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Rishab entered inside the private ward along with Kuki to see his wife looking tired and pale but there was new glow on her face, happy smile playing on her lips while their son was sleeping cocooned in his mother's warmth, he approached them slowly and sat beside Prerana while she forwarded her hands asking him silently to take their son in his arms while he just looked at her in fear which confused her.

"What happened Rishab?" Prerana asked.

"What if I hurt him?" Rishab asked her silently which made her smile at his innocence, he is a ruthless businessman who doesn't stop before the destruction of someone if they harm his family but here he is fearing of hurting his son.

"You will not Rishab, forward your hands," Prerana said softly and placed their son in his arms and the minute Rishab took his son in his hands he felt immense happiness and pride in his heart and kissed Prerana's forehead thanking her while Kuki was busy admiring and playing with the baby. Just then Veena along with Anurag and Basus entered inside while they were uninvited people.

"Priyu, how can you behave with Rishab's Maasi and Tanvi like that? Are those the morals and values I taught you? Veena asked glaring at her daughter angrily.

"Maa, they are not Rishab's family because the chose betray that man who gets and does everything on their whim so they can have a comfortable life and not feel any pain or suppressed desires but they chose to break his heart while endangering our daughter's life and as his wife and a mother I'm not going to sit silent let people allow to hurt my husband and just because he doesn't express or show his emotions that doesn't mean I cannot understand his silence and pain, I very well know what he is feeling now right now but he is a master in enclosing his emotions within himself and Maa if it is needed take these type measure again in my life I will do it because I'm not going to sit in sidelines and let everyone walk on my husband's heart crushing it under their feet because they will be facing me Mrs Prerana Rishab Bajaj," Prerana said firmly shocking everyone while Rishab was looking at her with pain and love.

"Mrs Bajaj, I-"Rishab was going to say something when Prerana just placed a forehead kiss which stunned him with her forwardness rising heat to his cheeks while Anurag was burning in jealousy.

"Prerana, How can you talk with Maa like this and whatever you did with them is cruel and very ruthless," Anurag shouted waking up the baby and startling Kuki in fear which increased Prerana's Angry bar to high and Rishab was trying to calm down their son and daughter.

"Who are you to interfere in between my family matters Mr Basu?" Prerana asked coldly which made Anurag look at her in shock.

"You love me Prerana and how can you-" Anurag was saying something else but was interrupted by a hand.

"I loved you Mr Basu, you are page of my past not anymore a part of my present or future because I have moved on from you and your love which was nothing but a golden cage weaved into a beastly fairy tale, I'm not disrespecting your love but it was always who sacrificed in this relation in order to protect you just because I loved you but the truth was in our relation there was nothing except love which made both of us suffer and you love shackles me to you and your family whereas Rishab's loyalty and care give me freedom to me to be what I want to be without any restrictions and I'm not going to let him go from my life and as I said you are nothing but a page of past, nothing more yeah you will be in my memories as my first love nothing more than that and even you should move on from me, Good Bye Mr Anurag Moloy Basu, Your chapter is closed," Prerana said pointing her hand towards door which left everyone in saturation state for few seconds, then along with Anurag rest of others also moved out while Rishab was gazing at her continuously.

"What are you looking at Rishab?" Prerana asked smiling softly looking at her children.

"How can you accept me, a person who snatched your love from you, made a deal out of marriage,separated you from your family for eight months and I made you a characterless woman to just bring a mother's love in my daughter's life in front of the world then how can still want  to be part of this relation, how can you accept me as your husband, how can you care for me and most of all how can you love me as I'm nothing but a selfish person?" Rishab asked shocking her.

"What do you mean by loving you and how do you know and can say that I Love you?"Prerana asked nervously.

"Prerana, I'm not blind about the way you look at me, care for me and most of it the love that shines in your eyes towards me indicates that you love me but something is stopping you from confessing it and I will wait for that day," Rishab said softly.

"You are not a bad person Rishab, you just closed the doors of your heart to the outer world so that you will not get hurt or will feel pain once again and in that process you just yourself somewhere, you are right you separated me from Anurag but maybe I was never his, he was a way for us to find each other, you didn't separate me from my family they chose to ignore till I went to them and explained everything they were angry on me because they love me and I'm their daughter, even Maa accepted you as her son-in-law and you are not a selfish person Rishab,if you are selfish even then I'm also a selfish person because parents will always feel selfish when it comes to their children and they can go to any extent to fulfill those wishes which they crave for and I love you as Rishab whom I'm getting to know slowly not the Rishab Bajaj whom world knows. I LOVE YOU Rishab," Prerana said declaring her love and he looked at her in love and gratitude.

"I Love You Too Prerana thank you for coming into mine and Kuki's life as an Angel spreading happiness around us and making a house as a Home where at the end of day we crave for your presence and fragrance in the house and our life, I love You," Rishab said kissing her forehead and their moment was disturbed Kuki and the new Baby which brought a laugh from the couple.

"We love you too," They said in unison cuddling the both children earning a smile from them.

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a lovely update.  very sweet.

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Rishabh worrying that he would hurt the baby, he is so caringsmiley27. The happy family feelssmiley27.

Veenasmiley7, she will never learnsmiley29. Prerna's answer to her issmiley20. Prerna kissed Rishabh in front of everyonesmiley42. Who is Anurag to talk about the Bajaj familysmiley7. Prerna's words for Anuragsmiley20

Their confessionsmiley42smiley27. The happy familysmiley27smiley27smiley27.

This is such an amazing partsmiley27

Posted: 2 months ago

Excellent update! 

Posted: 2 months ago

Wow such a beautiful update...❤️❤️👌❤️👌 I liked the strong prerna

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Beautiful update smiley32

Loved the family momentsmiley1

Waiting for next 

Posted: 2 months ago

I love it especially the confrontation an the I love yous. Please update soon 

Posted: 2 months ago

Nice story

Continue soon

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