SS 69 (I found SS 68 back in the basement :p)

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Posted: 1 years ago

Omg Nisha thank you for bringing back Sosy!! 😭 

Such happiness

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Head over heels


He was gazing down from the balcony

Sid & Ved chased each other with bubble bottles, Sid stumbled over James and fell face down on the grass


Mavvy ran out to pick them up

R&B charged down the stairs


II was nowhere to be seen


“madam kidhar gayin?” he asked panting sprinting towards the front lawns


“Sirjee ko doctor ke paas lekar gayin hain aapko nahi kaha?”




He heard Sid screaming, his face scraped in multiple places. “Where are you?” he texted her

“Not at home” she texted back


“Nice” he responded


“I am with Dad at his cardiologist appointment”


“WHAT happened?” he grabbed Sid from Mavvy


“I can tell you the whole story if u care to listen”


“Stop with the smart ass commentsII” he warned


“I am not being a smart ass, last week when Mrs Sagar brought him home you were all “Oh he is obsessed with the dealership he cannot let go”


“I said that because I am sick of him messing with Chachu”


“He was sick da”


“And you both didn’t tell me?”


“sam knows”


“Oh yeah, Sam, does Manya know too?”

“Umm.. no, I didn’t tell her”

“Phew… atleast I have her” he mocked


“Dad is fine” she mumbled grudgingly

“good to know… can I talk to him?”

“They are ripping that lil probe sticker off his chest after the ECG” she said softly


“I need to know things like this”


“Who is crying”


“Sid fell head over heels in love”he laughed

“Oh no… ennachu”


“Get rid of the dogs, I bet the dogs chased him”


“My dogs are angels”

“Of course they are, the kids are devils”

“Can I talk to him?”


“Hes groggy, they didn’t quite put him to sleep but almost”

“Are u coming home?”

“I was going to go to Rohini after  dropping him off”


“None of your business”

“You went two days ago”

“I have heard of men hating their in-laws, but you hate ME from going there as well”

“Your Dad hates me”

“Yeah its almost 15 since we married and he hates you” she snarled

“Have you seen the way he talks?”

“He doesn’t talk to Athim properly when he thinks Athim has made Akka work too hard”

“I have done none of that” he scowled

“Oh you have” she goaded him

“Kaun haiga puttar” Ranjan asked


“Vera yaar, your son”

“Pakdayin jara mainnu” he reached

“Inda pesu da, “I” took care of him,but yet he thinks you are special”

Ranjan laughed out loud

“what happened?” R&B enquired gruffly


“Koi gal nahi puttar, bas isko har dooje haftekisi kisman di tast karana chauda haiga”

“Its all her then” he growled


“Umm… who gall nahi haigi”




“Achha maaf kar, pata nai kudi tuadde naalkiven rehdi hai”

Ranjan returned the pone to II


“ennachu” II asked pulling the car out of the parking spot


“Tu kar gal” he shook his head and leaned back

She hit the car audio


“what did u say da?”

“Seriously?” “Get home right now”

“Why? Do u miss me?” she asked

“Do you want to know while on speaker?” he challenged

She squirmed

He hung up

“I think your son misses both of us”

“Mainnu kiwen miss karega…” Ranjan said amused




Posted: 1 years ago

Thanks for update!!

Its a sweet surprise !!

Posted: 1 years ago

Its so good coming back to sosy...

Always feels like home and connected

And these two R@B and II never leaves any chance to argue. . And kids well they are junior rakshas !!!

Thanks for sosy nisha

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Posted: 1 years ago

Soo happy that SS is back!! 

Posted: 1 years ago

Nisha Sosy is home

Please keep gifting us with this often

R&b and Ii are literally a part of our lives

Posted: 1 years ago

Mainnu kiwen miss karega…” Ranjan said amused

Missed u soooo much Mr Ranjan Bhalla, the ideal FIL and grandfather...... 

Thank u so much nisha for this! ❤️❤️❤️

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