His Wife (OS)

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This one shot is prequel to both, "your wife " and "My wife" on demand of MisHumptyDumpty

He was lying there in blood and she was standing on stairs....

Maasi and Tanvi run towards him but she stand still there.. Her mother came running to her and jerk her..

"Prerna, Mr. Bajaj..." She looked at her then at him and then she run..

"Mr. Bajaj...." She screamed

Basus came out of their rooms..

She unconsciously jerked Tanvi's hand away and take him in her lap..

"Call the ambulance" she cried..

"Maa.... Kuki..."she asked hopefully

"Hum hai, yha uske sath tum lekr jyo inhe.."she said

All the way in Ambulance she put his head in her lap..and try to stop blood by her saree..

Tears are streaming down her face..

"Meri maa apko kabhi apna damad nahi manegi.."

"Apne meri maa ko paise diye,.."

"Prerna aap bhut strong hai, aap kisi bhi situation se bhar a sakti hai.."

All their previous conversations are echoing in her ears...

"No, i m not this strong, not without...."she stopped herself

She never feels as strong and confident as she felt in last few days of her life..

She knows that, she can order anyone anything, no one can deny her.. She can do anything, go anywhere...because he was always her side, not as a father of their daughter but as her man..

Today they fight, first fight as husband and wife and she behave very rudely with him...

If anything happen to him, what will she told kuki about him..??

"No, no...no... Aap ko kuch nahi hoga..."she held his hand tightly..

They rushed him inside the OT..

Anupum followed her in his car, so did Masi and Tanvi..

"Mam aap bhar wait kariye please.." Nurse told her , and she release his hand..

She was sitting outside, her saree was soaked in his blood..

She closed her eyes..and Anurag words start ringing in her ears  

She cluthed her Mangalsutra to her, as his life depend on it..

Someone put hand on her shoulder..

Her mother was standing there...

"Maa.... Kuki.."she asked

"Ghar pr hai shivani ke sath.."she told her and sit beside her..

"Maa, ye sab... Mai apni bacchi ko kese samjhaungi... Wo..." she hugged her mother..

"Jab humne suna na ki tumhari ek beti bhi hai, tab hume tum pr bhut gussa aya.. Lekin ab..ab bhut fkr hai..ki humari beti ek bhut acchi maa hai..jo khud se phle apne bacche k bare mai sochti hai.." She said..

She smile in tears...

"Wo chate the ki aapke aur mere beech sab thk ho jye, lekin sab ese thk hoga..." She told her mother

" kuch nahi hoga unhe Prerna, tum rona band kro .." 

And she nodded..

Doctors came out of OT, 

"Doctor, Mr. Bajaj..." She rushed towards him

So, as others..

"Don't worry Mrs. Bajaj sir mai chot thi, stitches kr diye hai..aur right hand mai minor fracture hai.."he told..

She sighed in relief..

"Abhi unhe room mai shift kar denge, tab aap unse mil sakti hai.., and yes unhe at least 10 days tk complete rest aur proper care ki jaroorat hai.."

He left with smile..

After some time, he shifted in his room..

Everyone met him, but she was standing silently in corner of the room..

"Mr. Bajaj, hum apse kese mafi mange ,humne jese apke sath..."he cut her in between

"Aapko naraz hone ka haq hai..maa...maa bula sakta hu mai apko..?"he asked

She looked towards Prerna, and then him..

"Haa, aap bilkul bula sakte hai hume maa, hum priyu ki maa hai to apki bhi maa hi hue naa.."she smile at him..

" fir aap bhi muje ye Mr. Bajaj nhi bulaiye, aap Rishabh bula skti hai, maasi bhi yhi bulati hai.."he said

"Nahi, hum apko Damad ji khkr bulayenge.. log to apko yhi bulate hai, humare manne se phle hi.."she said..

"Maa kabhi apko apna damad nahi manegi.."

He looked at her, and shocked to see her smiling at them..

"Ab aap rest kariye, aur kuki ki chinta bilkul mat kijiye wo humare sath hai..apni nani ke sath.."she said

"Bas uska dhyn rakhiyehga aap.."he said

She nodded and left his room..

Prerna went to her mother to bid her bye..while maasi and tanvi enter the room to show their fake concern..

"Hum jante hai, tumhara rishta abhi utna majboot nahi hai, lekin prerna agar tumne unhe apna pati chuna hai to mano bhi......"

She make her understand her relation with the man wo can give away his life for her and her family...

As she enters his room...

"Aap bhi maasi aur tanvi ke sath ghar jakr rest kr lijiye..aap..."

"mai khi nhi ja rhi hu...,aur aap ye sab chhodiye aur rest kijiye..."she told him in anger....

"Maasi..aap aur Tanvi ghar jaiye, mai hu yha pr inke sath.."she told them politely

"Tum akele kese rukogi, Tanvi bhi tumhare sath ruk jyegi.."masi asked

"Mai akeli kha hu, Mr. Bajaj hai na... Hum dono hai ek dusre ke liye, aap jaiye.."

He was watching her,her words were shocking him again and again..

Masi and Tanvi left at last...

"Aap chahe to ja sakti hai, Mehra hai yha.."he told her..

"Aapne Mr. Mehra se shhadi ki hai?"she asked him again in anger..


"Nahi naa, fr wo yha kyu rukenge, apki wife mai hu,ye haq mera hai.." She said..

"Prerna , aap.."

"Kya Prerna, jab khud ki life ke sath risk liya tha tab Prerna yaad nahi ayi..., kya hota hum sabka.."and she start crying

He tried to sit..." Prerna mai thik hu, aap ye...ye rona band kijiye... I don't know how to..deal with this.." He told her honestly

She run and hugged him, for the first time...he was taken back by her action..

He slowly put his one hand on her back..

"I am fine, Mrs. Bajaj... everything is okay, relax..please.."he tried to console her..

She composed herself...and came out of the hug...

Then make him lie down on his bed ,and told him to rest..and take her seat on couch..

He slept in minutes due to medicines..and she also lie down on couch facing him...

In Morning, when she open her eyes he was arguing with the doctor..

"What happen..?"she asked..

"Mrs. Bajaj tell him to rest, he cannot go to office like this.."doctor said

"I know doctor, and don't worry he is not going anywhere, he will be on proper rest and you just tell me about precautions.."she said..

"Mrs. Bajaj, ye aap.."Mr. Bajaj try to speak but she make him silent with her glares..

"I promise you doctor, as "His wife"...he will follow all your orders and precautions.."she declared 

And he again looked at her, in shock...

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Posted: 2 months ago

I had a HUGE SMILE while reading this. 😄😁 thank you for the prequel. 

Ab toh Aadat si hogayi hai, din ke end mein to read ek ya do OS from your side. smiley42smiley4smiley36

I loved this OS so much smiley31

RDi Mod ji gets her VB scenes too smiley36 

Also Prerna. aiye haiye haiye smiley27smiley36 mar jawan iss prerna aur uski patar patar baaton par. So sweet. smiley27 

Very cute 😘🤗♥️

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by MisHumptyDumpty

I had a HUGE SMILE while reading this. 😄😁 thank you for the prequel. 

Ab toh Aadat si hogayi hai, din ke end mein to read ek ya do OS from your side. smiley42smiley4smiley36

I loved this OS so much smiley31

RDi Mod ji gets her VB scenes too smiley36 

Also Prerna. aiye haiye haiye smiley27smiley36 mar jawan iss prerna aur uski patar patar baaton par. So sweet. smiley27 

Very cute 😘🤗♥️

I am happy,you liked it..

Thank you😊😊

Posted: 2 months ago

Biwi worried for her patismiley42. I loved how she took the first step taking care of him negliecting everything and everyone else except their daughter. So Veena finally melts and supported her daughter. Sasuma and damaad conversationsmiley9. Veena's suggestion to Prernasmiley32. Finally, that hug crying for him and showing rights stopping him from going to officesmiley42.

Posted: 2 months ago

Awesome! smiley10

We are used to your one-shots now.

Posted: 2 months ago

Awwieee... This is really cute..

Prerna's boss mode is on.. wow...

Bajju shocked.... Priyu rocked 😎

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