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He wakes up in the morning but doesn't find her in the bed. He goes to look for her but she is nowhere to be found.

He calls his servants and asks them about her but in vain because the servants also don't know anything about her.

Suddenly,he thinks about the last night and gets worried.


If you don't have trust on me then what am I doing here?? If you still think that I love Anurag then fine,I should go from here. When I had finally started trusting you, you again proved me wrong and broke my trust. Why does this only happens with me?? Saying this she leaves from there.

Flashback ends.

So, finally she has gone to her old love. But why am I not feeling good about it?? I should be happy because I too wanted this that she should go back to her old life and lives happily with her loved ones. But now she has gone,why am I unable to digest this fact?? I should be happy in her happiness and her happiness lies in Mr. Basu. Am I happy?? Yes,I'm - He speaks. She wasn't happy with me because she never loved me. Now I have to make a habit to live without her because she has gone forever. Now, she won't come back.

What the hell?? If she has gone forever then how will I be able to live without her. I have become addicted to her childish behavior,her taunts,her smile and more than this I'm addicted to her and this addiction won't go so easily. Oh Lord, what have you done to me?? You have made this strong man into a weak one. She has become my weakness which I never wanted. But what should I do now??  His eyes becomes wet. 

Damn, this liquid in my eyes. Why is this liquid coming from my eyes from last few days?? I have to fix it.

Just then, Sneha comes there.

Papa,where is Mumma?? I need her to get ready to go to school. She will make be ready.

Beta, Mumma has gone- he replies.

Oh she must be gone to Nani's house. But when will she come back home?? I'm already missing her. Now,who will make me ready??

Don't worry princess,papa will help you to get ready and Mumma will come back soon- He lies. He picks her up in his arms and goes to her room.

In afternoon,he is unable to concentrate on his work.

Should I call her and ask her if she has reached Basu house?? Later denies to do it.

Why am I thinking about her so much? She will be fine at Basu house?? But she was my wife,I can miss her- he murmurs. But at least she should have called me for once.

He decides to call Mr. Basu but gets shocked to learn that prerna isn't there. Anurag asks him if everything is fine. He replies that everything is fine but this wasn't the case. Then he calls her mother but gets the same answer. He gets worried and starts cursing himself.

Where is this woman gone?? Agar unhe kuch ho Gaya toh I won't be able to forgive myself. I have to find her.

He leaves from the office to find her. He looks for her in the whole city but couldn't find her. Yeh Maine Kya Kar Diya. I shouldn't have behave with her like this. He decides to call the police to find her and also starts looking for her again.

After sometime,he gets a call from the police men that they have found a dead body that completely matches the description which he described to them. He gets shocked listening to this and his phone drops from his hand.

No,this can't be true. She can't leave me like this- He shouts. What will I say to my daughter?? Why did she do this to me?? Why did she give me this punishment?? Agar unhe kuch hua toh main toh Jeete ki mar jaunga. Unki Khushi ke baare mein sochte sochte yeh Maine Kya Kar Diya. 

With these questions,he manages to drive his car and reaches the mortuary.

Mr. Bajaj, this is the dead body. She had an accident and she resembles your wife.

His hands starts shivering. He slowly picks up the cloth and gets relieved finding that it's not prerna.

No, she isn't my wife- he replies and runs from there.

Coming out from the mortuary,he sees a known figure walking in the middle of the road. He calls her name but she doesn't listen to her. A truck comes towards her and is about to hit her but he saves her from the collision.

Are you out of your mind Mrs. Bajaj?? Abhi aapki Jaan ja sakti thi- He shouts.

Who Mrs. Bajaj?? Sorry, I'm not Mrs. Bajaj. Got it.

I'm Ms. Prerna Sharma and you are no one to shout at me.

What are you saying Prerna?? You are my wife damnit. 

Wife, like seriously?? Kis wife ki baat Kar rahe aap ?? Jiski aapki zindagi mein koi importance hi nahi hai. You broke every relation with me. Then what are you doing here? Mar jaane dete Mujhe. Waise bhi aapko mere jeene ya Marne se Kya farak padhta hai .

He glares at her with so much rage in her eyes.

How dare you Mrs. Bajaj to say such things in front of me?? AAP jaanti bhi Hain ki aap Kya keh rahi Hain. Aainda yeh baat apne mooh se mat nikaliyega warna AAP mujhe jaanti hain.

Kya Kar lenge aap, batayiye mujhe??

He gets silent at this. She is about to leave but he helds her hand.

You are coming back to home with me. Sun liya aapne. 

Kis Ghar ki baat Kar rahe aap Jo Mera kabhi tha hi nahi. I won't go with you.

Woh Ghar sirf aapka hai Mrs. Bajaj aur koi doosra uss Ghar mein aapki jagah nahi le sakta. You have made that house a home. You are everything to that home. You are everything to our daughter who is waiting for you at home. And lastly, you are everything to me because I'm incomplete without you. Without you I won't be able to survive. You are the heartbeat to my heart . And if you want me dead ,then you can leave me.

She turns towards him and keeps her finger on his lips and shushes him.

See, again you are doing this to me. You are hurting me again with your words. Aap humesha hi aisa karte Hain. You are a very bad man. But you know what I still love this bad man who is not only my husband but also the father of my... Our child.

A smile appears near his lips.

Mr. Bajaj,main maanti Hoon ki Maine Anurag se bahut pyaar Kiya hai but pyaar nibhana Maine aapse seekha hai. The way you have cared about me and our child, even Anurag wouldn't be able to do that. Aap kuch bolte nahi Hain par aapke Dil mein chhupe pyaar ko main samajhti Hoon and that's why I got hurt when you didn't stop me to go.

If I'm everything to you then you are more than everything thing to me in this world and I don't wanna lose you.

So promise me that you will never do this again and would never leave me.

He moves his face close to her and just pecks her lips giving her assurance that in this life he won't be able to leave her. I promise- He replies.

The end

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Posted: 4 months ago

It was beautifully written every detail warmed my heart !

Posted: 4 months ago

I loved it so much!!!!!!!❤️

Posted: 4 months ago

So beautifully written  just loved it 


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Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by Breezi11197

It was beautifully written every detail warmed my heart !

Thank you so much for liking itsmiley9

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by SanyaEterna

I loved it so much!!!!!!!❤️

Glad that you liked itsmiley9

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by sumathiaishu

So beautifully written  just loved it 


Thank you so much for likingsmiley9

Posted: 4 months ago

Awww so cute 😊😊😊

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