Humnava Mere -My Love (Prerish ff) part-7(page-8) *2/11*

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Hello everyone, this is my first fanfiction on Prerana and Rishab. I hope you will like this.


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She was driving the car furiously to reach the Basu Publications Office to meet Anurag. She never thought her life would change so drastically prior to six months, she married a man who is ruthless, arrogant and cruel who destroys other's world just for his satisfaction just to protect the love of her life, but now when she started to understand the man who is her husband who has hidden behind a mask with a golden heart she can't help herself but admire him, to respect him and most of all to fall for him in love even though she knows her feelings will not be reciprocated.

The first sign that made her realize that she is gaining a soft spot in her heart for her husband Mr Bajaj was when she saw how he loved his daughter Sneha, he may be ruthless to the world but for his daughter, he is nothing but a loved and joyful doting father who places the world under his daughter's feet the moment she asked. Then slowly she started to understand him because he never crossed or excised his rights of being her husband, he gave her space, he gave her and her family respect which was not the case with Basus who always found a way to humiliate them. Slowly she started to excise her wife rights in him even without realizing yet he accepted that without a fuss yet he stayed aloof, cold and indifferent towards which is hurting her and now she when she came to know about the reason he wanted to destroy Basus made her heart within agony.

She came out of her thoughts and entered inside the building walking towards Anurag's office in a hurry and a opened the door with a bang which startled Anurag and Niveditha who is with her brother to discuss a deal.

"I want to talk to you alone, NOW, " Prerana stated firmly which made the both of them frown.

"Now see her Prerana, you don't have any right to barge like this into our office, " Niveditha said.

"I'm not here to argue to Mrs Niveditha, I want to have a talk with your brother so leave, " Prerana stated firmly.

"Nivi go outside and wait for me, I will call you again, " Anurag said and Niveditha went out stomping her foot hard on the ground to show her annoyance and once she left Prerana turned towards Anurag with determination in her eyes.

"Tell me Prerana, what do you want to talk to me? Or did you realize your mistake of marrying that man and came here to get me back?" Anurag asked which disputed her very much.

"THAT MAN IS MY HUSBAND AS YOU PUT IT and now I want to tell you why my husband seemed revenge from your family, " Prerana said and when Anurag heard the word my husband from her it made his blood boil.

"Okay, so what did you find?" Anurag asked dismissively.

"Anurag Your mother Mohini Basu killed his father because he wanted his share of money and property for which he worked hard along with your father and grandfather but he was denied which made Rishab's father angry and go to court but before he can reach court on the hearing day he was killed in a car accident along  with his wife and thei10-year old daughter which made My husband an orphan in a day but the case was closed because Kakababu gave money to police to close the case stating it as an accident, " Prerana said in a breath and looked up to see his blank face.

"I know about all this before itself Prerana, but I kept silent because they are my family, " Anurag said.

"Anurag, do you have any idea about what you are saying?" Prerana asked shockingly.

"I know I will do it again to protect my parents, " Anurag replied.

"Anurag even Rishab lost his family and you are supporting murders who made a 14-year-old boy an orphan, who did not have anyone to love him or to take care of him, " Prerana said.

"I know but I don't care because I want my family safe and I will do anything for them that is the reason I told you to leave him and come back as well as I love you, " Anurag said trying to hold her.

"I'm sorry to say this Anurag but from today I don't have any relation with you or Basu family and the l9ve I had for you is a mere memory in my mind and the love I felt for you faded away as the time passed. Goodbye Mr Basu and from now onwards you will see me as Mrs Prerana Rishab Bajaj, " Prerana replied.

"Prerana you can't let our love fade away, I love you and I know you love me too, " He said trying to catch her but just the door got opened only for Rishab to see the vulnerable expression his wife's face and the way Anurag trying to catch her.

"No Mr Basu our love was past which is a mere memory, now I don't love you and will never return to you, as now I'm the wife of Rishab Bajaj, mother of Sneha Bajaj and daughter in law of Bajaj family and now onwards you will stay away from me, " Prerana replied but still Anurag tried to catch her and she was moving back which made her dash into a chair near legs which made her stumble and fall down but was saved by Mr Bajaj and once when Prerana realized who caught her, she opened her eyes and relief washed through her all the while Rishab was looking in her eyes.

"MR BASU, MY WIFE TOLD YOU TOO STAY AWAY FROM HER AND IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY THEN STAY AWAY BECAUSE, I DON'T LIKE SOMEONE INVADING MY PERSONAL LIFE AND THINGS, " Rishab ordered in commanding and low voice by taking Prerana outside while she was looking at him continuously which is making him squirm in his position but still his face was impassive.

I hope the starting is good enough for fiction.

Please let me know through your comments and likes. Thank you.


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Mine for.later

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Good start  .. Continue soon..

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Awesome start! Continue soon❤️


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Good start,update soon. Thanks 

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Very good beginning... please continue it soon....

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very good start update soon

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Awesome dear ... Please continue

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