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Hi friends 

I have written a Fan fiction do let me know if you guys like it. Or should I continue further.

Thanks for reading. Hope you guys enjoy reading.

Chp 1

Kabir sat at his desk lost in his thoughts file in front of him held no interest. Kavya entered in the office and saw Kabir lost in his world. She had noticed this frequently these days. To the world Kabir was the scion of Mittal industries very successful and talented but his family didn't know this new Kabir. Always happy, peacemaker Kabir was nowhere to be found. His mother suman Mittal had asked Kavya in a desperate attempt to save Kabir from pooja sharma. Pooja that name alone was enough to cause multitude of emotions ranging from pity to rage. But for Kabir she was death a form of transformation. She changed Kabir forever. Now when she looked into Kabir's eyes she didn't see any zeal for life. It was almost as if he was bidding time. But for what she didn't know and she intended to find out soon. 

Kavya: Kabir you are still in the office it's almost 10:00 PM. 

(Kabir jerked his head to face kavya a flicker of suprise in his eyes upon seeing her) 

Kabir: what are u doing here? Is everything OK at home?

Kavya: I brought you dinner. Maa figured you won't be coming home again so she asked me to ..

Kabir: (looking irritated) she needs to stop this. I am not a kid anymore.

Kavya : you are her kid and will remain so for life. 

Kabir: (not looking impressed with the answer) Keep the food and leave. I am busy.

Kavya : Busy ..busy thinking about pooja? She is dead. It's over you need to move on.

Kabir: Kavya I don't want to talk about this. Leave..I said leave!!!!

Kavya saw rage in Kabir's eyes and decided maybe some other time. She left without a word.

Kabir opened his table drawer and looked at the picture. A memory came alive ..Pooja was smiling at the antics of the dog. A stray dog she had adopted and named chickoo. He knew she named it chickoo just to annoy him because chickoo was his favourite fruit. But of course she said it's color resembled chickoo hence the name. he knew that dog reminded her of her days when she was on streets and hence she saved it. He had taken this picture unknown to her just because it was the the first time he had seen her smiling and he got to see the glimpse of pooja that was young, naive and so pure at heart. It had made him wonder what she would be, had his father P.k. Mittal not killed her father. Would pooja be this caring loving angle a becon of light to this society. 

Kabir looked at the picture of pooja and said I know pooja you are not dead. I know you planned that accident to fake your death!! a brave girl like you would never commit suicide. But I am angry at you. why are you hiding from me. How many times do I have to prove to you that I have always supported the truth. And after all those times I thought we had a connection... kuch aur nahi toh kam se kam dard ka rishta toh tha humare beech. A lone tear fell from his eyes. 

A tear fell from pooja's eyes watching Kabir or rather his miniature replica sleeping soundly. Ved was just like Kabir carefree super mischievous and a charmer. .yes a charmer he only had female friends in his playschool. Soon she was going to have her hands full. Pooja tucked him kissed his forehead goodnight and walked towards the window. She watched the moon it wasn't full it was crescent just like her life. Never fully happy. She remembered how ved was conceived,  her and Kabir's child. Rani had married dhruv out of anger because she suspected pooja and Kabir were having an affair. Dhruv and rani in order to extract revenge from her and Kabir had married. Ofcourse there wasn't anything like that and pooja was so hurt by the betrayal of her sister that she had left the house. It was raining heavily Kabir was equally shocked by the events and had refused to go back to mittal mention which now rani had insisted all her in laws share. Entire mittal family was back at the mansion because it now belonged to Dhruv's wife. Kabir had found her drenched shivering in the rains sitting all alone by the roadside.

He came to her 

Kabir: pooja ghar chalo tum bheeg gayi ho. Bemar padjaogi chalo pooja...I know whatever happened it's not right but right now you need to get out of the rains you are shivering. 

Pooja so numb not sure by the rains or the betrayal didn't respond.

She was sitting motionless staring into nothingness. Kabir carried pooja in his arms and took her to the nearby guesthouse. He quickly asked the receptionist to call the doctor but she replied that due to water logging no doctor will be available. Kabir took pooja to the room. 

Kabir : (cupping pooja's face in his hands)pooja listen to me!!! we will get through this. We will go to the house in the morning and make dhruv and rani understand what they have done is not right. They will get a divorce and I will take my family and go to different city. All of us will have a fresh start.

Pooja burst out crying.

Kabir there is no fresh start!!! This is a vicious cycle. Cycle that your dad started and I continued and now its dhruv and rani!!! I failed my dad I couldn't protect my baby sister. I am just tired now...I can't live like this... I wish I would had died in that fire too. 

Kabir : hey..hey pooja it's not your fault your sister betrayed you. I know how much you cared and protected her. It's me!!! I have failed my family I couldn't make them realise the errors of their ways. I never thought dhruv would turn out like my father. I am sorry pooja, I really am..

Pooja placed her hand on his lips she could see the moisture in his eyes.

She whispered it's not your fault Kabir. You never did anything wrong in fact you are the only one who is suffering without any fault. You have always walked the path of truth. Even I have punished you just because you were a part of Mittal family. I am sorry!!! She rested her forehead on his. Tears rolling down her eyes. Kabir took her in embrace crying his heart out at the turn of events in life. Both locked in an embrace broke down tired and wounded. At this moment their shared grief was so profound only they could have comforted each other. Kissing away each others tears, providing soothing touch to the wounds of betrayal. They weren't enemies in that moment they were two souls who needed a saviour. A phone rang bringing pooja out of the reprive.

Pooja: yes, Mr. Taneja your designs are ready I just need to apply finishing touches to it I will mail it to you a day after tomorrow. I am taking a leave tomorrow as it's my son's birthday. 

Kabir reached home. It wasn't mittal house. It was a house that he shared with amma. Over the years amma and Kabir had developed a bond. They both believed pooja wasn't dead and both were hurt that pooja left them alone to deal with the mess. 

Amma: mein khana laga ti hu tu fresh hoke neeche aaja. 

Kabir : meine khana kha Liya hai maa ne kavya ke saath bheja tha. 

Amma : took one look at Kabir and said mein pooja ke jooth pakad leti thi. And you are an amateur compared to her in lying. 

Kabir : mera mun nahi hai 

Amma : mujhe pata hai but mera mun hai tujhe khilaneka toh neeche  aaja nahi toh 10 minute mein mein aati hu tere kamre mein khana leke.

Kabir smiled internally dealing with pooja all this years had made amma most stubborn and adamant person on earth. 

While eating Kabir told amma they needed to go to school tomorrow as there was annul day and all the orphanage girls who studied there had participated. Amma's eyes filled with tears she said Kabir you are taking care of girls just like pooja would have. 

Kabir in an angry tone said no!! I am taking better care of them. Pooja left them. Saying this Kabir left the room.

And us too!! Amma completed Kabir's sentence. I know Kabir, you love her. Kash!!! pooja betiya yaha hoti toh mehsus kar pati ki uske hisse mein bhi bhagwan ne pyar likha hai!!! 

Posted: 5 months ago

Please do continue this! I'm liking it and I have a lot of questions!!! Why is Pooja pretending to be dead first of all? For what purpose? And I'm curios to see how Kabir will react upon seeing Pooja and also his son (which I guess he doesn't know he has!!!)

Posted: 5 months ago

Love the story. Please continue. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Nice write up.. good that you carried the story based on their emotions... Where they understood each other... They shared pain... No lovey dovey but still heart warming...

Posted: 5 months ago

Nice write it on wattpad 

Posted: 5 months ago

Wow very very interesting 

I wanted to see the dynamics where kabir acknowledge his folks were wrong his mother his aunt his grandpa and his father was a criminal 

Posted: 5 months ago

That's a different concept, 😍😍pls continue soon 😍😍 excited 

Posted: 5 months ago

Wow really amazing you should continue it 

I really wanna know why pooja did it 

My poor kabir 

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