OS: Mrs Bajaj

Posted: 1 years ago

Mrs. Bajaj. 

Something he had started using just to get a rise out of her in the form of her upturned lips and a flash of denial in her eyes. 

But he knew somewhere deep down the reason for addressing her like that was because he liked the idea of attaching his name to her.

She was visibly repulsed at the mere mention of them sharing the same space, shrugged his help of, disengaged herself from him as soon as they were out of sight. 


He couldn’t help but admire her strength, her resilience. He liked to think of her as his opponent who was very intriguing but he knew that it was much more than that. 

His thoughts wandered off to their last day in Switzerland. He figured out what made her tick. He could see her being drawn towards the sky but there was this hint of fear in her eyes. He wanted her to experience something new. He knew that if he puts that notion forward, she would reject it outright just out of spite. But by observing her, he knew she was extremely headstrong and wouldn’t turn his idea down if he arm twisted her a little bit. He had eventually provoked her into paragliding. 

Yes. He had started to ruin Anurag Basu and had meticulously planned every detail of his destruction. He knew that Basu loved her and they were that sickening couple who just couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. He had evidence which attested to that.

But marriage with Prerna was never on the cards. 

That was NOT a part of his plan. 

He was not ready to accept, even to himself that her being stalked by her lover, made something ugly rear in his gut. He felt unsettled when he saw her face ashen with guilt and tears slide down her face when he led her to the farm and away from him.

He would never disclose the main reason for his marriage. He wanted to take that secret to his grave. 

In his world where everyone assumed him to be invincible, he had his weakness and he didn’t want the world to become privy to something precious which someone could potentially exploit.

His straying thoughts came to a halt by a sudden hiss from his co-passenger. She was fiddling with her neckpiece and had pulled at the bruise left behind by that bas*ard Ronit. 

The idea of someone touching HIS wife didn’t sit well with him.

Behind his mask of elusiveness, there was a major part of him which was extremely possessive. 

Mrs. Bajaj had unknowingly brought that hidden part of his to the forefront.


Hello there. I’m new to the forum and couldn’t help but jot down something about Mr Bajaj as he is the reason why I’m hooked on to the show. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Hi! Welcomesmiley31to the forum! 

This was an amazing entry! smiley32 You showed the thought process of Mr Bajaj in such a beautiful style. Super!


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Posted: 1 years ago

Awesome 👏👏👏

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Posted: 1 years ago

Welcome and it is really a good piece of writing..

And yes he is the reason why I’m hooked on to the show too...😊

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Posted: 1 years ago

Welcome to forum.

This is awesome. I loved reading his perspective behind Mrs. Bajaj. She did bring out the possessive Bajaj which is hidden till now.

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Posted: 1 years ago

Hii welcome to the forum.

This was amazing. I want to read more from you. ♥️

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Posted: 1 years ago

Hi ! Warm welcome smiley31 the OS was beautiful.. please do write more 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Liked it

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