PreRish One-Shot : ~|Forever|~ (26/8/19)

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"wo meri bhi ma hai" his words still echoed in her wrong she thought about him...but what he that condition too he came and saved her mother who are still not ready to accept him as her damad...but how can she when I myself didn't give him the respect a husband deserved and she promised her herself that from now on she'll give him the respect he deserves and will stay at his side Forever

Then she recalls the day when Mr Bajaj came with bandage on his head to save her mother


Rishabh Bajaj enter the courtroom with a bandaged on his head....and the sleeves of his shirt was folded a inch below his elbow 

Everyone were shocked to find his presence here in the courtroom in that condition,

Sharmas were scared thinking that now he'll give his statement against veena ,

Massi and Tanvi were happy and surprisingly Anurag was also happy thinking as now prerna would be able to see her so called husband's real face when he'll give his statement against her maa

And prerna...she's worried about his heath that how can he just come here in that condition when he needs a proper care and rest.....she trusts him that he'll not give any statement against her mother but Massi's word still stuck in her mind which made her little scared

He reached the witness box and magistrate asked him that who's he 

"I'm Rishabh Bajaj....jiske attempt to murder k liye Mrs veena Sharma Ko yaha laya gya....but before giving my statement I wanted to ask that mere is chote se accident k liye ye fast track court kyo ... why?? When there's so many cases in this country, in this city which needs a fast case Ko fast track court ki zaroorat nhi thi....when there's not even a case"

Everyone were confused including judge and lawyers by his last statement and he further continue

"I know you all are confused but that's true this is not even a case but a matter of sheer misunderstanding....sabko lagta hai she hates me thats why she tried to kill me but that's not true yeah I agree my wife's mother dislike me because of the way we got married but that doesn't means that she'll try to kill me and in the presence of many people.....infact unhone mujhe awaz Laga k alert kiya tha but Mai samjh nhi paya aur fir wo hanging mere upar gir gya....unhone mujhe maarne k way se use nhi giraya"

Judge considered his statement and gave his verdict that Mrs veena Sharma is not guilty and also lash at police that the victim was alive so they should have first taken his statement before bringing the matter in the court.

Everyone was happy except few people whose plan got failed to separate Prerna and Bajaj and who wanted to become Mahaan in everyone eyes

Prerna was overwhelmed with emotions....her mother is released from the blame of trying to kill her own damaad and the one who saved her is her damaad himself her husband .....the battle is over which she was having inside her between her trust on him and a doubt which created by Massi.....and finally her trust won....she was unable to control her tears anymore so she let her tears flow down her eyes with a smile 

Then she saw him moving towards her mother who was surrounded by her family ... prerna also left her seat and goes behind him 

Rishabh Bajaj fold his hands and apologized that because of his family she had to bear so much 

Prerna was looking at her husband in admiration but her mother's word shocked her

"Ha maafi toh aapko mangni chaiye aur Baar Baar mangni chaiye jo Apne humare Parivar k sath Kiya humare Anurag bete k sath kiya....aur aapne aaj Jo Kiya uske Baad ye mat samjh li jiyega hum apko maaf kardenge aur apna damaad Maan lenge Aisa kabhi nhi hoga"

Prerna can clearly see that he was hurt hearing her mother's words which he quickly hide it behind his blank face

This time she's disappointed with her mother how can she be so heartless ,the person who came in the serious condition just only to save her and you behave like this with that person ...and if that person happen to be anurag she would be the one with folding hands not the other way around 

After glaring at her family she hold her husband arms and urged

"Mr Bajaj chaliye apko rest ki zaroorat hai"

Rishabh nods and without removing her hand from his arms he turn to leave letting her lead the way 

They reached near massi and tanvi who were fuming in anger and watching them together Massi rebuked

"Aise tum kaise kar sakte ho Rishabh tum ne us veena Ko aise hi jaane diya jisne tumhe maarne ki koshish ki aur tumne us incident Ko ek misunderstanding ka Naam de diya aur Hume galat thera diya"

"Massi pehli baat apko unke against koi complaint nhi karni chaiye thi....aur unhone mujhe maarne ki koshish nhi ki aur agar ki bhi Hoti na toh Mai tab bhi unke against koi statement nhi deta" 

Massi sneered at his words " lady tumhe sabke samne apna damaad manne se inkaar Karti hai uske liye itna sab kuch" 

"Unke na maanne se humara rishta change nhi ho jayega...ha ye sach hai Mai kabhi unhe force nhi karunga mujhe accept karne liye ...par ye bhi sach hai wo Prerna ki maa hai aur prerna ki maa matlab wo meri bhi maa hai....shaddi k Baad sirf ek wife ki hi duty nhi Hoti Apne husband k saare relations Ko accept karna ..ek husband ki bhi Hoti hai aur Mai wo apni duty nibhaunga chahe mujhe ...ya humari shaddi Ko wo accept kare ya na kare" he declared

Suddenly he feel dizziness .....and Massi Tanvi again started showing their fake concern 

But Prerna who was standing silently behind him can now clearly see through Massi Tanvi fakeness after hearing Massi words which are contradicting the words she said her yesterday

Prerna came forward and shrug Tanvi hand from his arms and she herself hold him by circling her one hand around his shoulder and other on his arms and without giving them any glance she take him near their car and make him sit inside and shut the door and herself sit from another side

Mr Bajaj who was now feeling a little ok look at his wife who was dialling some number and before he asked that who's she calling 

"Mr Mehra Maine apko hospital Mr Bajaj ki care karne k liye Bulaya tha ya unhe discharge karwane k liye "

"Ma'am wo mr Bajaj ne zid ki toh" came reply from another side

"Na Mr Bajaj ek bache hai aur na aap unke papa jo aap unki sab zid puri karenge ....agar wo zid kar rhe the toh apko mujhe call karna chaiye tha na ki unhe is condition mai court aane Dena chaiye tha."

Mr Mehra apologized for his mistake but also felt happy for his boss as now there's someone in his life who cares for him

"Acha theeke ye chodiye ...hum yaha se nikal chuke hai...humare ghar pohchne se pehle mujhe doctors waha chaiye." And then she cut the call

Mr Bajaj was looking at her in confusion that what happened to her why she's reacting like that like he's someone so dear to her 

Watching his confusion filled face she asked

"Aise kya dekh rhe hai" 

"Aapko" he answered "I mean the way you're was just a little accident ...mara nhi hoon Mai" he chuckled

And as an instant reaction her fingers came on his lips...and both were lost in each other eyes.. and when she realised what she's doing she removed her hand and look embarrassed

Both started feeling awkward in eachother presence which never happened before ...they don't know how to react with eachother ,

The hatred she had for him has lost somewhere behind but she can't even start behaving like a wife unknowingly she's doing the same

And Rishabh is confused with his wife's changed behaviour towards him....her eyes now don't show the hatred for him like they did before 


After few minutes ride.. they reached BB.

Prerna helped him giving sahaara to walk inside 

"Mrs Bajaj chot mere sar par lagi hai pairo pe nhi ....aap mujhe chod Sakti nhi" he teased

Which she replied

"Mai apko kabhi nhi chodne wali....mana aapko sar per chot lagi hai ....par dubara aapko dizzy feel hua toh toh aap gir sakte hai aur dubara chot lag Sakti isliye aap argue mat kijiye aur chaliye ....kuki apko dekhke bohot khush hogi" 

"'s she wo theek hai....??" He asked her in concerned

"Aapke Bina wo kaise theek ho Sakti hai....ab aap aa Gaye hai toh theek ho jayegi" she assured him

Both entered inside and found kuki playing with Mr Mehra and a team of doctors were standing aside 

After founding her papa on the door kukki ran towards him and Prerna leave her hold on him so that he can meet kuki

Tears of happiness were flowing down her eyes watching the father daughter duo kukki blowing on her bandage like she was trying to flew his pain away Bajaj also showered his daughter with hugs and kisses

Prerna come near them and cares kukki's head

"Kaha tha na papa jaldi ghar aa jayenge ....lo papa ghar aagye" she nods in yes and again hug her papa like she's expressing that she'll never let him go away

"Mrs Bajaj" "Prena" "Prerna" "PRERNA"


She is confused from where the voice is coming then she realised that she was recalling that day and when she got lost in it she don't know....then her eyes went towards Mr Bajaj who is standing near her he still have a little bandaged on his head and calling her 

"Kaha kho gyi thi aap Mai kab se bula rha hu" he scolded her and asked

"Wo...wo wo mai..kuch nhi... aap bataiye kuch kaam tha" 

"Ha party ka time ho gya kukki aapko bula rhi hai....Tanvi tried to get her ready but you know kukki she refused use sirf apni Mumma se tyar hona hai" he exclaimed

Yeah there's another party in this house,Massi and tanvi are throwing a party for his good recovery.....just to be in his good books .

"Ha Mai Abhi jaati hu....waise bhi Tanvi Ko nhi pata kuki Ko konsi dress pehnani hai" and prerna get up to leave after applying Sindoor and bindi on her forehead .

She was leaving the room when she saw that Mr bajaj is selecting the tie to wear in tonight party and he almost selected the blue but she stopped him and said "yellow tie pehniye aap pe achi lagegi"

After saying this she left, leaving a confused rishabh behind.

Mr Bajaj hold his yellow tie in his hand then look at his wife retreating figure who's wrapped in a yellow saree then he realised something and smiled 

The end


I'm not well and no one is ready to give me a thought to write myself

I know it's going to be a kachra as I wrote while sneezing coughing having a headache and only in just one hour 

So I really don't know what I wrote and I didn't even proofread it

But still do read it 


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Posted: 11 months ago

This aas not garbage okay..smiley15smiley15 tum writers log ye bolna chod do..smiley36

The best part was pre ka gussa on bechara Mehra..smiley42  i liked the way you wrote veena's part here.. Ye aisa hi kuch bolegi show me bhi..smiley37 and Mr.bajaj's jhadofying police and judge part.. Was relatable..smiley16smiley36

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Posted: 11 months ago

and who wanted to become Mahaan in everyone eyes

Iam mid way and this line ke liye tujhe full marks milenge 😜👏👏👏👏👏

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Posted: 11 months ago

Oh Kriti this was so goodsmiley27 

Kuch logon ka popat hua, amazing 😂

Poor Rishabh, he rushed to help Veena and she rebuked him😔😭😒😒 at least thank you bol deti😒😒 

Anyways, good that Prerna simply took him away from the negativity, acting like a true Bajaj😎

And last part, when he realized why she suggested the yellow tie, so they matchsmiley42 that was perfect ❤️

Maza aa gayasmiley32


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Posted: 11 months ago

Na Mr Bajaj ek bache hai aur na aap unke papa jo aap unki sab zid puri karenge 


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Posted: 11 months ago

This is not a garbage. smiley7 this is so good SO GOOD smiley14 I mentioned my favourite parts, also Special mention to Cookie Bajaj scene ♥️🤗 this was so good. Last mein tie ♥️😘 thank you for this story 😘♥️☺️😍🥰💋

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Posted: 11 months ago

It was really a good read. Veena has really lost it. 
She didn't know what she is missing in life while cursing Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj was totally a husband goal. His words that its just not a wife's duty to accept her husband's relation, husband should do the same too, really took my heart. 

Prerna has fallen for him head over heal bass ab izhaar baaki hai. 

Hope either yeh or Shruti's story turn out to be truth on screen.

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Posted: 11 months ago

I was waiting from morning for some OS and now get it..

Masi aur Tanvi ka kachra ho gya... Bdi badi planning..smiley37smiley37

Mujhe lg hi rha hai veena show mai bhi ese hi react karne wali haismiley19

But Mrs. Bajaj ...sab thk kr dengii...

And yellow tie... With yellow sari..matching matchingsmiley42

Totally loved it!♥


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