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Hello people 

I am back with my new story based on #khoonselatpatbajaj

So there will be maximum 3 parts 

And you'll found all the pulàv/Biryani we made in PreRish AT in this story

So without wasting anymore time

Here's the 

Part A

Prerna's shocked to see Mr Bajaj drenched in blood , that attack was for her, someone was trying to kill her ,but to save her Mr Bajaj did not even care for his life and not even his daughter cookie who is his life .

After coming out of shock Prerna screamed "MR BAJAJ" , and tears were starting falling from her eyes after seeing her bloodied husband who was in this state because of her "why Mr Bajaj why you saved me" asked Prerna to her husband who was slowly losing his concious , in faint voice he told Prerna to take care of cookie if something happens to him

She got terrified to hear such words from him and tell him in loud and voice

"Kuch nhi hoga aapko,suna aapne kuch nhi hoga ,aur cookie ka Dhyan hum dono milke rakhenge use hum dono ki zaroorat hai" she's afraid to lose him....His eyes are going to closed when she yelled "koi ambulance bulao" tears are continuously from her eyes to see such a strong person in this state and only because of her 

After few minutes ambulance came and they take him into it..... she was going to climb in the ambulance when she feels a little pull ,she turned and found cookie crying hysterically ,she feel pained to see her ,her best day has become the worst and IF something happened to her papa her birthday will remain the worst day in her life and only because of her 

Prerna clutched cookie in her arms and try to stop her crying by patting on her back and consoling her saying "kuch nhi hoga papa ko" when ambulance driver interrupts them and informed that they're getting late ,so she get in the ambulance taking cookie along with her.

After sometime they reached the hospital and prerna filled all the formalities and doctors starts the operation 

Massi Tanvi came running showing a fake concern "Rishabh kaha hai "

"Operation theatre" prerna informed the mother daughter duo in dismiss tone and at the same time nurse came with consent form and asked " patient k immediate relative"

"Main Rishabh ki Massi hu , dijiye Mai sign Karti hu" she was going to snatch paper from her hands when a strong voice stopped her and said "Mai Mr Bajaj ki wife hoon Mrs Prerna Rishabh Bajaj" and without her saying nurse automatically give form to Prerna 

Her hands were shivering while signing the form ,she give a quick glance at kuki who was praying to God like she told her ,she take a deep breath and without wasting anymore time signed the papers and handover it to nurse.

all the time Prerna was just praying for her husband and remembers the time she spent with him ....yeah their marriage was just a deal and he never expected any wifely duties  from her but himself fullfiled every duties of a husband ,he never disrespect her always give her the respect every woman deserves of whatever status they belonged,respect which she never got from Basu's but still she behaves and talk rudely to him for those basus who never leave a chance to demean her and her family and what she did every time they demean her ,she lashes out her anger at him.

"Oh god please please save Mr Bajaj my husband please save him I promise I'll become the wife he deserves ...ok not for me but for kuki. Save him  how can she live without her papa please god please save him " she prayed in her heart while waiting for operation to complete

After sometime the light of operation theatre went off and surgeons came outside and announced that operation is successful but still they have to keep him in under observation

Hearing doctors that he's safe now bring a fresh tears in her eyes but this time because of happiness she thanked god and take kuki in her embrace who's also smiling hearing that he's papa is safe and not going anywhere leaving Mumma and her alone like that Mohini aunty told her when her Mumma was crying taking her Papa's head on her lap.

After sometime they shifed RB to I.C.U as he got severe injuries so he still needs proper care and he's also in under observation as he didn't even get a little bit of his conciousness back .

"Prerna I think ab tumhe ghar jana chaiye aaram karna chahiye kabse tum yaha baithi ho kapde bhi change nhi kiye....jao ghar jaake rest karo hum yaha hai na Rishabh k pass aur kuki ka Apne papa ko chodke jaane ka Dil nhi karega toh hum yaha kuki aur Rishabh ka ache se Dhyan rakhenge you don't worry " Massi said showing her fake concern

"Apne PATI aur BETI ka khayal Mai khud rakh Sakti hu mujhe kisi k help ki zaroorat nhi hai " she declined her offer politely but sternly with a silent warning behind her words

Massi got little shock hearing her words and she continues 

"Infact aap dono ghar jaiye ,dono ka yaha koi kaam nhi hai" 

"How dare you " Tanvi glowered at her and continues "tum Hoti kon ho Hume Rishabh se dur bhejne wala kuch din hi hue hai tumhe aaye hue.....par hum rishabh Ko bohot pehle se jante hai hum family hai Rishabh ki"

"Aur Mai WIFE hoon Mr Bajaj ki "Prerna spat back

"And as a wife I've full right to decide for him if he's not in state to take decision and I've already took the decision so it's better you both leave from there" she emphasized 

Massi glared at her and said "Rishabh is baat k liye tumhe kabhi maaf nhi karega" then take her daughter's hand and left

Prerna recalled the moments which forced her to take that decision


Prerna is upset to watch her husband dancing with another girl even if that girl is Tanvi his cousin.... cousin seriously but who dances so sensuous with their cousin

Something is feeling so odd between them....and people also started watching her with sympathetic eyes and Mohini n nibi was smriking at her ,then she thought about massi,that she must be feeling so bad looking at her daughter's shameful actions but when she turned towards her ,she found her smiling dreamily like she always wanted them to be together but why they are cousin and Mr Bajaj never look at her in that sense but the main point is he's married to ME how can they even think like that and Mr Bajaj he's feeling so uncomfortable dancing with her but still didn't dared to embarrassed her by Leaving her alone on the because he thinks them as his family and respects so much 

But this Mother Daughter duo is not what they pretends something is weird about them but what 

Flashback ends

I don't know who wanted to kill me and end up harming Mr Bajaj but at this moment no one can be trusted she have to be careful.

Next day RB didn't opened his eyes but responding to every treatment..... doctor said that's he's still in effect of anestasia so it'll take time 

She entered ICU with kuki and kuki looked at him with sad she want her old papa back who cuddles her give her poochies and who can sense her presence without looking at her but here he's lying on this bed without knowing that since yesterday his kuki is waiting for him ...she look at her Mumma and asked her in sign language that why papa is not opening his eyes 

Prerna look at her painfully and answered "Abhi papa ko chot lagi hai na toh doctor ne dawai di jisse wo so rhe hai aur jab wo uthenge toh kuki k pehle wale papa ban jayenge " her answer make kuki happy 

But Prerna is still worried, worried for their daughter ,since last night she didn't eat anything and refused to eat too but the actual tension is she can't let her stay on hospital, yesterday was an exception 

And don't trust anybody in Basu Bari including the mother daughter duo to look after her daughter then the thought come in her mind that her maa can look after her so she dialled her number but she was cutting her calls 

Then again a thought came in her mind if she's ready to take care of their daughter when didn't even came to see him ....yeah she left before that happens but still the news must have reached her ears can her mom change so much that she don't even

 able to differentiate between right or wrong 

She dialled shivi's number and before she say anything she ordered her to give phone to maa but she refused saying that maa will not talk to her 

"Agar baat nhi karti hai toh unke pass leja aur phone speaker par daal " she emphasized

When she heared shivi "phone speaker par hai"

She started " Maa Mai manti hoon Maine galti ki apni shaddi k bare Mai pehle apko nhi bataya but ap kya kar rhi hai Bina kuch jaane Apne toh faisla Suna diya aur bol diya nhi hoon Mai apki beti aur itna paraya kar diya mujhe ki yaha mere pati maut se lad rhe the aur ek Baar bhi aap pata karne nhi aayi ,aur aap keh rhi thi na Mr Bajaj k liye Mai sirf ek property hoon unhi Mr Bajaj ne iss property Ko bachane k liye apni Jaan ki bhi fikar nhi ki unhone ye tak nahi socha agar unhe kuch ho gya toh kuki ka kya hoga aur aap fir bhi nhi aayi" she was literally crying at the end of the call kuki came near her and wipe her tears and shake her head like saying no crying

"Ok Mai nhi roungi ab " and she embraced her daughter 

Somehow Prerna convinced kuki to eat something but on a condition that she'll eat too how can she refused her cute little request ,so she hold her hand and take her to the hospital canteen

When they came back ,Prerna was surprised to saw her mother sitting outside the ICU with shivi 


Veena look at her and scolded " itni badi hogyi ki Bina kuch sune phone kaat diya ...nhi pata tha damad ji hospital Mai hai tumhe kya lagta hai tumhari maa itni kathor Dil hai "

Prerna was surprised to hear damadji from her mother ...just yesterday she refused to even accept their marriage 

Without saying anything she just throw herself in her mother arms and crying hysterically....veena comforted her and said "shhh aise nhi rote ...sab theek ho jayega dekho tumhe dekh k tumhari ye bachi bhi ro rhi hai " thwn she come out of her mother embrace and wipe her tears looking at kuki "Mai nhi ro rhi "

Then she take kuki's hand and make her meet her Naani but was scared of her mother's reaction if she'll accept kuki as grand daughter or not but to her amusement ,veena pickup her daughter and shower her with hugs and kisses

After seeing that her mother has accepted her di ,she also came forward and hugs her di and introduced herself as Massi

"Priyu itni der se dekh rhe hai kuki kuch bol kyo nhi rhi " veena asked Prerna but when she didn't get her answer she looks at her daughter who was also looking at her painfully she gasped and embraced her newly found grand daughter to her heart .

After sometime they thought to leave but before they left Prerna request them to also take kuki with them and they readily agreed but kuki was not ready to leave her Mumma 

"Hum apki Mumma ki Mumma hai na hum apka ache se khyal rakhenge apko swad swad khana khilayenge kahaniya sunayenge aur ek baat bataye apki Mumma ki bachpan ki photos bhi dikhayenge " 

Kuki was little bit excited to watch her Mumma's photos and then she look at her Mumma who was nodding and said go with Naani .....then she happily hold her nanni's hand and left with them 

And Prerna take a sigh of relief as now she's not worried about her daughter now she's in good hands

After something doctor declared that RB's stable and anytime can open his eyes and they're shifting him to private ward.


Ignore typo error as I didn't proofread it

You can check my other stories here

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Part B (last part)

Mr Bajaj have shifted to private ward and now prerna was waiting for him to open his eyes and say some witty remarks  ...she just wanted to hear his voice.

Prerna was sitting on chair beside the bed resting her head on his arm when the door open abruptly and enters Anurag Basu ....Prerna's shocked to see him here and asked him a bit angrily "what are you doing here"

"Tumhe lene aaya hu chalo mere saath bas bohot ho gya tumhara caring wife ka natak ....isse acha mauka nhi milega ab Bajaj humara kuch nhi bigad Sakta jab tak use hosh aayega hum in Sab se dur ja chuke honge"

"How dare you " she hissed "tumhari himmat kaise Hui mujhe ye sab kehne ki...chale jao yaha se isse pehle mai security Ko bulao"

"Mai Kahi nhi ja rha ...Mai jaunga toh tumhe saath leke jaunga ..... Prerna tum samjh" he was trying to hold her but before he did she warned him "don't you dare touch me.....ghin aane lagi hai mujhe tumpe aur tumhari soch pe.....bohot seh liya Maine ye samjhke that you are hurt but no mr Bajaj was right ye tumhara pyaar nhi zid hai mujhe paane ki zid aur tumhari ye zid kabhi puri nhi hone wali" "aur Mai tumhari mera mangalsutra todne wali baat Bhuli nhi hu....dubara tumne Aisa socha bhi na toh tumhara samna Prerna se nhi MRS RISHABH BAJAJ se Hoga "

Anurag's is shocked to see her this side,her eyes are spitting fire  she never reacted like that before than what happened now and he leaves 


Rishabh Bajaj got his concious long back but was enjoying his wife touch and care and one more reason was he didn't want to disturb her when she was sleeping resting her head on his arm ,she was looking tired . Then he hear door open abruptly which broke her sleep but still he kept his eyes closed and he got shocked to hear his voice and the words he said made him so angry but he's happy that finally his wife has shown him his place 


Prerna turns to get back on her seat when she got surprised to find his eyes wide open ..he's awake ...she turn to go and call doctor when his voice stopped him "Prerna" she turns and look at him ....she's feeling a mixed emotion which make tears flow down her eyes 

"Idhar aaiye " Rishabh request her in weak voice which she readily agreed and sits on the seat near his bed....she wipe the tears from her eyes as they're blurring her vision . 

"Aap ro kyo rhi hai " he asked 

"Aap mere liye apni Jaan ki bhi fikar na kare aur Mai aapke liye ro bhi nhi Sakti " she snapped

"I asked because pehle kabhi koi mere liye aise nhi roya" 

"Toh aadat daal li jiye" she retorts "apki life Mai bohot si cheeze aisi hogi jo pehle kabhi nhi hui hongi"

Rishabh is really surprised the angry side of her.....yeah he had seen her angry many time actually all the time with him since the time they got married but this time it's different and he's also not getting upset with her snapping actually he's happy and a small smile adorn his lips 

But where's kuki , Massi Tanvi they're not seen anywhere so he asked

"Prerna ....kuki??"

"Wo kuki Ko Maine maa k sath Sharma niwas bhej diya hai" she answered without looking at him

He's shocked to know that kuki is with her mother in her house but why....he's worried for her as she don't like strangers

"Aapko kuki Ko waha bhejne ki kya zaroorat thi ,kuki is not comfortable with strangers ,ghar bhej deti Massi aur Tanvi the na kuki ka Dhyan rakhne k liye ...Apne apni maa Ko kyo takleef di" he rebuked and flooded her with series of questions

"Pehli baat meri maa stranger nhi kuki ki Nani hai aur dusri I don't trust Massi n Tanvi ...isliye Maine unhe ghar bhej diya...Abhi pta chalega apko hosh aa gya toh aayenge apko meri shikayat lagane" she said with blank face and Rishabh was unable to understand her emotion

"Why you don't trust them " he asked calmly 

"I don't know ok I don't know" she answered in frustration "it's just that mujhe unse positive vibes nhi aati aise lagta hai jaise wo dikha rhe hai waise hai nhi ....aur aap dono jab dance" she bite her tounge and scold herself in mind 'ye kya bolne wali thi ki dono k dance tujhe acha nhi laga isliye tu use pasand nhi Karti.....kya sochte wo tere baare Mai"

"Jab dance ?.... please apna sentence complete kijiye ...kya kehna chahti thi aap ...jab dance k aage" he urged 

"Kuch nhi...kuch nhi kehna tha mujhe " she ignored his question and look elsewhere

"I think I know aap kya kehna chahti thi but time aane par apse hi Sunna chaunga" he tell her teasingly and Prerna looks down in embarassment

"Waise ab aap thak gyi hogi toh ghar jakar Tanvi Ko bhej dijiye wo mere sath Ruk jayegi" he said innocently faking concern

But his this sentence make her angry and she snapped at him

"Kyo wo kyo rukegi....aapki wife Mai hu ..Mai hi rukungi"

He smile a little at her reaction

"Waise ab toh aap apna sentence complete jar Sakti hai"

"Urghhh ha Bura lag rha tha ok aap us Tanvi k sath jab dance kar rhe the toh Bura lag rha tha  kisi bhi patni Ko lagega .....par ye aap bataiye aapko sharam nhi aayi apni Biwi k saamne kisi aur k sath dance karte hue" she turned the  tables at him 

" Wo I thought aap mere saath dance karna pasand nhi karegi"

"Apne pucha" he shake his head negatively "bas khud hi assume kar liya" and make faces slightly turning her face sideways

"Waise sharam nhi aati aapko Abhi Abhi hosh Aya hai aur itni baate karne lag gye hai" she chides him which make his mouth open as she is the one who's getting angry and picking up fights

"Rukiye Mai doctor Ko bula kar aati hu" and she went to call the doctor

Doctor checked him and declared that his vitals are working properly ,still needs rest to cure his outside injuries.

After checking him doctor left but something is still making her worried and after watching her worries face Rishabh asked

"Prerna ab kya hua aap itni pareshan kyo hai"

Prerna walked near him and answered

"Pareshan nhi hu bas soch rhi thi ...I know wo apki Massi hai apki family hai aur aisi baat sunke aapko Bura lagega mujhpe gussa ayega.....mujhe ..mujhe Massi aur Tanvi ka behaviour kuch theek nhi Mai bhi I noticed jab sab mujhe pity se dekh rhe the Massi ap dono Ko admire kar rhi thi ....aur kaise wo har baat par har kaam k liye Tanvi Ko apke taraf push Karti hai sab bohot weird lagta hai" 

"Mai Sab Janta hoon bhi Janta hoo wo day 1 se apko pasand nhi karti....aur ho Sakta hai is accident k peeche Massi aur Tanvi ka hi hath ho"

His revelation shocked Prerna 

"Aap dono k baare Mai Sab kuch jaante hai fir bhi unhe Apne ghar rehne diya wo ghar Jahan apki beti bhi ...kyo"

"Kyo...har kyo ka koi jawab nhi hota Prerna..... uncle ki death k Baad Massi bohot Akeli thi toh Maine unhe yaha bula liya kukki us time 1saal ki thi...Massi toh ayi saath Mai apni ek beti bhi layi jiske baare Mai mujhe kuch nhi pta tha.....Mai maa se Suna tha Maine unki behan thodi selfish nature ki hai money minded I still let them live in my house thinking mujhe kya farak pad jayega agar wo thoda paisa le bhi lenge...but kuch time Baad dono k lifestyle aur behaviour Mai change aane Laga but I still ignored because kuki unke sath attach ho gyi thi....aur wo kuch bhi kare at the end of the day hai toh meri Massi hi meri maa jaisi"

"Toh fir aapko unke intentions par doubt jab hone Laga " she asked

"Jab Massi indirectly meri aur Tanvi k shaddi ki baat karne lagi " he replied " that's why I marry when they're not here....agar dono hote toh kuch na kuch zaroor karte...humari shaddi rokne k liye"

"I still have the same question Mr Bajaj ...sab jante hue bhi kyo rehne diya Aapne unhe Apne ghar Mai"

"Toh kya karu Mrs Bajaj...jaisi bhi hai Massi hai meri ....Abhi tak unhone kisi Ko harm nhi pohchaya agar pohchaya bhi hai toh I am not aware of it....jis massi Ko maa ki tarah Mai Apne ghar laya bataiye kaise unhe ghar se Mai nhi kar Sakta"

Prerna was going to give him some piece of mind when a knock interupts her.....and she got surprised to see Debo da in the door 

"Debo da aap yaha" she asked 

"Prerna bitiya mujhe aapse aur Rishabh babu se zaroori baat karni hai" he requested

And she let him enter the room and Mr Bajaj is also surprised to see him here and look at prerna in question 

"Debo da Ko kuch baat karni hai "

"Bitiya baat nhi dono Ko kuch dikhana hai "

And he showed him the video clip in which Massi and Tanvi are confessing their crimes and was planning for Prerna's murder and going to shift all the blame to Basu's

Rishabh got numb in shock to know that the reason for his daughter's nightmare are them... because of them only his daughter is not curing that they're giving her some medicines ... they're are the only one who locked kuki inside store room so that they can create rift between Prerna and him....and when all their plans failed.....they plan for her mother 

After coming out of shock Bajaj is burning in rage that if they're in front of him then today will be their last day on earth

Prerna was no less she is also shocked that how can someone stoop so low just for money that they didn't left kuki just to fulfil their evil agenda  

"Bas mr Bajaj ab Mai undono Ko humare ghar Mai ab aur bardash nhi karungi" 

"Relax Mrs Bajaj"

Prerna is shocked to see him calm and composed ,this is not the Rishabh Bajaj she was talking few minutes back and burning in rage after knowing the crimes of his massibut the evil mastermind ,the business shark Mr Bajaj,the one she had deal with ,and he's here for the kill and now no one is going to save them 

"I know how to deal with them mrs bajaj , unhone apni life ki Sabse badi galti ki hai meri beti aur meri wife Ko nuksaan pohchake ab uska hisab toh unhe Dena hi hoga....unhe pta bhi nhi chalega aur unki duniya he palat jayegi" he smirked 

"Par Mai jo bhi karunga usmai aapko mera saath Dena hoga ....dengi aap mera saath" he asked forwarding his hand in front of her

Without any hesitation she placed her hand in his and

"Mai humesha apka saath dungi...apke har decision Mai...har kadam Mai apke saath chalungi .... sirf Abhi nhi jab tak ye saans hai jab tak ye Prerna sirf sirf aapka saath degi ...har mod Mai har raaah Mai ...har dukh Mai har khushi Mai har mushkil Mai sirf apke saath rahungi apki Humsafar Bankar"

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Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pada jaaye
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pada jaaye
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz
Na koi hai, na koi tha 
Zindagi mein tumhare siwa
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz

Ho chandni jab tak raat
Deta hai har koi sath
Tum magar andheron mein
Na chhodna mera hath
Ho chandni jab tak raat
Deta hai har koi sath
Tum magar andheron mein
Na chhodna mera hath
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pada jaaye
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz
Na koi hai, na koi tha 
Zindagi mein tumhare siwa
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz

Wafadaari ki woh rasmein
Nibhaayenge hum-tum to kasmein
Ek bhi saans zindagi ki
Jab tak ho apne bas mein
Wafadaari ki woh rasmein
Nibhaayenge hum-tum to kasmein
Ek bhi saans zindagi ki
Jab tak ho apne bas mein
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pada jaaye
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz
Na koi hai, na koi tha 
Zindagi mein tumhare siwa
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz

Dil ko mere hua yakeen
Hum pehle bhi mile kahin
Silsila yeh sadiyon ka
Koi aaj ki baat nahi
Dil ko mere hua yakeen
Hum pehle bhi mile kahin
Silsila yeh sadiyon ka
Koi aaj ki baat nahi
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pada jaaye
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pada jaaye
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz
Na koi hai, na koi tha 
Zindagi mein tumhare siwa
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz
Tum dena sath mera o humnawaz

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Ressing smiley31



Thank you Forget It for this wonderful story. Very heart touching. Very awesome smiley31

I loved how Prerna was both a concerned mother and a concerned wife. And she caught the true face of Maasi and Tanvi and put them into their places. Plus Veena and her reconciliation. Very awesome. Three parts in total. One over get us two and third asap 

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Posted: 4 months ago

This is so touching! Give me more! ❤

Posted: 4 months ago

Want big comment 😛

Posted: 4 months ago

Finally Veena devi is out of her ignoring Priyu mode... 

Kya jawaab dia hai Prerna ne Maasi aur unki beti ko... Wow...

Want more of PreRish scenes...

Continue sooooooonish,please. 

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