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Big B had more star power than that of Khans?

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Posted: 7 months ago

SRK period .

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Posted: 7 months ago

U haven't seen the AB craze first hand so it'd be unfair for me to decide. I do think AB st is the best acting Wise among the four. Specially if we see the acting he does in his later films

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Posted: 7 months ago

Of the Khans and Mr Bachchan, they have all had their peak (Salman is on a new peak considering his career resurged after Wanted), but Mr Bachchan is the only actor who had become a superstar in his peak who is still working at 76. 

Not really on topic, but I was watching KBC and even though it’s TV and not films, only Mr B pulls off the hosting. Khans all have tried hosting - SRK in KBC and 5th fail wala show, Aamir in Satyamev jayate, Salman in Bigg Boss - but only Mr Bachchan does it so well. He commands the respect from the audience but doesn’t at all waver in his attention from the contestant and the audience. Plus while he’s still working for the money, you can tell he actually enjoys it. Plus i remember SRK once sharing that Mr Bachchan once told him that he regretted taking the break from films in 92-97, that once should keep working and not take breaks. Probably why he’s still working till date.

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Posted: 7 months ago

Big B 

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Posted: 7 months ago

Every now and then a topic like this comes up comparing the combined Khans stardom with Amitabh. Well, there is no comparison at all. 

Big B is the Don Bradman and none of the Khans are in Sachin league 'compared to him' (on their own they are, to their generation). That's the difference between him and the rest. 

To give a small idea. 

Amitabh is the last Pan-India Star. He has records in Hyderabad that none of the Telugu stars has (even now). Chennai, Kerala, Karnataka you name it, he had massive run in all centres (for years in some places). Many of these films used to run simultaneously. This, despite his films being remade. For more than a decade, it won't be an overstatement to say, not even a single day was there when there was no Amitabh Bacchan movie playing in cinema halls. Not for nothing was he called -One Man Industry. All this without the support of media.

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Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by ThunderLight

I hv never ever seen as much craze for SRK as I have seen for Hrithik. That guy came from nowhere n created mass hysteria across all age groups. And someone says Big B craze is less than even SRK. What a joke. 

SRK euphoria lasted for hardly 4 yrs from 1995 to 1999 during which his PR swung to call himself King. Even when his track record was full of inconsistency. 2000 was when Hrithik arrived and things were never the same for him. 

Bachchan and Rajnikant shud be compared with each other. Don't insult them by comparing with others. And why r Aamir, SRK, Salman clubbed together? Is it bcoz they r Muslims n hv common surname? U want to compare Individual star with 3 guys collectively who hv different career lows n highs? Stop such nonsense. Treat SRK, Aamir, Salman the same way as you treat other stars. 

@bold are you one of those woke liberals of SM who have this habit of dragging religion in every argument? Is it first time Amir, Salman and SRK are together being referred as Khans? And what is the problem in addressing then as Khans? Is SRK not a khan? or is Salman a Kapoor? I made a poll just to get general views not for anybody to drag religion and spread hatred against me or anyone for that matter.

People often talk about how AB Sr is superstar of the millennium and SRK is king khan and Salman enjoys the kind of stardom nobody ever does. I wanted to know the general opinion so compared a superstar of 70-80s to that of 90s and on. 

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Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by ThunderLight

Truth is Bitter. Of course it is religion why Khans are clubbed together. Ever seen them clashing with each other? Ever seen them including Akshay or Ajay who debuted in 90s too in their cosy get togethers? What do u mean what is wrong? It is unfair to those u are comparing them with. It is 3 against 1 for a start! 

If Aamir was Arjun Khanna, SRK was Sunil Kumar and Salman was Sharad Yadav,  wud anybody hv hyped each one individually? Wud Sunil Kumar urf SRK be considered a Top star even after giving back to back Solo Disasters n Flops this decade when other stars get bashed even after 1 flop? Everyone knows how the industry, underworld n sickular media works. 

SRK fans shud stop hiding behind the Khan surname to buy borrowed success from other two stars. He is a king without a kingdom. Even the other two never agreed to him being king during the 4 yrs. 

They are clubbed together because they r huge stars with common surname.

Srk included Hrithik, Salman Akshay in their cosy get-togethers😂. Amir has always been a private person .SRK -Salman clashed (Don -JaaneMan).

SRK is giving flops ? So what His movies opens big  even during clashes (Raees 20cr, Kaabil 8cr).He enjoys biggest fanbase.Has been no1 BO for a longest time .Other two khans are ruling  BO .Like it or not SRK will always remain King Khan

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