PreRish OS : Aap Kahaan Ho....

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PreRish OS : Aap kahaan ho  ... 

This OS is based on Maine aap se poocha bhi nahin aap kab lautoge.......

At, 10:00 P.M, she finally managed to put kuki to sleep, with great effort, as she was throwing tantrums for her dad, whose gone to work after a week's stay at home post that horrifying accident on Kuki's birthday, 

"Mr.Mehra .. where is Mr.Bajaj, is he still at work? I am trying to reach him but unable to get through, is he alright, it's so late already, are you with him ?",  she floods him with a series of questions in what can be referred as panic tone.

Mr.Mehra updates her of Sir being out of town on a very important work and the details are unknown to him, staring at her phone... "out of town ..."  concern and worry looms over her already confused state .. 

she thinks how he always informed, updated and called her whenever he is out of town or home , but today ...he hasn't said anything , he just left after breakfast, kissing Kuki and a smile at her . 

She has no clue where he is , his phone is unreachable,  neither is he calling her to tell her about his whereabouts ... she paces up and down the room ,... something is not right, the uncertainty is twitching in her tummy... she wishes and prays for his safe return.. her palms turn cold in sweat... restlessness sets in ...

another update from Mr.Mehra, revealed that his security was also left behind, however he reveals that the last contact was from Bardhaman around 5 pm .. and would update her further with any new information..

Bardhaman, that's her father's place .. their ancestral village... it's 2 hr drive from here, she tries to call her choti naani in the village,.. but looking at the time, decides against it

 she drops herself on the to Kuki, gently caresses her head and looks at the sleeping form with all love,  the unnamed , unsaid fears are gripping her, the restlessness is setting in what looks like worry, concern, fear  .. she looks at the gps tracker app to see his location, but to her distress, she never added him in her family contacts ... she slams the phone on the bed ...with pooled eyes ... "aap kaha ho..." in a cracked tone 

any sound of the car or the lights falling on the window gave her a hope that it's HIM, but only to be dashed , standing near the window, hugs herself tight and closes her eyes .. with only one wish, to see him safe back home  ... 

"Maine aap se poocha bhi nahin aap kab lautoge" .. the sound of these very words pull her down  .. her right hand in a  fist and clings on to her mangalsutra with her left fist ..recollecting "tumhaare gale mein jo mangalsutra hain .. usse bhi ....." she recollects Anurag's words few days back, however he decides to stay away from her on realizing her bond with her husband, when he was in hospital.

Post that horrifying accident on Kuki's birthday, a new fear entered her space .. the fear of losing the person, not just as father of her kid, but  as a person himself.  ..  unknown to her, subconsciously and organically, he walked into her space... she realized .. She was numb post that accident, with the very thought of something untoward. , he stayed home for a week on doctors orders and her orders as well ..
She has been privy to a different person over the last one week, she witnessed and realized a new side to him   she saw him smile and laugh on quite a few occasions, he was not so boring after all, though he is stiff most of the times, but he has his share of wit ... 

 the habitual winner Rishab Bajaj was so bad at caroms when the three of them were playing.....  but seeing his most heartfelt warm  smile when kuki won the game dawns on her that it was his deliberate attempt  for the little one to win... and the sharp him, noticed Prerna playing equally  bad game for Kuki's win.. they both understood what they did here and  acknowledge it with a smile .....

the last one week had more memories than she could ever think of, he took small strolls with her in the lawn, while kuki played , she helped him when he needed with dressing or changing his bandages, she fed him in a couple of occasions as well   ... he is just like Kuki .. involuntarily  made faces when he disliked something ,.  Kuki drew mom, dad and her image on his bandage wrapped around his forehead which they took selfies of.

He hates some food, he dislikes medicines , he made faces,  he loves his coffee black and sugarless, he loves painting, which he showcased in more than one occasion during the last week , he smiles, he laughs but consciously ,  she has known a lot of things about him , but yet to know ... 

Life never seemed so comforting, soothing and content  for the three of them , in their space, where they niched their place in the crowd at  Basu Bari.

She is pulled out of her trance with the  sound of his Black Merc S class , in no time she finds herself in the front porch right in front of him, inches away from him..... she wants to thump his chest with her tiny fists, she wants to lean on him, take him in a hug and cry .....but restrains and stares into his eyes ... with what looked like relief in her eyes...

 "ji main karwaata hoon Maa.. " hangs up his phone looking at her tear strained face, disoriented shape, tears of relief laced with anger .. his heart tugs, he wants to take her in his arms ... 

"Prerna", he calls her out in gentle tone, he stretches his arm out to support her by her waist, who stumbles .. she steadies herself and makes her way up to their room, in silence .. he wants to talk but her silence is threatening 

she walks in, finds herself leaning against the wall ... head arched up, with relieved tears  down her cheeks .. she is an emotional mess,  that relief and peace on seeing him, that rage for not informing her,  wanting to lash at him , admonish him, hit on his chest.... but she is emotionally and physically drained and exhausted in the last 1 hour .. 

 her tears always left a worse effect on him, right from the start, he gently makes her sit on the bed ..  'aap kahan the, main darr gayi thi ki .." the fear, innocence and honesty etched in those words , tug his heart... he wants to take her in his arms ... to comfort and soothe her... 

"aap please math royiye... " he pleads her to stop crying, she looks into his eyes .. "why didn't you call me ...aapko bolna tha if you are getting late  " her face and the childlike  innocence in those words melts his heart.. he feels gutted seeing her in this state because of him..

'Prerna... I thought you were not interested..." he trails off .. 

"Maine aap se poocha bhi nahin aap kab lautoge" .. these words slash her .. 
she cries into her palms... sitting next to her , he holds her hands .. "aap please...." .. she leans on his shoulders and cries.. regrets for those words....

post the emotional meltdown.. she asks him where he was and why he went to Bardhaman...... .. "aapne......"  lifting her head from the folder, which he just handed over her, she looks into his deep brown eyes...with all heart , in a  blurry vision...unable to contemplate or get a grip on her emotions or understand the person who is standing right in front of her . 

"mere papa...." her chocked voice 

He reveals her that this was his zaroori kaam on Kuki's birthday which wasn't done that day, but made sure I finished this on time ..her voice is choked to utter a word .. as her husband updates her about the school he is building in , Bardhaman, her ancestral place, in her father's name , he wants the school to be opened on her dad's first anniversary, which is three months from now. 

He confesses her how he wanted to share it with her on Kuki's birthday itself but he realized that  she didn't care for his zaroori kaam or late return . her eyes pooled  as she  recollects her words which she uttered in a fit of rage.... ,.. "I am sorry .. woh maine..." her chocked voice is countered with his "please don't..." 

"aapne mera call kyun nahin liya ..." her innocent query tugs his heart .... 

he updates on the incident at  Bardhaman where his phone broke and later after coming to Kolkata he went straight to see Maa ... confusion etched on her face " aap mere maa ke ghar....." he nods in yess...surprise joins confusion on her face .. 

'For this project I wanted to take Maa's ashirwaad first, without which , I didn't want to  start this .. and I requested your family not to tell you anything as you may not be interested my work .." 

"kya samjhte ho apne aap ko ... bhagwaan ??" she recollects her words ...  he says that he is not god but a mere human being, a bad one at it, and he did all this for "maa" who sees his mom in her maa 
he reveals his vulnerable self to her, she is at loss of words, he throat choked and her eyes pooled ...he says he wanted to do something for maa, despite knowing how much  she dislikes him  .. 
and he always  respects her just like his maa  
"meri maa kabhi bhi aap ko apna daamaad nahin maanegi " .. she recollects yet another harsh line hurled at him ... she says now he will be the best damaad for her maa ... he nods with a smile and says how Maa blessed him and said he is the best damaad .. with a glint in his eyes... she chuckles through tears  ..

 "ohhhh now you took my mom as well... she is all yours ... take the headache  ..." she  mocks jealousy   .... he retorts that he would take Maa, any day over her .. she mock scoffs...  he smiles at her antics, she witnesses a  childlike innocence and excitement in him  ..  like a kid in  a candy store... she has never seen him so happy .. she smiles through her tears ... 

While he goes to freshen up... she recollects how harsh and prejudiced  she was about him .. and what is this person and who is this person behind the name "Mr.Rishab Bajaj" who trapped her in a deal for marriage... she wonders 

she gives him his coffee, he dials Maa's phone, "Maa .. yeh lijiye baath kijiye" he hands over the phone to her, she speaks to her maa with speaker on,.. for him to listen...... .her mom showers her damad ji in praises ... her eyes on him, noticing his glee .... she stares at him endlessly .. he asks what is it with his eyes... she nods in negative and asks him to promise her that he would always take her calls or update about his whereabouts and give every  single detail when he is out of home ... he promises ...and she thanks him for every thing .. 

"I am not always wrong ... " she recollects his words... "I was and I am wrong...." her inner voice echoes her thoughts .while they gaze at the stars in the dark sky from the deck connected to their room . 

_____________THE END___________

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Main yahaan hoon yahaan hoon yahaan smiley37

Jaanam dekhlo mitt gayi dooriyaan 

Main yahaan hoon yahaan hoon yahaansmiley36

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Awwiieee... This was so lovely...

Posted: 6 months ago

Originally posted by -RD-

Main yahaan hoon yahaan hoon yahaan smiley37

Jaanam dekhlo mitt gayi dooriyaan 

Main yahaan hoon yahaan hoon yahaansmiley36

tu bhi  nasmiley36 ... i knew u would come up with this smiley37

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Originally posted by ZaBeerHolic

Awwiieee... This was so lovely...

thank you smiley31

Posted: 6 months ago

Aww VeeJaj heresmiley31


This was so lovely and adorable and how you made her pay for every single line that she said to her in Friday’s episode. 

Thanks for this.smiley31

Posted: 6 months ago

Aww Munni mod ji. This story is so so so heartwarming ❤️ I loved everything about it from Prerna in tears as all her efforts went in vain to contact her husband to her recollecting how much she had gathered to know about him over the week he took rest at home after the dreadful accident to Bajaj's return and how he had won over everyone and her realization. This is so wonderful that it delighted me so much. CVs show us this pls 🤗♥️❤️

Posted: 6 months ago

Nice OS.

Beautifully written.

So sweet and pleasant 

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