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Again I don't know what have I written. So please just bear my crap. Here it is

It's Sunday evening and Bajaj family is having their time together.Rishab is just busy in his business files while prerna,kukki and maasi are having a gala time together. Just then prerna hears a thunderstorm and soon it starts raining. She gets excited as it's the first rain of the monsoon.

Maasi, you know what I just love rain and mujhe baarish mein bheegna bahut pasand hai aur woh bhi pehli baarish mein- prerna speaks in excitement.

Mujhe bhi baarish bahut pasand hai prerna. When I was of your age,I loved to get drenched in rain with rishab's mausa ji. Aur tumhe pata hai prerna, Rishab ko bhi baarish mein bheegna bahut pasand tha- Maasi replies.

Prerna gets amused at this and then turns her face towards Rishab who is sitting at some distance from them and looks at him in disbelief.

Maasi, you are joking, right??. Mr. Bajaj and rain,koi link hi nahi hai. He seems to be a very boring man. Woh toh itne khadoos Hain and you are saying that he loves rain- she speaks in a teasing voice.

Rishab is listening to her talks and glares at her with his arms crossed.

Arey beta,aisa kuch nahi hai,Mera Rishab toh bahut hi pyaara bacha hai. Woh pehle aisa bilkul nahi tha. He was also a fun loving boy but due to certain incidents,he changed his way of living. He isn't khadoos,he is just protective about his family members- Maasi explains.

Prerna again looks at Rishab but he turns his face in the other direction.

Okay Maasi,let's go outside and get drenched in the rain again. Kukki also wants to play in rain. Right kukki??- She speaks.

Kukki nods in positive.

Okay prerna,let's do it and they all are ready to go outside but just then Rishab gets up from his seat and comes near them.

Nobody is going outside, you get that Mrs. Bajaj- He orders.

But we want to go Mr. Bajaj. Hum sabka bahut Mann hai baarish mein bheegne ka- she requests.

I said No. You all are not going anywhere. Maasi aap kuch kahiye na. Baarish mein aap sab bimaar padh sakte Hain. And prerna, you know that you are expecting and I don't want anything happens to my child. If you will fall sick ,it will also affect my child's health- he speaks.

My child?? What do you mean by this?? Sirf aapka hi bacha hai Kya?? And glares at him .

Sorry,I mean our child . Also kukki  has school tomorrow and you know that my children are my priority- he explains.

She again glares at him.

Matlab I'm out of your priority list now- She speaks while making faces.

I didn't say that, you too are my priority and that's why I don't want you to go outside- he answers.

Mr. Bajaj please, just for 5 minutes, pretty please and makes a puppy face.

Atleast,he melts seeing her face and agrees to her request.

Okay, but only for 5 minutes- he orders.

Thank you Mr. Bajaj and hugs him in excitement. Rishab gets embarrassed due to maasi's presence. Prerna realizes his condition and breaks the hug. She takes kukki and maasi with her and goes outside. Rishab too follows them to have a check on them.

Prerna, kukki and maasi enjoy rain and Rishab just smiles seeing them enjoying. Prerna also calls Rishab to join them but he refuses.Prerna thinks of a plan and pretends to fall on the ground.

Rishab gets worried and runs towards her. He picks her up but she winks at him. He understands that she is acting and gets angry. He begins to leave from there but prerna holds his hand and stops him.

Mr. Bajaj please,5 minutes over hone mein abhi bhi 2 minutes baaki Hain toh atleast yeh 2 minutes hi hamare saath enjoy Kar lijiye and again makes a puppy face.

He couldn't refuse to her request after seeing her face and agrees.He also feels the rain on his body after a long time. He picks up kukki in his arms and starts playing with her.

Maasi and prerna just look at both of them with a smile on their faces.

After 2 minutes, Rishab points towards his watch and indicates them to go inside the house.

They all oblige him and go inside to change their clothes. Maasi takes kukki with her in her room and prerna and Rishab go to their room.

Prerna comes out of the washroom after changing and starts sneezing continuously.

Rishab sees this and starts scolding her.

I told you not to go outside but you didn't listen to me. Now,see your condition- he speaks in a angry tone.

Kya hai yeh Rishab,ek toh pehle hi sneezing ki wajah se Bura haal hai aur upar se aap mujhe daant rahe hain- she complains.

Then what should I do Mrs. Bajaj except scolding you??- he questions.

Don't you think that you should look after your wife and give some of your attention to her- she winks.

He looks at her amused with his both hands resting on his waist.

Tell me what do you want now??- he asks

Well,I need to things- she answers.

And what are they??- he questions.

Firstly,I need a tight hug from my husband and secondly,a mug of hot chocolate- she demands.

Prerna,I feel,tum kabhi kabhi kukki se bhi chhoti bachi ban jaati ho and smiles at her.

So what?? Jaise aap kukki ke saare naaz uthate Hain waise hi aapki iss bachi jaisi biwi ke naaz nakhre bhi aapko hi uthane hain- she pouts.

He smiles at her cuteness and obliges to her request and takes her in his arms for a tight warm hug. They stay in that position for a long time.

After sometime,he asks - ab hot chocolate nahi chahiye Kya??

I guess ab uski zaroorat nahi padegi. Saying this she winks at him and again hugs him tightly.

Toh Kya ab bhi main tumhe khadoos lagta hoon??- he asks in a soft tone.

Yes, you are khadoos-she giggles but you know what you are the world's best husband- she replies with a proud smile on her face.

The End.

So, how's it?? Do like it and give your feedback.

PS-Ignore the typos

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Posted: 2 months ago

Awww that was so cute so cute so cute. Adorable mush ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by MisHumptyDumpty

Awww that was so cute so cute so cute. Adorable mush ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Humne apna vaada nibha Diyasmiley14

Posted: 2 months ago

Cute one♥

Posted: 2 months ago

That was really so sweet..Loved reading this..PreRish at their adorable best...This husband and wife side of Rishabh and Prerna was fascinating...smiley42

Posted: 2 months ago

Thank you so muchsmiley9

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by MysticRiver

That was really so sweet..Loved reading this..PreRish at their adorable best...This husband and wife side of Rishabh and Prerna was fascinating...smiley42

Thank you so much dear smiley31

Posted: 2 months ago

Bahut khoob bahut pyara bahut amazing ❤️❤️❤️

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