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She open her eyes...where is she..?? Darkness all around...and these sounds...and why her head is so heavy..

Last thing she remembered.. is Ronit kidnapped her and Sneha was with her...and she try hard to run away...but he take her away from her daughter and then..." Mamma"

Yes ...she heard ...her daughter's first word ...she called her out ..." Mamma"..

But then she saw both of them...Anurag and Mr. Bajaj...standing in front of her and she smiles in relife...but because of whom she don't know..and before anyone blink their eyes...Roint shot a bullet towards them ...she cried....."..." 

Now where is she...and why it is so dark...

She stand and switch on the lights..and ...she was sleeping on the bed with Anurag in his room...and there is child between them...

She stumbles and hit the wall and vase hit the floor...he get up ..and child start weeping...

" Prerna...what happen....frse attack aya kya..."

He come near her to hold her...

" stay away, why i am here....what i am doing here...where is Mr. Bajaj...and who is this child"

"Mr. Bajaj....who..??"..kya bol rhi ho....i told you to stop reading books...they effect you badly...

" Sneha ...where is she..?"

He sighed...." From last week we are not getting who is this Mr. Bajaj and now,new character...Sneha.."

Really stop this and sleep...see Prem is start crying...

" Prem....i don't know him..whose child is this..."

" Enough is enough now, whose child..he is our son...3 months old son...Pream Basu.."

She touched her belly...yes there is no child.." How is this possible"...

Tears start flowing from her eyes..." Anurag...tell me what happened...after Ronit shot that bullet..." 

"Ronit...i never met him after my divorce with komolika...."

She can't understanding anything..her face become pale..

He came near her and hold her from her shoulders...and she was feeling uncomfortable...she came out of his grip...

" just tell me ..why are you doing this..and where is he....dammit!  tell me Anurag...what is happening here...???

" i think we need to call doctor..last week you were asking about...that...that..Mr. again..but this and this time you are conscious..."

She was confused... That what is he playing?? She has to know it..

" Okay tell me every thing about us then..."

He sighed,but he decide to told her everything she asked him..

He narrate their story,until the point everything was good for them and they are getting married...there was " No Mr. Bajaj in his story,...they married as they planned then their  honeymoon...then baby shower and their baby..." Everything single thing was perfect as they want their life...

And he smiled at her in end...but she was not happy....but scared...of his story..

"" She cried " this is not are lying Mr. want me back and now you playing with my mind..."

"listen i am doing no such thing...but he controlled himself and asked..okay so what happened according to you then,..."

" we never married, i marry him...Mr. Bajaj as a deal to save you and yes i was pregnant...but last i remember i was 7 month pregnant...and living in Bajaj Mansion with my husband and daughter Sneha..."

It make him more angry...but he was controlling himself for her...she is devastated..and broken like telling a real she lived he let her continue her story ...

"It was difficult for me in starting to move on with other person..but slowly i accepted my life...we were happy...i don't know about him..but i was happy..he never show his emotions you have to know him deeply to feel what was going in his mind and heart.."

" i accepted his daughter as mine,he accepted my child as his ..we never put this in words ...but we both know that..."

We were gradually taking leap in our relation...he start opening to me...and i start taking my duties of wife seriously and with all heart...

Although i love you but something was changing between us...and that confused me about my feelings..but it continues..

Untill that day...when i was picking Sneha from school and Ronit come there..and shot a bullet at both of you and went towards him...i shouted..." Mr. Bajaj"

And now i am here with you...

He take a deep silence was only thing between them..

She was sitting on sofa...he slowly walk towards her and give her a glass of water..

First she hesitate but then take it and glup it in one go...

Anurag sit near her and take her hand in his...but she snatched away..

" He closed his eyes in frustration..but sighed deeply.....I don't know what you are talking about...we never met your Mr. Bajaj and ...that girl yess...Sneha..."

Those people who never could you meet them and marry him...i think you read some novel before sleeping and now you are living their characters...

This happens with people...we will met doctor tomorrow...and you will be fine..

But for today...for now please sleep...

" No, i want to go home now...please let me go.."

" Prerna please, i am already disturbed by your story...and now you want to go to the place which does not exists.."

He make her stand and try to drag her towards the bed but she pushed him..

" No,i am not going to share bed with you...if you will not take me ..i will go on my own.." 

And she run from there...Anurag take prem in his arms and run behind her...she sits in the car and so does he..

" okay come i also want to see your so called home..."

She drive right away to Bajaj Mansion as she know all the way by heart..

She run inside..but guards stop her...

" mam you can't go like this.."

"This is my can't stop me like this and she pushed him and run inside...Everything was same...she knows she was not lying..she run straight towards his room..Anurag was watching her in confusion..and tries to stop her..

" Mr. Bajaj...where are you...Sneha ..." She cried..

As she heard the voice of door opening..she smile and turn towards him...

But he was standing there with a woman...yes..she....Menika ..she was standing right beside him...both are coming down from his their night dresses..

Her face fall...she was standing still on middle of stairs..

He looked towards her in confusion..

" Excuse me mam, how you enter my this time of night...and most importantly..." who are you"??


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Hello hii there! Pls tell me you are going to continue this!! Because it's such an interesting pov. Wow. I loved it. Pls pls pls continue it. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Omg shocking! What's happening! Update soon this is amazing and super exciting 😍

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by MisHumptyDumpty

Hello hii there! Pls tell me you are going to continue this!! Because it's such an interesting pov. Wow. I loved it. Pls pls pls continue it. 

Yes i will...

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by SanyaEterna

Omg shocking! What's happening! Update soon this is amazing and super exciting 😍

I will..

Posted: 2 months ago

Oh god... I cant handle this suspense! This is worst than a cliff hanger!! 

I wanna know, I wanna know.. pls continue.. 

Posted: 2 months ago

What happened next ??smiley3 pls update soon smiley44

Posted: 2 months ago

Omg this is damn exciting! The suspense is killing me. Please continue soon.

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