a reflection of Shazaan's relationship. It is Shaira who stops Azaan from romancing her every time but Azaan can't control himself around her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Noor comes there and tells everyone that she asked Azaan not romance her in front of everyone but he didn't listen to her. Noor sees the whiteboard and is happy that she is winning the competition, she was 2nd to marry Azaan but she will be 1st in this. Suraiya asks Shaira to sit because they need someone to pick up presents after the ceremony. 

Shaira leaves the room and Azaan stops her again, he asks her where is she going? It is his Begum's Mu Dikhai, he brings Shaira back to the seating area. He asks Noor to move aside and makes Shaira sit on the couch, he announces that it is his Badi Begum's Mu Dikhai. 

Azaan covers Shaira's head with dupatta and apologizes to her for not being able to control himself, he can't tolerate someone insulting his wife. God gave him limitless love for her but 0 tolerance when it comes to her. 

Suraiya reminds him that it is Noor's Mu dikhai, Azaan replies that Shaira didn't do her Mu Dikhai ritual as a tragic incident took place in their house. Noor's mother and fiance died right after Shazaan's marriage and his kind hearted wife couldn't see a miserable Noor, so she gave her, her husband in charity. It must be shocking for everyone present there but Noor is a ziddi child, who asked for a toy and Shaira gave her a toy but unfortunately this toy has a heart and he can't be unfair to anyone. 

Women start giving gifts to Shaira, Azaan gives all the good gifts to Shaira and throws things he didn't like in Noor's lap. Shaira won in the end and Azaan says that he enjoyed it immensely. 

Shaira couldn't tolerate people insulting Azaan and Azaan couldn't tolerate people insulting Shaira. ❤️❤️💕 These two are a gem. 

Why's everyone mentioning the duration of both relationships? Is it a plot device? 

Upcoming : Azaan asks everyone to give Noor Rs100 to complete her Mu dikhai. 

Noor comes to him with a sweet dish, she says that he spoiled her Mu dikhai, he at least shouldn't spoil this ritual, Azaan eats it and spits it out. Noor asks what happened, is it not good? I don't remember Azaan's reply. 

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Posted: 5 months ago
First i gets angry when Noor fall down in his arms.Beause most of serial this is sign of pologamy.Remember silsila? Where kunal Nandini allwys doing this sit lol.So at first i gets sceard.But no i m feeling relax now.This is a positive sign for our ShazaanEdited by naziraadiba - 5 months ago
Posted: 5 months ago

Special Mention :

I am missing a few things, there's an overdose of Noor, I just can't stand her face anymore 

1 Shazaan scenes ❤️❤️ Any episode without Azaan pulling Shaira close to him is a waste for me, I didn't want to write today because Meh 

2 Razia Begum, isn't she playing the titular role? If Bahu Begum is this weak then why would anyone aspire to be a Bahu Begum? 

3 Khalid 

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by naziraadiba

First i gets angry when Noor fall down in his arms.Beause most of serial this is sign of pologamy.Remember silsila? Where kunal Nandini allwys doing this sit lol.So at first i gets sceard.But no i m feeling relax now.This is a positive sign for our Shazaan

Noor staged it to show Shaira and neighbors that she and Azaan are a lovey dovey couple 

Posted: 5 months ago

thanks Nora for the wu .  i hope Azaan can wake shira up.regarding the fall and catch seen it's not in one or two shows it's in every single show they show it . Dont they get sick of showing the same thing ?

Posted: 5 months ago

I can understand how you feel Nora. smiley1

Azaan was great and his taunts were justified.  Best moments were of ShaZaan defending each other.  Old Shayra is returning...

I feel Azaan will continue like this till Shayra comes to realise her error, he wants her to see it is futile to save/correct Noor... As he stated, he wants to see how much patience Shayra has...

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