Pyar hai ya saza Prerish (SS) updated part 3 on 11 sept 2019(Page 9)

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Kids got their mumma and papa back respectively. But Kukki can easily understand what is lacking in their relationship now which she pointed out. I want to see how they will mend this now. 

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Awesome....! :)
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Originally posted by Aavnii

                                                               PART 2 (B)

 “ Madam , baby behosh ho gyi hai” her maid told her..

She did not notice him in her problem.. As soon as she reached home , she run towards Kasak’s room and he follows her , Her guards stop him but when they saw his face , let him in..

Firstly, he was confused, but as he entered the hall, he saw his big picture with her and kuki with Prem…

He went in her direction..

When he heard her..

“agar aap iska dhyan nahi rakh sakti hai Mary , then you can pack your bags and leave my house right now”

The authority in her voice is same, as was in his..

“ mam , baby bhut zid kar rahi thi apke liye sandwich banana ke liye , aur unhe ye chota sa cut lag gya bas..”

She left her daughter on the bed and came face to face with her…

“ Chota sa cut.. mary tum janti ho ki  haemophobia   hai ise, khoon dekhkar kitna darr jati hai..”

“ Firstly you should not allowed her in the kitchen, Now,just get out of my house right now, I don’t like irresponsible people around me…

As she was gesturing towards the door, her eyes met another pair of eyes, his eyes whole time he was standing there..

She forgets to breath, he found her…, he found his daughter.. now he will take her away from her, no she can’t let him take her daughter away..

He can read fear in her eyes, he can see old Prerna in her ,so vulnerable , so weak..

As Mary left the room , he step inside.. and look around the room which was filled with his pictures with her and of the child on the bed..

He went near the child, anyone can recognize her as his child, the way she slept, her features.. same like him..

He looked towards Prerna who was preparing herself for the situation..

And next moment he drag her out of the room to another andthrow her inside..

“ Mujhse ye chuphaya , meri beti ko mujhe dur rakha 5 saalontak… aap esa kese kar sakti hai Prerna..”

She was weeping bitterly, not answering his questions…

“ aap jab sab chhodkar gyi , tab iske bare mai janti thi..”he asked..

She nodded in No…

He released her… and bang his fist near her on the wall…

“ In sab mai sirf Prem aur kuki hi nahi.. ye.. ye..” he stops as he don’t know her name..

“ Kasak…. Kasak Rishabh Bajaj” Prerna told him between her sobs..

“ Kasak…” he exhaled…

"Apne itni sari lifes ke sath kyu khela Prerna .. Kyu…?"

“ Kuki ke liye,...... aapke liye..” she answered slowly..

He looked at her in shock..

“ kuki ke liye…, mere liye..” he asked her again..

And she slowly narrate him about the whole thing and show him the official paper of the deal with his ex- wife…

He sat there with the papers in his hands, there was pin drop silence in the room..

He looked at her , then at papers in his hands..”

“what he should do now..?”

He promised his mother, that he will never forgive her for her mistakes, for what she did with him, with their children, but here she… she also suffers the same pain..

“ you don’t had trust on me..?” he asked

She looked at him..

“ Aapko mujh par bharosa nahi tha ki mai kuki ko humse dur nahi jane dunga, kyu aapko esa lagta hai ki aap kuch nahi karengi to kuch thik nahi hoga, aapko mujhse baat karni chahiye thi ye sab share karna chahiye tha..lekin aapne kya kiya sab kuch chhodkar chali gyi..”

She tried to reason with him..

“Nahi ,Prerna aap is baar kitni bhi sahi kyu na ho .. mai aapko maaf nahi kar sakta..”

“ jo aapne mere sath kiya uske liye to shyad kar bhi deta ,lekin jo aapne mere teeno baccho ke sath kiya hai uske liye kabhi nahi..” he declared

Prerna came forward and sat on her knees in front of him holding his hands in hers…

“ Please, Mr. Bajaj esa mat boliye, mujhe us waqt kuch samajh nai aya tha, mujhe lga ki agar mere jane se sab thik hota hai , to mera chale jana hi thik hai..”

“I am sorry, she sobbed please mujhe maaf kar dijiye..”

He didn’t answer her plead..

“ Pream last two years se apni birthday wish list sirf ek naam likhta hai.. Mumma..”

“kuki ko jab bhi apni koii baat share karni hoti hai to chupkar apko letter likhti hai, jise wo apne cupboard mai chupakar rakhti hai..”

“ Maa , kheti nai hai lekin dekha hai mne unhe aapke liye rote hue..”

“ kya aapka ye maafi mangna , ye sab thik kar dega, Prerna..”he asked and jerked her hands away from his..

“ Nahi, mai janti hu , jo hua wo galat tha, mujhe apko sab bta dena chahiye tha, mai galat thi..lekin jab tak ye realization hua , bhut der ho gyi thi… mai..”

And before she can complete her sentence, her princess came running into their room , but stop in her tracks as she saw a known face…

And instead of going to her mother she went straight to him…

“Papa…” she called him, he smiled at her with tears and nodded in yes..

She spread her arms for him and he picked her in his arms and hugged her tightly.. and shower so many kisses on her face…

She turn her face towards her mother, who was smiling at both of them..

“Mumma mene wishing well , par jakr wish kiya tha , ki hum jaldi se Kolkata aa jye aur Papa ke pass bhi.. yehh! Meri wish puri ho gyi..”

And then she again looked at him and touched his cheeks with her little hands…

“ I missed you , Papa.. I missed you soo.. much and kissed on his cheek..”

“ Aap Papa ke sath chaloge, apne ghar , wha , apki Kuki diihai, Prem bhai hai aur aapko bhut pyar karne wali Nani bhi.., chaloge aap papa ke sath “ he asked her ..

Prerna looked at him in shock..

“ Aap esa nahi kar sakte , Mr. Bajaj, aap ese Kasak ko mujhse dur nahi le ja sakte..” she told him..

“Mai aapko Kasak se dur nahi kar rha hu, agar aap chahe to aap bhi a sakti hai, mere dono baccho ko unki maa Chahiye.., aur Kasak ko mai…”he told her..

She looked at him with hopeful eyes..

“lekin sirf baccho ki maa banker, isse jyada aap kuch bhi expect mat kijiyega..” he told her firmly ..

Kasak was not understanding their talks but asked Prerna “Mumma .. aap bhi sath chalogi naa..”

And she nodded in yes…

He handed Kasak to her and left the room” pack your bags , I am waiting outside..”

so, here is the next part as i promised!




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It's been so long since you have  given us an update! Please continue 

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Please update next part waiting smiley42smiley42smiley19smiley19

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It is such an amazing story with unique plot ... Please continue this 😃

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