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Happiness is Sosy! thank you Nisha. 

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Bypass authority


“How come I wasn’t told about it?”he charged towards her in the kitchen

“Because its no big deal”


“His second cardio apptt is no big deal?”


“No, we went because I thought he should go”


“Why did u think he should go?”his arms across his chest he looked at her piercingly


“Ki hoya?” Ranjan walked in,holding Sid’s hand


“Nothing” Ii turned to the sinkand washed fruit


“Can you stay out of this please?”


“Bas shuru” Ranjan mumbled SMH


“Amma, James pussed me”


“OK da raja, come” she extended her arms


“No, Dadu is taking me to Sam Athai’s house


Ved was glumly coloring all wrong on a already colored book


“Cam I go too?”


“No” “Nobody is going, I am fixing dinner”


“Can u please take both of them if u are going?” R&B urged Ranjan


“II ne mana kar ditta see”

“We need to talk, lets goupstairs”


“LOOK I gave up Rohini, didn’t even eat my lunch properly because I forgot the appointment, I am pissy right now,so don’t yank my chain”


“You could tell me about going to your parents but not about his health”


“Its not a fu---- fracking conspiracy da”


“Puttar mere liye chai banayin”


“Sirjee hum bana len?” Mavvy asked


“Nahi tu ren de, bachon un vahar le ja”


“PLEASE” II was exasperated, she turned to R&B


“All I want to do is talk” he stressed


“I know that I am hungry my head is hurting so let me eat” she grit her teeth


“We have 4 people around the house to help”


“I want to make something and eat”


“Let them do it”


“OFFFOH” Ranjan thundered


R&B looked at him sheepishly


“Jaayin oopar” Ranjan ordered

“What did the doctor say?”


“ECG tey normal haiga” he mumbled




“And koi gal nahi, ladan lai utavla hoya tu”


II fixed a snack, ate fed the boys, Sahana was at Samyukta’s for the day.

The dogs trailed her as she went up in two hours with a bowl of pesto pasta


“Here” she handed him the bowl as he sat on the swing reading


“where are the boys? I am not hungry” he grumbled


“Downstairs, yes u are” she set it on the swing


“Ready to talk?” he challenged


No” she left him and walked away


He chased her into the closet  as he ate

“On the one hand you accuse me of not caring for him and on the other hand you shut me out?”


“I did not shut you out, HE wanted to hold off”


“He made you lie?”


“Nobody lied you … ummm…”


“Go ahead cuss” he goaded


“NO” she slammed the bathroom door and stepped out in 20 minutes wrapped in steam and a towel


“Are u going to bring Sahana home?”




“Do u plan to leave her at Sam’s?”


“U just want to fight” she mumbled


“Does he need a bypass?” he growled


“He might” she said softly


He looked sad as his face paled


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Ranjan is lub

So are these two


I missed that blob of butter Nisha!

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thank you for bringing back sosy...... missing the story badly thanks a lot.... do continue
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Ahhh ... that’s so cute to have these two back. After 15 years, he wants to talk to his dad, be involved in his health issues and worries about him. Good change :)?

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Nice to see R&B wanting to know “stuff” now 🙄 

15 years and these two will always be at logger heads 😂 

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smiley37He is here

“I need to see his reports” he announced coldly

“Its in the car” she mumbled

“I am just not happy, he chose to hide this from me”

“You are not exactly chatty as you know”

“Don’t throw that on my face II”he growled


“I am NOT. Have you tried to talk to him? I care for him, he is OK, you should talk to him, he misses that”


“Like you are offering it up”


“I am not, I have always challenged your assumptions. I have always told you to let go. Now that he is sick you are suddenly guilty”


“I AM NOT GUILTY” he shouted

“No you are not, but you feel guilty for ignoring him”


“Enough II”


Of course” she mumbled shutting him in the bathroom


“Are u going to bring Sahana?”


“No, you can”


“What do u mean?”


“I am just giving you an opportunity to visit Sam and Tan”

“Here we go… magnanimously manipulating me to get me to do things I am not smart enough to do on my own”


“You know what?” “Go…. Don’t go”she picked up her keys and left


He waited assuming she was at Samyukta’s,but she had driven off to Rohini


The boys were asleep on Ranjan’s bed

Nivi was at Macy’s next door

She texted R&B at midnight, can stay the night


“What did your mother say?” he put his book away for a second to text her back


“Amma said if I am going to the pool party tomorrow I need to be home”


“Oh?” he got up hoping his wife and baby were asleep


The bed was made as if nobody had slept on it for weeks. He sprinted down, Ranjan was asleep on the couch as the boys slept on his bed

He sat up when R&B opened the door

“have u seen her?”


“Kaun si her?”




“Na beta”


“How are you?” he asked softly walking over to the bed


“Mere kol vaith” he urged

He sat down. “Umm I heard about the surgery”

“Umm” Ranjan was sad too


“Its not a big deal” R&B reassured his Dad “I am going to start looking at Doctors, do u want to get it done in paris?” he offered


“Dimaag kharab hoya” “Hor kuchnahi” Ranjan shook his head exasperated


“Its possible” he said reassuringly


“Chaar chaar bache hainge ne,onanu kithe pejega?”

“they can go with us”


“Nivi da school?”


“she will be fine at Rohini”


“Na jee na” he shook his head possessively


“where is II?”


“Mainu ki khabar? Voti teri haigi”


He grinned disarmingly


He went downstairs and looked everywhere, woke Mavvy up, he didn’t know


He texted her, livid

“where are you?”


“At a bar drinking” she texted


“Buy me a drink?” he asked


“No” she said


“Are u bringing Sahana home?”


“No, I am at Rohini” she texted 30 minutes later


He showed up next morning at 6 AM


“Vanduttan dee” (he is here) Mr Iyer scowled



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These two will NEVER change. And so would Mr. Iyer🤣🤣🤣🤣

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