Is Indian television always CRINGE to watch?(Page 2)

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Originally posted by Bhagya65

I am not trying to disrespect the industry but is Indian show such as most reality show Cring worthy.

I mean wheever I watch Roast shows in YouTube..  I feel thoughts they come up with always some how match with me but I never see them in other platforms.

For ef.. BCL dont get me wrong..its full on nonsense fight, argument and stuff. MTV is meant to be music show but its includes show like Split Villa, Love school and Rodies etc. Agreed Roadies was best before S9 but it has become something else now.. I mean I just feel it's full with filler episode just for the shake of it for money. I mean biggest eg is Love school and Split Villa which is just stupid show with no money.

Now comming to Khatra Khatra Khatra..I get it is meant to be comedy and some scene are funny but at time it just feel like a show just for the sake of it.

I dont see many shows which has meaning.. all I see is over the top comedy and if it is not comedy the background music just kills it. When I watch Roast Video.. it give reality fact but in shows its completely opposite.

I mean Nach Baliye for instant has just gone down and down with baseless stuff. I mean I feel is it's just about money but yet they dont accept it.

There r nice show too which I really work with Passion such as Crimd Patrol, Dance Plus, Master Chef, Dance chapter N even singing reality show. But rest all I feel is soo unconventional.

BCL, Split Villa and Love School is one of the Prime eg.

Just a random thought and it is just fascinating to see show.. earning and gettING Trp but have no meaning toward it.

What do you think. I feel Roast shows present the reality that may be we dont want to hear.

All of them are scripted. All the camera angles and the poses too. Yet people who ship their favorites end up getting the so called feels from these shows only XD. Its all acting at the end of the day.

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But what is wrong with BCL? When you look at that show it make you feel sick at timd to support Actors I mean some fight.. some abuse and some pass comment in the name of Cricket but they dont even play properly lol.

It beg a question on is that their personality or just facade. 

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Shows back in 90s were more grounded and closer to life until 19th April , 2000 when something outbroke . It is contagious ever since .

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I watch DD Bharati when I go home on vacation. They have classical music , classical dance recitals, then some DD channels have shows for eg Forts of India that's really nice too, sometimes they air old documentaries, and oh there are Indian crafts programs as well...I love it. 

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I feel there are too many melodramatic soaps type shows that have flooded the screen over the last 20 years. They come on daily, run for too long and stories have to be Stretched so much because they have so many episodes to fill. Saying that there have been good shows scattered in there but they were few and probably hard to find and there were great shows before this  

Seasons would be better to compact the story and keep it tight. It would be better for the viewer but also the work environment of that industry. No one many actors don’t do lots of shows, thinking about it is gruelling. 

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