PreRish FF: The Forbidden Love( 16+) Ch29pg83dt23.1.20(Page 10)

Posted: 5 months ago

I feel so bad for Rishab. Things are going to be really hard for them.

Loved it❤️

Posted: 5 months ago

Rishabh inner turmoil are well potrayed. The pain can actually be imagined only. Loved the update

Posted: 5 months ago

The whole chapter gave the pain, anger, and frustration which Bajaj is going through after breaking his own principles. All the physical pain just to reduce the anguish which he is still unable to. His pain is so well written. We got to know the couple's feelings and pov about this night. Looking forward to reading Prerna's thought process after the night.

Posted: 5 months ago

Omg.. poor rishabh... Shalini will definitely regret this later... I wonder where is prerna. And what will happen next and how the equation will change between rishabh and Shalini as well as rishabh and prerna... 

Wonderful readsmiley17

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by Wistfulness

What a vivid portrayal of Rishabh's state of mind! 

I could feel his pain, frustration, and anger through your words. His wounded self badly needs someone who can heal him. 

This part had its entire focus on Rishabh. I missed Prerna here. Hopefully the next chapter would focus upon her psyche and even include an interaction between them. 

Rishabh is finding it extremely difficult to forgive himself and forget what has happened..even after venting out his anger, he’s not at peace. The past night though has left him wounded but somewhere it has also healed him which he’s not realising now. 

Thanks for sharing your views 

Posted: 5 months ago

First thing first you are one amazing writer I don't how you do it ,each time I read your work I end wanting more of it! The way you put across Rishabh's emotional turmoil blows my mind I can feel his pain and confusion at the same time. Secondly the conversation between Rishabh and Shalini had so much impact and the symbolism where he leaves those bangles and the broken wedding photograph was bang on! Tooo good. Lastly I want you to give me an update Asap .Xoxo 

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Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by Rockxz

I feel so bad for Rishab. Things are going to be really hard for them.

Loved it❤️

True, the journey ahead won’t be a joyride for any of them. 😌

Posted: 5 months ago

He's so broken. To make such a compromise for a happiness that may or may not actually happen seems so not worth it. Like he said, what if he was unfit to be a father? Then his sacrifice was wasted. 

As much as I feel for Shalini, I also feel that she should have realized what she was asking her husband to do. This one act, although may give them the happiness they want, will always be a permanent gap between their relationship. Just like Rishabh, their relationship is also bruised forever.

I love how you wrote about Rishabh's pain and also let him think about Prerna. Whatever happened, happened between two people and I'm glad he was thinking about Prerna too.

Loved it❤️ update soon!


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 

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