New Beginnings -TS (Prerish)

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New Beginnings


Page-1:- Part - 1


She was numb. Her mind and heart are at constant fight seeing him lying on the bed with all the wires attached to him and fighting for death. He protected her from the danger that was meant for her without thinking about his daughter who is his world or himself. Just then she felt someone clutching her from the stomach and she looked down to see their daughter whose eyes were brimming with tears and fear of losing her father. She took her in an embrace.

"Kuki, nothing will happen to Papa, he will come back to us and he needs to come back, " Prerana replied not understanding whether she is assuring the lost soul or herself.

Just then her mother Veena, her sister Shivani reached hospital along with Basu family which made her angry because she knows Basu family is here to taunt her while Anurag is here to annoy her along with Maasi and Tanvi who are here to fake their love which she couldn't understand before today.

"Priyu, I didn't know how the rope got sliced and I didn't do it, " Veena said.

"I know Maa, I trust you, " Prerana said.

"Prerana, leave him beta, you know too that you are nothing but a deal to him and now he dumped his daughter on you, Anurag is best for you beta, he loves you, " Veena said.

"Mr Mehra take Kuki to the canteen and feed her something please, I will call you once everything is sorted, " Prerana replied, felt Kuki's tightening hold on her to which Prerana looked down at her.

"Don't Worry Baby, by the time you will have something along with Mehra Uncle, your Papa will be fine and fit as before and I promise I will not go anywhere without taking you and Papa, " Prerana said assuring the little life who is scared for her father's life and leaving her mother and Kuki accepting her mother's word took Mehra's hand and walked away and then Prerana turned towards Veena and others.

"Maa let me tell you something, the person inside fighting for life and death is my husband and your son-in-law, who protected your daughter from death and took it upon himself, for us this marriage was deal but he never backed off from his responsibility, he protects me from the likes of Mrs Mohini Basu, he respects me, he gives me strength to stand for myself, he taught me self-respect, even though you didn't accept him as your son-in-law, he respects you as his mother whereas Anurag never took a stand for me or for our family, when his mother was insulting us, and I know for me this marriage was the only way to protect Anurag that time but now Anurag is nothing but my past and mere memory that resided in my mind and heart and I'm not going to leave my husband or my daughter for someone else, " Prerana declared firmly.

"Prerana, then you will lose your family, decide now itself do you want your mother or the husband who married just for his daughter and to seek vengeance for entirely unknown reason from Basu family, " Veena said shocking everyone present there.

"I choose my husband and my daughter who are now my family, " Prerana said without waiting for a second.

"Prerana, are you mad, you left Maa for this ruthless person who knows nothing about love or family?" Anurag shouted.

"Mr Basu, keep your voice low because this is hospital and the person whom you think as heartless or ruthless is the best father in the world who does everything in right way only to see a smile at the end of the day on his daughter's face, best husband, who respects his wife's wishes, cares for her and her family from shadows so that no danger befalls on them and you don't have any more right on me as now I'm someone else possession, " Prerana declared and turned towards ICU door taking deep breaths to stop herself from crying imagining the pain Rishab is going through.

She was in thoughts she for first-time acknowledged herself as his wife, from the time they were married, it was a deal for both of them for him this marriage was to bring a mother to his child while for her only way to protect Anurag from getting destroyed. As time passed in their marriage she started to understand him, the way he behaves as a cold-hearted, ruthless and aloof person is to protect himself and his family from his enemies and outer world. He has a golden heart, who cares for her even her unborn child who is someone else's blood, who respects her for what she is. Now she promised herself to give a chance to their relation, to be with him till doesn't want her to be. She came out of her musings when I.C.U door opened and the doctor came outside.

"Doctor, How is my husband? Is he alright? Is he out of danger or do you need anything?" Prerana fired question rapidly without waiting for an answer from the doctor.

"Relax Mrs Bajaj, Mr Bajaj is fine and is out of danger, he will gain conscious in next hour or two but he needs complete bed rest for the next two weeks or so, " Doctor said making sigh in relief while others felt different emotions.

As time passed everyone went back home while she sent Maasi and Tanvi back forcefully stating that she will stay with her husband and her daughter to take care of them. She has pulled out her reverie when Kuki and Mehra walked to her. She took Kuki in her arms as she can see Kuki is exhausted and is in need of sleep.

"Mr Mehra, I want you to do something for me?" Prerana said firmly.

"What do want me to do Mam?" Mehra asked her.

"I want you to dig out each and every information on Maasi and Tanvi along with the truth and the proofs of about what happened today and I won't only truth and it should be done by tomorrow evening, " Prerana ordered which surprised Mehra very much but he didn't show her.

"Okay Mam, the reports will be in your hands by tomorrow evening as you ordered and I will take my leave now, " Mehra said and walked away, just then a nurse walked out to inform her that Rishab is conscious now.

The first thing he felt after he gained conscious is a pain in the head and the heaviness on his eyes due to medicine and it took him some time to recollect the thing that happened for what lead to land him in hospital and then he recalled how his mother-in-law tried to warn him about the chandelier falling on him and last thing he saw before he lost conscious his the tears filled eyes of his wife and the scarred face of his daughter who clutched his hands in their hands to assure themselves that he is fine.

He turned his face to his right side to see his wife and daughter entering inside and he can see relief, fear and something else in his wife's eyes which he can't decipher at the moment.

"I'm fine Mrs Bajaj, " Rishab tried to assure her.

"Aap jante hai hum kitna pareshan hogaye the aapko is halat mein dekhe hai, dubara aap aisa kuch nahin karenge, " Prerana warned him which made him shocked and confused because of her behaviour.

"You should have left Tanvi or Maasi here to take care of me went home along with Kuki, as she is a child and you are carrying a child which is not good for my kid and this is a hospital, " He reasoned with her actually he tried to reason with her as tried is a keyword.

"Why should I let Maasi or Tanvi take care of you when as your wife, I'm there to care of you and you are my husband, so I will not allow someone else near you, " Prerana said firmly like a typical wife which shocked him because after a long time someone is willing to take care of him as well as trying to show their rights on him which made him happy and for the first time in a long time someone knocked on the doors of his heart someone knocked then which he closed firmly not allowing anyone to enter inside.

I hope this shot is up to your liking, for next shot it depends on your response.

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Very good smiley14 i want the next shot right now. smiley14GIVE ME smiley14

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Very Nice Beginnings...Interesting Start..smiley32

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Good Start... waiting for next part...

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Originally posted by MisHumptyDumpty

Very good smiley14 i want the next shot right now. smiley14GIVE ME smiley14

Request darling request smiley36smiley36smiley36

No order smiley37smiley37

We both are readers so should say please next part 🙏🙏🙏😂😂🤣😂

Just kidding dear I hope u r not angry on me 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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The intro was nice.  update the next partsmiley1

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No, I'm not angry in fact I'm happy to get a response for my story. 

Thank you for commenting.

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