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RB as a cop smiley42 I loved both pre n rishabh's back story here smiley32so looking forward to the next chapter smiley42


I'll surely add you. :)

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Rishabh's intro is really gripping and I really like your take on Rishabh . I'm hooked to this one! Do update soon! 

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Originally posted by Monali5

Rishabh's intro is really gripping and I really like your take on Rishabh . I'm hooked to this one! Do update soon! 

Updating in a few mins :)

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: Chapter Three : Midnight Ramblings:

"I needed her to stop. Needed not to hear the pain in her voice--to see the way she was twisting the pocketbook strap. If she kept talking, she might break down and tell me everything." 

- Wally Lamb, I Know This Much Is True

He wrapped his hand around the cup filled with piping hot 'Kahva' and blew out the brim to make the liquid edible. After he had taken a big enough gulp he looked above at the surroundings in front of him. The house was warm and had an old aura to it. The furniture seemed at least a good fifty years old, the fireplace was pretty worn out and the living room had a minimal amount of showpieces that consisted of mainly old lamps and lanterns. 


He took another sip and moved his gaze on the woman in front of him. She sat there holding her own cup and rotating her index finger over the brim. She was dressed in a plain lemon salwar - kameez and sat there with a shawl wrapped around herself. She was breath-taking if he had to sum it up,  the woman had made electricity jolt through his nerves when she'd accidentally touched his neck to take off his ruined coat. 


The chill of the atmosphere had left a red hue on her fair skin. After almost a minute she looked up at him only to find him staring back . He diverted his gaze back to his cup feeling extremely conscious about his behavior. He rubbed the back of his neck to avoid looking embarrassed and finally spoke. 


"I'm sorry to be here at this hour Ms. Sharma. I- I couldn't do anything the storm got pretty nasty out there." He stated hesitantly. 


"It's- Okay, I'm sorry I didn't even ask your name. How silly of me officer." She spoke in a meek voice. 


"It's okay Ms. Sharma. I'm Rishabh Bajaj, I'm the head investigative officer in Kashmir police." he introduced himself immediately. 


"It's good to meet you... Ummm... Why exactly did you want to meet me?" She finally looked up to his eyes and spoke. 


"I know it might have been a shock to get a call all those years later. I couldn't be more... Sorry for not contacting you. I have read your case file Ms. Sharma. I want to reopen the case again." He said and his breath hitched after he looked at her slightly wet orbs. 


"Why now? It's been eight years now. Back then when he left...vanished, I had filed a report immediately but no one can find anything. The case got closed and I... Somehow managed." She told him correcting herself from spilling her own thoughts that may be highly wrong. 


"I'm not sure how to put this Ms. Sharma,  I don't think you have any idea about this but my father was Ravindra Bajaj, the one who was the investigative officer of your case. Yours was the only one which he couldn't conclude. He died shortly after your case was closed in an encounter. " he said looking away from her. While she looked at him with a pained expression and then finally back at her lap. 


"Your father was a good man. I remember his guilt ridden face when he had told me he couldn't find anything that would make him conclude anything.I was... Devastated, cried till my eyes hurt." He gazed back at the brim of his cup trying to hide the slight formation of tears in his eyes. 


"I can understand, it must have been difficult. Ms. Sharma I want you to let me reopen the case. I know it'll be hard for you, to relive the trauma but I need to form a conclusion. It was my father's regret that he couldn't do anything. Let me help you, Please." he completed his request with a small pleading please. 


"You can. It's not going to be anymore agonizing, he's already gone and I know whatever happened to him he isn't coming back. I'll let you reopen the case Mr.Bajaj." She kept fidgeting with the hem of her kurta


"Thank You so much,  I'm really grateful to you Ms... "


" Prerna ." She looked up and finally lifted her lips in a thin lip tight smile, to which he smiled back. 


"Ummm... I think I should leave. It's pretty late I'll have to drive back before morning. I've got a duty from 7 am. Goodbye."


He spoke and Prerna nodded. Getting up from the place where he was sitting he nodded politely at her and turned around. She walked ahead of him to assist him with the door. With a slight force she pulled the door open to shiver badly. The storm had raged extremely and her front porch was covered in snow completely. 


"Y-You can stay here if you want it's pretty bad out there. If you're not uncomfortable..." She offered him to stay in her house. She had plenty of room and letting him go in this unlikely weather condition would not be feasible. 


"I can drive back, Prerna, it's no big deal." he said. 


"You can certainly, but you shouldn't it's risky. I'm not forcing you just telling you it's unsafe.." She said and looked up at him. He gazed outside the window and heaved a sigh. 


"Okay, I'll stay till the storm dies down."


And with this their fates were sealed.



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Author's note

Hello Lovely Readers,

I'm back with the chapter three of the story and i couldn't be more happier than I am right now. Even though the response is minimal whatever I'm getting here is so so precious thanks to all of you for such absolutely lovely comments and reviews. 

Coming to the update I know this one's a bit less on the story side but next two updates are very very crucial for the story and I want every one of you to stay calm and keep reading and showering me with all the love. Also people who receive the Pms I strongly urge you guys to drop by once in a while and comment anything you feel one way or another. 

A while after I updated second chapter I seriously got a pretty brutal pm stating that PreRish stories are completely sick and readers feel puckish after seeing them on the forum. Which thoroughly speaking came as such a laugh at me, we're almost all adults enough to respect each other's opinions but bashing them really pathetic so I request every AnuPre and PreRish fan to be cordial and respect each other's choices and opinions without any yelling. That's all. 



PS: This update is dedicated to @najma123 aka Naj. <3 who stole my heart with her lovely comment. 

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DO tell me how was it :)

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It was short but very good smiley20

Now waiting for the next update

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Read your note chuckling my ass offsmiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37  Prerish stories are "sick"smiley37smiley37ANYHOW although I don't really know what you've envisioned for this story but these three chapters have made me feel so calm for some reason.That's the vibe the narrative gives and I absolutely love it  or maybe it's just the calm before the storm comes raging in. This RB gives me such a suljha Hua vibe, the kind of person you can trust. Cant wait to read some more! 

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