The Choices We Make - A Ficlet

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| The Choices We Make |

His hands slowly raised and fell back again, that were desperate to hold the distraught lady standing near the balcony in front of him, as her shaken figure, unshed tears, and her grief-stricken self unsettled him. He despised himself for not being able to deal with the hurt before it reached her.

Having her smiling, playing around with his daughter lovingly and enthusiastically, and most of all beholding the sight of a carefree Prerna weeks later their marriage was delightful. It was just the previous day, when he had arranged a small ice-cream treat for the mother daughter and the duo couldn't stop squealing with joy. Every moment was still fresh in his memory. Just when he thought that she was genuinely content and that he would do everything it would take to keep her happiness intact, he had to see her breaking down bit by bit, almost similar to a slow death.

His words crushed the woman's soft emotions who had chosen a prison for herself to set him free.

"He didn't believe me."

Her dejected voice added on to his misery. He wished he could do something for her but there was hardly anything that he could and that was the first time, first ever time he regretted taking her away from her love for his heart couldn't stay at peace watching her miserable condition.

He had urged her to let him know about their child. He believed that he deserved to know that his little one would arrive in the world soon. Keeping aside everything, he believed, Mr. Basu deserved to know it and, he had made her go to him, and he hadn't let her know that after her confession, he was going to let her go... to him forever for his heart had developed those delicate feelings for her that were forcing him to choose her happiness and he knew, her happiness lied within him.

"I... I... said to him so many times... this child," Her hand involuntary went to her stomach along with few tender caresses, "our child but he denied. He refused. He... he called me... characterless. He said... this is yours and I am lying... because he has a lot of money now. He... didn't believe me. He didn't." The painful realization that the same man who had been running after her all along, even until a week ago, to get her back with him, when she finally went to share that the moments they had spent together had made a life grow inside her, accused her of being a characterless, shameless and.... She didn't want to remember what more he had uttered for her.

Perhaps, he wasn't at fault either, was he? She had made sure for him to fall for her sham. The truth, didn't hold an importance, after a certain time period. The only thing that pricked her heart was, he refused to trust her when she unfolded the reason that led  her to marry Mr. Bajaj. A part of her had always held it closer to her heart that whenever she would enlighten him about everything that had happened... he would at least believe her if not understand but she was wrong.

His head hung down. He had never felt as powerless as he did, in that moment, in a very long time. That night, he realized how exactly it felt to have that person suffering in the worst way possible whom you want to shield from every hurt. She must have gone through the same when she had to pull up the mask in front of her love to protect him. He could feel, what she must have, back then and the feeling wasn't pleasant.

"I destroyed you, didn't I?"

He was barely audible due to the pool of emotions that occupied him but she heard him.

"You didn't. He didn't either."

"I've destroyed myself."

The choices that we make, either make or break us. One had chosen to let go of her freedom so that her love doesn't get caged for lifetime. One had chosen to make a deal, for the sake of his daughter and his own reasons that he still hadn't allowed to come in the spotlight and one had chosen to make these two suffer the way these two had made him suffer. 

None was right. 

None was at peace. 

Each was suffering because of the other, in some way or other. 

Had they not made the choices that they did, their lives might have been different. Just may be. 


No, I do not know what I have written. smiley36

I hope the actual references in Italics haven't turned out super confusing. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

This was very nice. I am so happy that your RB urged Prerna to tell Anurag the truth. Yea that was an expected reaction from him. Though he isn't to be at fault because circumstances were so. I just hope if such scenarios happen / take place in the show, it brings PreRish closer ❤️

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Posted: 1 years ago

The fact that Rishabh himself urged Prerna to go and tell Anurag about the child shows how much he feels for her. And Prerna, she knows no one is to blame in these complex situation.

Loved it ❤️

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Posted: 1 years ago

Perfect piece of writing. smiley32

3 conflicted characters, each with their own suffering & dilemma. 

"I destroyed myself"- a perfect line from a highly empathetic woman Prerna who hit a realization after all seemed to have ended for her. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

"I destroyed you, didn't I?"

"You didn't. He didn't either."

"I've destroyed myself."

Wow.. These lines....smiley27

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Posted: 1 years ago

Hmm what I liked most is RB insist prerna to inform anurag about their child. three person suffering from their past deeds comes very realistically. write more. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Wow wow.

I firmly believe in this. We are made of our choices. And I LOVED how Prerna owned it up. She allowed herself to be played with, by two men. Such a subtle strength of character!smiley9

OMG how I wish to see her that way! <3

And I loved his imbibed misery too.

Loved this so much, on all levels!smiley16

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Posted: 1 years ago

Nicely written.

She destroyed herself, too.much of anything is bad for oneself. She loved Anu too much and sacrificed herself for him.

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