Idea of Graduating from Bollywood to Hollywood DATED : Deepika

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In an exclusive interview to Porter by DP : here are some excerpts:


If the intention was to grab attention beyond India, where as the country’s highest-paid actress she has no trouble getting attention, it succeeded. “It’s not so much about having an impact in the West,” she corrects, “as it is about pushing the boundaries for myself. I am that girl who loves fashion and loves dressing up.” Besides, the idea of an actor wanting to graduate from Bollywood to Hollywood? “I feel that’s a bit dated,” she says. “Today, the world is much more than that. If anything, I think today the West is looking east.

I ask what she thinks Bollywood is doing right and could teach the West? “To cast in a more diverse manner,” she says after a long pause. “While the conversation about diversity seems to happen in Hollywood now, I feel there is still a long way to go before they truly understand it.” Does that mean she is still only being offered ‘the Indian’ roles (parts defined entirely by their ethnicity)? “Yes. Or the exotic. The exotic assistant to the detective,” she rolls her eyes. Now when she takes meetings in LA, it’s with a particular intention in mind. “I am going to meetings to let people know not just about me, but that there is a whole big world out there beyond America,” she says. “And they need to see that.”

The biggest fashion risk that Deepika Padukone ever took? No question. “The neon green Giambattista Valli gown  with a bandana on my head,” she says decisively which She wore to Cannes earlier this year. “My stylist was doubtful,” she admits. “She was like, I love the gown, but I’m not sure you want the headband.” The headband was optional? “Not for me. It was optional for my stylist. But I was like, we’re doing this. One hundred percent. There was no doubt in my mind.

If the West is looking east, it’s increasingly in the direction of Deepika Padukone (pronounced Dee-pick-ah Pad-oo-coon), the 33-year-old actress who is shifting goalposts in Bollywood. In that regard, the past 12 months have been dizzying. Not only was she named one of Times 100 Most Influential People of 2018, she became the first woman ever to make the top five of Forbes’ India Celebrity 100 in December (thanks to her latest hit, Padmaavat, a historical epic that grossed $90m at the global box office), and in April landed the cover of American Vogue’s ‘Global Talent’ issue, alongside Scarlett Johansson and Doona Bae. “Deepika is the best Earth has to offer,” declared her 2017 XxX: Return of Xander Cage co-star Vin Diesel with typical swagger.

Its a long interview read at

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Why is it dated? Hollywood has a wider audience, bigger impact, more money. The very reason you chose to come to Bollywood even though you debuted with a Kannada film, because BW is bigger and richer than Sandalwood.

If it was strictly about pushing your boundaries as an actor, there are many good films being made in India itself. Who is stopping you from doing a Marathi, Kannada or a Bengali film? Nobody, but you still do XXX like it's a path-breaking film.

Why don't you just be honest that it just presents bigger prospects so makes sense to attempt it in Hollywood? Drop the pretense.

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Why don't you just admit that you have been trying really hard but with no luck... Girl who would'nt stop about FF n her so called baby making stint with Vin all to get attention there bt you floppedsmiley36Your PR gimmick dint work there like here..

As if they don't know about the existance of india that mohatarma has to dress ugly n pose to let them know see India has weirdos toosmiley39

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Originally posted by regnow

Not necessarily. With a billion Indians in the world, the audience size is debatable. The money also is only a slight possibility because the people making the big bucks in Hollywood are only the tiny percentage of elites that Deepika would not be able to break into. There are literally only a handful of actresses in Hollywood who would be making more money than Deepika yearly. Even if she tried, she wouldn't make it into that pack so there is more money in BW for her.

Hollywood films are watched by Indians + by the rest of the world. So no, the audience size isn't debatable. The reach of HW is much bigger and wider.

What Deepika makes in India per film, let's just say 10 crore, which is less than 1.5 million dollars. Actresses in HW can make up to 40 million per movie if you are able to make it to the top. A Gal Gadot who rose to fame recently ears 10 million per film. Even if Deepika is able to replicate 20% of Gal Gadot's success, she will be earning more than what she does in India.

Also, it is to be noted that Deepika is just getting started in HW. When she entered Bollywood, she was being paid in lakhs, less than 0.1 million dollars. It took her 10 years work to get where she did today. Similarly if she hustles enough in HW, she might get to a respectable position where she earns big bucks.

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While Hollywood is as ageist as Bollywood it could still give her an extra 10-15 years more shelf life if she maintains her body. She's in her 30s now and with so many nepo schoolgirls on the horizon she needs to branch out.

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