Paras Madaan exits from DD with Pisachini sacrificing Bichoo’s life

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Posted: 4 years ago

Paras Madaan exits from Divya Drishti with Pisachini sacrificing Bichoo’s life

Paras Madaan who plays the role of Bichoo in Star Plus’ supernatural thriller, Divya Drishti produced Mukta Dhond and Fireworks Productions returned from the dead recently.

Bichoo’s return came as a pleasant surprise considering that he is such an adorable character to watch!!

But now, Bichoo’s tenure in the show will again end with Pisachini (Sangita Ghosh) sacrificing his life to get to the Jyoti that will protect her ratans.

Yes you heard it right!!

Pisachini and Bichoo will set foot to get to the jyoti that will protect her ratans. Divya and Drishti will also follow them and will try to stop their efforts.

There will be a situation wherein one life would have to be sacrificed in the fire for the main gate guarding the jyoti to open. And Pisachini will be seen pushing Bichoo into the fire brutally in order to get closer to her goal.


Bichoo played by Paras Madaan was one interesting character, and will be missed!!

We buzzed Paras but could not get him.