How can it will become end with pologamy?

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Posted: 5 months ago

Azaan lived with Noor since 22 years.Those all years was enough to make fall in love with Noor.Even after marriage with Shayra there was full of chances to make understanding his feeling for Noor when she was innocent for Azaan.But she truns negative and Azaan also found her a negative girl.So today if Shayra is not his wife today still he will never ready to accpect Noor in his life.Marriage is not solution to give her love.Where his first wife still with him.Where a negative person without any reason to separate a couple than how can we call it that it will be end with pologamy where Noor is not posetive person.And also don't loves Azaan.Azaan is not like Noor where he will take full of opportunity of Noor beacuse now she is his wife.So after truns negative and trying to sepatate him from his first wife so i don't think it will end withpologamy.Fall in love and growing feel for a person it comes from heart not comes from a marriage reletion where he allready married and his wife is living with him.So after watched many episode i don't think Azaan is a typical man who's love will become weak and take will full of opportunity from his 2nd wife just beacuse she is his wife and he should give her full of rights.No matter how much evil she is and trying to separate him from his first wife no matter her husband will kill hismself or not.

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Posted: 5 months ago

Actually  yesterday episode clear so many things regarding  future that noone including azaan has any intention to continue the polygamy.  Razia accepted shaira wholeheartedly and saw her as a good and sensible  women but she is totally disappointed  that shaira choose Noor over azaan . But she knew that azaan never stop loving shaira. There relationship was not same but she accept her for azaan sake this time. Noor is no more in razia's goodbook. Azaan he is angry with shaira but he truly know from his heart and mind that Noor is the real culprit and he donot consider her as innocent good hearted person. He already saw her true colors which he never saw in all these year he is now shaira protector . Shaira she didnot saw Noor as a child or kid like person and now she also expected a mature behaviour from Noor. Now she will not forgive or blinded towards her mistake unlike post marriage Noor has to be in good books of shaira. Noor she is most dangerous and cunning villain of the show but totally clueless  that with this marriage she already lost razia and azaan trust even if she now planning to throw shaira out of the house it is difficult for her to convince azaan as now azaan is shaira protector not Noor anymore. 

Posted: 5 months ago

i think oen of the girls will die

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