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“Bade budhe kehte hai aise. Ke bhai ek toh free ki malai aur ek doosra gyaan, jab bhi mile na toh ek dum se samait lena chahiye.”Hanuman Singh, Episode 119, 12:40– 12:48


            Although Hanuman Uncle may plan on charging for his wise words upon retirement, we the audience, are ever so thankful to have the opportunity to gain them for free. Hence, as a way to memorialize his words, this thread has been created.

            The structure is simple as it will host his advice along with a citation so that you may revisit the episode at ease. If there’s anything that has been left out that you wish to include,simply leave a comment below along with the episode number and it will be added. ^.^


Special shout out to inlieu for helping out with the concept, structuring and formatting of the thread.

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“Bade budhe kehte hai aise. Ke bhai ek toh free ki malai aur ek doosra gyaan, jab bhi mile na toh ek dum se samait lena chahiye.” Hanuman Singh, Episode 119, 12:40– 12:48

"Admi aur aurat ka rishta hota hai na, bohot, bohot hi nazuk hota hai. Ab kya hota hai uske andar, dono ek dori se jure hota hai lekin galti se bhi ek dori galat keech di, toh saara system wahi pe bigar jaate hai bhai ek dum." - Hanuman Singh, Episode 180, 0:00 - 0:25

"Life mein na chhori, kabhi sapne dekhna na chhodna.
Sapne na, insaan ko zinda rakhte hain." - Hanuman Singh, Episode 192, 

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I know I am not doing what I am supposed to in this thread because what I have to contribute and am dying to contribute has NOTHING NUFFIN AT ALL to do with pearls of wisdom from our very wise much much adored Hanuman Singh and by the way I will NEVER be able to quote the exact episode in any case since I am really bad at such things, I still want to absolutely make my contribution from my favourite Hanuman Singh and my contribution is



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Nice idea smiley1, Minnie k Hanuman uncle has really inspired me with one quote.. He made that in episode 88 

Life is not circle but life is spiral..You move forward .. 

I just loved his explanation.. indeed we learn so much from our experiences that we grow as individual moving forward always..

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Captain's thread yay!

Okay so my most memorable word of advice by HS has to be how he explains it to Mini that though she is Babita's coach, but the player herself has to perform on field and she can't play for her. Before the interview track I guess.

And another one is Hanuman recently telling Mini how Babes will have to decide if she needs him, or someone else or no one at all. No one can decide for her.

Exact thing goes like -

...Uske zindagi mein main hoon, yaa koi aur hai ...

something like that.

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Aug 26th Episode - 

Originally posted by Padmajaan

And what was lovely was how he carried no baggage at all vis a vis Babita after the police station convo. He was natural with her, comfortable, at ease, caring, concerned and above all the way he painstakingly explains his perspective to Babita, after the Khatri incident, and then she is back to the pavillion despite all his educating her during the priest's kuch toh log kahenge moment and he once again manaofies her, desperate to put the smile back on her face but in this instance it's Minnie who eggs him on.

He is like a man on a mission. Mission educate Babita, make Babita happy, be it by singing be it by doing a take off on Rajesh Khanna and his iconic dialogue and he does succeed in making her smile.

He even comes up with an even more revolutionary suggestion, why not go in for a live-in relationship and this time he is wiser thanks to Minnie's explanations of what a live-in really means smiley2 to put an end to people's speculations, comments, etc. but backs off when he sees how disapproving she looks, well more disapproving than scandalized I must admit and passes it off as a joke.

We can see that he is bending over backwards to keep her happy and telling her only what she wants to hear but even then trying to educate her, make her also evolve and go beyond all this.

Well it's not going to happen overnight but today for the first time I felt that it would be possible because this man has mounds of patience and only good intentions. Babita is finally on the path of self discovery and evolving guided gently by Hanuman Singh.

Despite all this Babita is still unable to stomach the beauticians careless banter of the kuch tog log kahenge variety.

Link to Padma's Post :-


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