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Param Singh - This absolutely cute, crazy, charming, funny n handsome guy is an Indian TV Actor and Model best known for his role as Randhir Singh Shekhawat, Rangeela, Fawad Ashraf and Dhruv Narang... This Kanpur boy was  born on 8th September 1988  into  a Punjabi family ... He fetched his primary education from Billimoria High School, Panchgani and did his MBA in Finance  from Webster Graduate School in London ... He has pursued an acting course at the Barry John Acting Studio ... He has always been a sport person and took active interest in all sports like cricket, golf, football, basketball and more ... Although he started working in a corporate world after completing his higher studies, Param always dreamt of becoming an actor, so soon he left his job and started chasing his dream ... It wasn't a cake walk for him though, as he had his share of struggle, difficulties and hardships, but none could stop him from aiming high and fulfilling it ... He started his acting career  by working in certain advertisement which includes Parle Monacco, HERO, Lux and Ferrero Rocher; before bagging the role of Yudi in Sony TV's popular Show Parvarish ... Although it wasn't a lead role for him, still he successfully managed to grab eyeballs and impress the audience by featuring a cute yet naughty role of Yudi ...

Param's role in that show was  limited only for a short period time, but his fans didn't have to wait long to see him onscreen, coz soon after Parvarish he bagged  the lead role of Randhir Singh Shekhawat in Beyond dreams' new show Sadda Haq on Channel V ... His achievement in Sadda Haq gained him the Highest Ranking New Entry in #AsjadNazirSexyList Male in 2016... After Sadda Haq, Param grabbed the Lead Role in Life Ok Show - "Ghulaam"... Ghulaam was the story of a man who was brave, fearless and yet a born slave... It was his journey from Slavery to Freedom, from a humble and loyal servant to a dangerous Rebel one could ever face... After Ghulaam, Param did a mini Web Series - "Black Coffee" where he played the role of Dhruv Narang - an overconfident, joint smoking writer who uses his Gujarati financial consultant for his new novel... Param has been nominated in the category of Best Actor in IWM Digital Awards for his role Dhruv Narang... Along with Black Coffee, Param was doing a short film titled "Aman"... It speaks about a frustrated man who wants to die coz of his failure... What happens to him in the next few hours is what the film is all about... Aman spread a positive message that life is very short and should not be wasted only running after money... 

Param was next seen in Star Plus show - "Mariam Khan Reporting Live" where he played the role of a journalist - Fawad Ashraf ...His chemistry with co-star Mahima as "FaRiam" was loved by many... Post MKRL Param has done few Web Series - "HolyCross" which is about Parallel Universe where Param played the Negative Lead - Akash Khurana... His other projects includes Vikram Bhatt production's "The Vacation" which is based on Navoneel Chakraborty's novel "Cheaters" and "Tadap" which is based on extra marital affairs ... And now he is seen as Randhir Agnihotri in Balaji Telefilms sci-fi show - "Haiwan" which revolves around the life of Randhir who is a Scientist but hides his real identity under the facade of a rich spoiled playboy ... Whose only Goal in life is to fulfill his late father's dream by creating a Super-Human that would fight all kind of crimes and defeat the Haiwaan that has been created by his forever enemy - The Garewals .. In the process of creating the Super-Human with the help of his childhood buddy Ansh whom Randhir turned into Super-Human, Randhir is trapped in a situation where both Randhir and Ansh fell in love with their friend Amrita .. But Amrita being in love with Randhir turns Ansh into a Haiwaan out of jealousy and rage ... He join hands with Randhir's arch enemy to destroy him thus making Randhir determined to bring Ansh back from his monster form to his human form and save his love Amrita from Ansh ... 

I~I . /-\ . I . I/\I . /-\ . /-\ . I\I ... I~I . /-\ . I . I/\I . /-\ . /-\ . I\I ... I~I . /-\ . I . I/\I . /-\ . /-\ . I\I ... 

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Yudi, was a high school boy, belonging to a rich family... He was, as people would call him, the rich spoilt brat... His mother always gave him the freedom to do whatever he liked, go wherever he liked... According to his mom, he was old enough to lead his own life... He had his own bikers' gang... It was by chance that he befriended Rocky (one of the boy's from the show Parvarish, son of Sweety)... Even though a spoiled brat, he was not arrogant and was good at heart, he was a very chilled out guy, who loved partying and biking... Rocky got influenced by his ways, as he never got the freedom that Yudi used to get... So he sneaked of with Yudi to a rave party thrown by Yudi's friend... But what was shocking, was Yudi was forced to drink alcohol spiked with drugs and was challenged by that friend to walk along the pool, while drunk... He could not and falls into water... Later while returning from the party Yudi gets into a car crash because of drunk driving... It was Rocky and his mother Sweety, who takes Yudi to the hospital... Yudi finds comfort in Sweety's care, it was something he never got from his own mother... He liked the scolding and concern that Sweety showed him... When Yudi's mother comes to the hospital, he asks Sweety to stay with him instead of his mom, he tells his mom that he never showed the concern that Sweety showed for him, never had she stopped him from doing things which were wrong, if she had then he would not have ended up in hospital like this... Later on Yudi's mom understands her mistake and tries to become a better mother...


Randhir Singh Shekhawat- the character whom no one can mess with... A character with a raw uniqueness and charismatic aura that is etched in the hearts of the audiences even after two long years since he last appeared in our television screens... Randhir was a fictional character very close to reality... The writers of the show had beautifully crafted a genius mind, weaving it with a right proportion of sarcasm, wit and positive attitude along with a pinch of straight forwardness often misunderstood by rudeness... He was unique in true sense... The guy with a golden heart and heart that craved for love can be best described as Randhir... Wearing a shield of MCP-ness he tried very hard to hide his inner self, the soft and tender heart filled with love... He eventually failed in keeping up a mask of rudeness and conquered our heart as the rank 1 Randhir Singh Shekhawat... We thoroughly enjoyed watching him in Sadda Haq mainly because of the amazing and flawless portrayal of him by Param Singh ... Randhir is very close to our hearts because he is someone very different from most of the male leads of Indian television... He has shown every characteristics of a normal collected guy, which made in look real in true sense... The Arrogance, rudeness, cuteness, jealousy and so on, Randhir has always portrayed the extremes, which makes him extraordinary ... However, if it was not Param Singh, I highly doubt any one could have played Randhir to that perfection... Param could make Randhir believable as he has not played Randhir but lived him...Going deep into the character of Randhir, we have seen him as an MCP in the first year, (not in true sense though) followed by someone who truly respected women... He has been a pillar of strength for his enemy cum best friend and girlfriend Sanyukta who challenged and motivated her in every step she has taken... He has been the best friend, the best boy friend and a good husband... He has been an ardent enemy and an equally passionate lover to Sanyukta ... Randhir has shown all the extreme traits that we could not have even imagined... He has been the sweetest yet an aggressive lover which makes it very difficult for me to actually describe Randhir ... In one word, he is unique and I have never seen any fictional character to portray even close to such awesomeness that Randhir possess...

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Param Singh

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