What would you do if you were kulfi??

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Posted: 8 months ago

Hey guys, there is always this thought which is nagging my mind..how can a kid act like such a big devata?! Is it really possible for any human being to be like this ? What would you do if you were kulfi?!

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Posted: 7 months ago

I was a bit like Kulfi when I was at her age. I believe every child at her age are usually like her.  7/8 years are very innocent years. At that time we live in world of good. Where everything is made by God and God protects us. So we believe and we obey God's wishes.

But never met something like Amyra. Every child appreciates a good heart and usually they are grateful. It is the seniors who act ungrateful. So Amyra is the most strangest item. She is like the old bitch in a child's body. Thank God her kind of creature doesn't exist in real world. Or else we would lost all hope.

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Posted: 7 months ago

If I were kulfi then I would have clearly told  amyra  see listen with open ears   sikka is not ur biological father but tevar is ur biological  father  so he is ur dad not sikka. So u should go to ur own father and it is not that ur father  has disown u so u have no choice so u have to live with sikka only  . Dont claim my father as ur father when ur father is already there and even not abandon u

But as cvs has shown sikka shown so stupid. He even can't understand what is kulfi real pain and still organizing  musical play. Does sikka real hear and understand why kulfi is sad. I think sikka mind heart  soul ear eyes every thing close  when kulfi speak her griverance to him. Does he really think by orgasing musical play he can heal pain of kulfi. Does he thinks by organizing musical play he can make kulfi happy. Does he think  by organizing such thing she will forget lovely murder  her mother ( yes lovely has intentionally accident  kulfi mother. Why lovely  driving so fast  . Do u bother to know whole truth  or u have habit of giving lecture to kulfi that woh hadsaa tha and all blah blah)  when kulfi don't want to go to lovely who has murder her mother and don't want go to amyra so why he is bringing  kulfi and amyra together  

Amyra has make kulfi life worst than hell but still sikka still organizing musical play of amyra and kulf 

How can someone like sikka is so illogical  but I  have already expected this illogical thing from sikka  but I hope kulfi clearly told sikka unless u send lovely to jai don't come to me and if u r so weak sending lovely to jail then please don't come to me  and never come to me. Ur roni and majboor and bebas soorat highly irratate me. So go away. And actually u ur not majboor u r extreme coward and weak person  and it is not like that amyra black ming u that is why u r not doing anything. But u urself don't want to take strict step against lovely and amyra as both are  dearest people to u. So go away! 

So as sikka is shown most illogical and irrational father  so I can't expect from kulfi to say such dialogue to amyra 

But I really want kulfi to say such dialogue to sikka 

And also sikka want forgiveness from kulfi without doing anything worthful? 

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Posted: 7 months ago

Sikka zero bother what kulfi is saying to him he only listen to himself as listen lovely and amyra

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