An eye for an eye...

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Posted: 6 months ago

SPM ~My Musings 7.8.19~  An eye for an eye..

To exact revenge, in the same manner that one was meted out. A mindset that follows, that means of retaliation in kind, is the most appropriate way to deal with an offence or grievance caused by a transgressor! 

All her life Kainat believed, she was wronged by Saltanat in terms of always having the best of everything compared to her own existence. When Zaroon emerged as the love meant for Kainat, and Saltanat got him instead. It becomes the final straw, for Kainat to unleash all the evil within herself as a means to avenge herself. Recent events, right from attempting to drown Saltanat, to pushing her off the terrace with intent to murder her, are seen by Kainat as her compensation , or retribution of how it should be! To give equal amount of pain, or cause Saltanat  irreparable damage to the same degree that Saltanat gave to her.. robbing her of every joy! Stealing Saltanat's very name, identity, her fate! This is how Kainat  sees justice happen!

What a farce! The posing Saltanat, fools  all the family into believing that Kainat by jumping off the terrace atones for the catalogue of her sins.. in other words the ICU Kainat rightfully pays  for her sins!  Well! the joke is on these foolish! people! because  as far as the facts appear to the naked eyes, it’s Saltanat who lives on under the blanket of a new identity! No one will ever know! Farewell Kainat! and happy new  identity of Saltanat! for the forever name less ,insignificant ! 

The episode leads further into Kainat’s exposure.  The suspense is, can Kainat fool, the  ageing,forgetful Mainjaan in the same childhood game , the twins played with their grandfather,spot whose who??? He lost then!  For Kainat always cheated!  inked a false  mole on Saltanat too! but not this time.. Mainjaan,eyes beholds the cheat and the liar!

She was the apple of Mainjaan’s eyes, but her own itchy eyes, her blurred vision , become the biggest dead give away whereby the scales of Mainjaan’s eyes fall!  He sees clearly that his once favoured grand-daughter is not critical, but right before his very eyes posing shamelessly, unscrupulously  as Saltanat , is Kainat! the  twin of the one who struggles in the ICU Saltanat, the one feigned Kainat  always envied but never let it be known.

Kainat’s visual impairment, uncovers the warped insecurities of her infirm mind, that none in the Shah Manzil could really see with their naked eyes! Now after all these years they come across their own flesh and blood, as someone alien to them…sadly no one takes on responsibility for this very ill  girl child. Not even Mainjaan? Instead he rather wishes for Kainat to be dead than alive! His public respectability matters more to him!

Mainjaan becomes the private eye, and proves it , after the woman who bore the twins; only he can truly tell the difference between the two. In fact he boldly confronts the mentally warped Kainat and provides her evidence  like her contact lenses and the fake mole that are an eye opener for her! I thought it was pointless of Mainjaan, to express his fury, his shame before one who displays signs of mental illness..

But the face off was necessary  so that Mainjaan could lend his ear to the venom  Kainat spews ,not just against Saltanat who stole her joy, but against   him too..

Kainat’s powerful words against Mainjaan known as the community’s divine figure head, problem-solver! But she accuses him of messing up by her life! never did he do anything worthwhile for her. In fact,he denied her Zaroon by consenting to Saltanat’s marriage to Zaroon!

Kainat's  bitterness  comes out like a banshee out of hell! She was like a girl scorned,denied of every joy. Since Mainjaan found out her truth, infuriated, she roughs him up. because he threatens to expose her,  She accuses  him of playing  a dysfunctional caretaker of her life! who never really did anything for her! Kainat bellows in his face , that he was  deaf  to see her needs.  So  she took it upon herself to snatch all that she had been denied all her life! Mainjaan reminds her that her love for Zaroon is one-sided!  He provokes her. She loses the plot again and screams in his face menacingly, Zaroon’s love is her stubborn will, her need and her obsessive madness!

Basically all the verbal rage that Kainat comes out with,  sounds more  like a plea to me. Kainat forces, Mainjaan to  see and hear her out! what it felt like being the second fiddle in the Shah family. It was Kainat’s way of making  Mainjaan ,understand the root cause of why she is the way. she is ..Only Mainjaan , passes judgements on how immoral and wicked she was. Saltanat too did the same thing .. moralized, preached at her.True that Kainat stands doomed. Mainjaan will not see her go unexposed. She is wickedness personified..

The scene where she is the hunter and Mainjaan the hunted is well picturised  with good use of dim hospital lights.. a setting of  light  and dark, gives the illusion of seen and unseen!   Mainjaan’s frail old sight is far stronger than Kainat who is blind as a bat without her specs!.. Mainjaan plods on with his walking stick, while Kainat barely finds her way !

It’s gross and crude when she thumps the  escaping Mainjaan  on the head with a fire extinguishers  but the brave old man defends himself and scurries to the elevator that closes its doors on Kainat!

Tomorrow we found out if Mainjaan will expose herbefore the family.. so Mamoon and Ghazala miss out on the scene that reveals Kainat’s complete truth.. meanwhile Kainat  continues to pretend, she  is Saltanat…. vows to look after Zaroon .

Mainjaan makes it down the elevator, points an accusing finger at Saltanat and  addresses  her as Kainat.. I suppose the first to throttle this pretend Saltanat will be Zaroon! he always felt she was an obsctacle between him ,and  Saltanat.. Helly ruled the episode..simply incredible as Kainat 8.8.19 hamlet53

Thanks lonelythots,and diamond 988 for sharing your thoughts.. love hammie


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