OS- alternate ending honoring jhanvi & kabir.

Posted: 11 months ago

To say i am pissed by recent repentance track of pooja and her abla naari roop and kabir becoming family centric instead of taking a stand for truth is an understatement. Please do read this one shot. it's my view as to how show should have ended by giving justice to the characters of pooja and kabir!!! Let me know your views too!!! 

Pooja looked at her mother, she was sleeping soundly and sonali was sitting besides her, lovingly watching over her. Something in the scene didn't add up. Her mother was kidnapped and she was being threatened of dire consequences if she didn't comply with kabirs demands yet the scenario before her was that of a girl taking care of her mother lovingly. There were medicines on the side table, her mother was well grommed and looked like she was being taken care of. Just than sonali looked up and saw Pooja. there was panic in her eyes, she hurriedly searched for her phone. But Pooja was quicker; she and her men whom she had taken with her to the rescue mission got hold of sonali. She calmly approached sonali. She could tell she was scared of her. 

Pooja : if I want I can hand you over to the cops right this moment and than you and your bhaiya will be in jail for kidnapping my mother. Police is on the look out for dhruv already. I guess entire Mittal family will have a nice little reunion in jail. 

Sonali was on the verge of tears. 

Pooja continued but I won't do it if you tell me the truth. I can see that you have taken good care of my mother, so things are not adding up!! Tell me kabir's plan and I will think about not sending your entire family to jail. 

Sonali while sobbing said kabir bhaiya don't want to hurt you or your mother. He didn't spoil your fashion show purposely, we all got a call saying dhruv bhaiya had planted something in the frame with an intension of killing you. He was there to save you. Infact kabir bhaiya saved you from dhruv while you were kidnapped. But than you didn't trust him and humiliated him publicly. Hence he wants to marry you and make you realise your mistakes and make you a better person. He wants you to right all the wrongs done by you. But even than he did not hurt your mother.

Pooja snapped of course I can see that. 

At the Mittal house kabir came to pooja's room kaha gayi thi tum? Pata hai na shaadi wale din dulhan ghar se bahar nahi nikalti? 

Pooja : apni maa ko dhundne gayi thi! Tum sahi ho kabir, mein galat thi, mera tarika galat tha, but I will correct the error of my ways! I will marry you! She proceeded to the wedding dias.

All through the rituals she followed whatever kabir dictated. His hostile behavior was insulting at the very least and humiliating at the worst but she endured it. Finally panditji declared them husband and wife. And kabir asked her to touch the elders feet and ask for forgiveness. As kabir proceeded she stopped midway. Kabir looked at her annoyed! 

Kabir : apne pati ka kehna mano Pooja Mittal. Apne sasural walo ke pair chukar mafi maango!

Pooja : patidev ofcourse!!! lekein Yeh pehle pair chune layak toh banjae!

Varna tum he socho kya aashirwad dengi maa mujhe! ! Ki apne pati ke gunna ko chupakar unka saath du! Kaise kisi maa Ki kok ujadti dekh chup rahu kyunki mere pati aasa chate hai? 

Aur dadaji woh kya aashirwad denge mujhe Ki mein iss khandan ko aassa waris du jo paiso Ki lalach mein andha ho Aur apne he dost ko daga de! Bolo kabir inn aashirwad se mein banjaungi sarvagun sampanna bahu? 

Kabir looked at her shocked!

Pooja : but shaadi ke baad aashirwad to lena he chaiye!!! chalo mere dada se suruvaat karte hai! She held kabir by the collar and dragged him to the framed picture of her dad. 

Kabir : abh Yeh tumhare sasurji hai! jinhe tumhare ghar walo ne jinda jalaya tha! Mafi mango inse!!!! common tum sab sahi karna chate ho na! Than you should start from the start.

Kabir folded his hands and bowed his head. Feeling ashamed.

Pooja : sonali maa ko leaao unke daamad unse maafi mangna chate hai! 

Kabir was shocked to see Pooja had found her mother. But if she had found her mother why did she go through with the marriage. Oh lord! what was Pooja upto now!!! 

Pooja dragged kabir to her mother, look at my mother, from past 20 years she is missing her kids!!! u can see the pain of your mother, when dhruv went missing imagine the pain of this mother who has watched her family being burned alive. She has lost her mental balance she is scared of fire. I guess you know why. 

Pooja called nurse and asked her to take her mother inside. Than asked amma to hand over a file to her.

Pooja turning to kabir said 

Suhagraat pe pati apni patni ko gift deta hai, Yeh rasam hai but kyunki hamari shaadi ke matlab alag hai toh meine socha iss rasam ko bhi thoda improvise karte hai. She handed over a file to kabir. Kabir opened the file.

Pooja : Yeh saare evidence hai uss din ke jisdin tumhare maa, dadu and your dad along with their goons burnt my house. Aare dekho photograph bhi hai!!! (She said with mock excitement) maa kitni khubsoot lagti thi 20 saal pehle. Aur babuji toh apne pairo per khade bhi hai!!! Abhi socho, if I give this file to the police your entire so called innocent family will be behind bars. Because they supported the crime. Not only did they support the crime they helped your dad all this years by being silent and covering up the crime. I am sure you know enough law to understand they are equally guilty. 

Kabir didn't know which emotion he felt more guilt,shame or fear for his family.

Pooja saw kabir's face and placed her hand on his cheeks and said.

Pooja : don't worry pati Dev, I am here, your wife, as promised I will take away all the pains of my new family. Hence I have decided, I will give them punishment not law. I and you together will make them realise their mistakes and help them in repentance. Just like you had planned. Toh chalo aaj se suruvaat karte hai!!! Shub murat hai aaj.  She asked everyone to change in normal clothes and meet her in 10 mins.

She took all of them to the orphanage. From today you all will stay in an orphanage and in return you will work here.

Pooja :  I lived all my life as an orphan because of your family while you guys enjoyed family bliss without any remorse or guilt. But don't worry, now i, your dutiful daughter in law will  give you an opportunity to repent for the sins.

Maa, see this are orphan girls they never got a chance to eat maa ke haat ka khana, so from now on everyday you and chachi will cook food for these orphan girls with love and care.

She turned to Jay you see Jay, I wanted that fashion show to work because from that money I was gonna enroll them in school but now thanks to your brother it got spoiled hence from now on you will teach this girls.

Sonali, you know when I was young I wanted to be a singer. My dada promised me he would make me a singer but alas! Anyways I don't want these girls talents go unnoticed you will teach them dancing and singing.

Dadu Aur app,  you will teach them good values, importance to fight for truth, values that you forgot to teach your own son. 

She turned to kabir, with fake sweetness she said hubby dearest, I am sure you approve of my ways this time. (Kabir felt so ashamed of himself, he knew in his heart his family had been wrong.)And now like a good husband you will help me provide for this orphan girls. You will work in the office as a salaried employee and use this brain of yours to find clients so that funding of this orphanage is taken care of.

Just than pooja's  goons brought dhruv out from the shadows, 

Pooja exclaimed! Ohh my fake husband! Oops now thanks to your younger brother I have to address you as jethji, she could see all Mittal family wince collectively. 

She came to dhruv, I know you are scared to go to jail. But since you have been nice to me during fake marriage and I do feel bad for taking your advantage; I will give you a second chance. You like tracking people, don't you! Now I want you to put those skills to good use. go to each and every hospital in the city and track all the people who were killed by your father's misdeeds. I give you a week, if you fail, I will have to send you to jail. 

A week passed entire Mittal family realised their mistake they were guilt ridden, dhruv as asked got the list of people. 

Pooja distributed all the money of Mittal's among the families of victims and converted Mittal mansion into a hospital named after her father ashok sharma. She got it innograted by Mittals. 

She was wiping a tear from her eyes thinking dada now my revenge is complete. Suman came to pooja with tears in her eyes and said, I know I have been a coward my whole life, maybe selfish too but I will dedicate my remaining life to these girls as a repentance maybe someday God will forgive me. I have a confession to make, she took pooja and kabir to Ashok sharma's picture. She folded her hands and said bhaisahab mujhe maaf kar dijye. I know you will forgive me it's me who will never forgive myself though. but my son kabir he is still the same righteous boy you liked and had chosen as a  husband for your daughter pooja. Both pooja and kabir looked shocked. Suman said when you were young bhaiya and my husband had done your roka. Please pooja give me this one chance to atleast honor this one last promise. Pooja left, unable to comprehend the revelation. 

 kabir came to her with a cheque. It was of small amount, he said I saved this from my salary, my wife needs therapy too, she has endured grief too. I want to take care of her, if she will let me, prove to her that I am a better person than my father. Pooja looked at kabir with hope for the future in her eyes! Kabir had been supportive of her. He was most guilt ridden.  she realised it was he who had taught her that she didn't need to be evil to teach Mittals a lesson. He had showed her a way by taking good care of her mother. If her mother was found and was recovering that was due to kabir's efforts. She decided she will Finally put jahnvi behind her and start a new life with kabir as pooja Mittal.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!!!!

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Posted: 11 months ago

Love this! I love that Pooja goes with the flow when she finds out about Kabir's plan! 

There really is no point to Pooja's revenge if the senior Mittals don't repent. It makes no sense for her to forgive everyone (and serve the Mittals in repentance smiley5) when the Mittals themselves aren't even sorry.

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Posted: 11 months ago

Love this.... amazing. This is how its supposed to be, but the makers decided to make Kabir mahaan, Pooja an abla nari and make a total khichdi out of the show. 

This is how the story should hv gone. If Pooja has to repent for what Jhanvi did, Kabir and senior Mittals also hv to repent for PKs crimes, especially killing Pooja's father. At least Jhanvi didnt kill anyone from Mittal family....PK Mittal fell off the cliff due to his own son. So the Mittals infact should repent more.....PK was a bloody murderer and the senior Mittals his accomplic. 

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Posted: 11 months ago

this is what we all expected but damn this cv's anyways i just loved your OS 

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Posted: 11 months ago

very well written and this would have been a much better reaction of pooja than what they are showing.

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Posted: 11 months ago


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Posted: 11 months ago

kudos to you !! smiley20

i am glad there is someone else besides me who doesn't likerepeatance drama. even kabir's character is so just he would have supported her no matter what. but showmakers are ruining it.

anyways ! if i ever get  a chance  i'll always write up a emotional confrontation between two.

i'll try to include it in my ss as well.


can you please review my work.

... hope to see you there. 

once again good work. it is indeed more logical than show track.

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Posted: 11 months ago

great job!

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