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Hi all, I'm writing it for the first time in this forum. I am not watching the show but I was a fan of old kasauti. So here it is

It's been 4 months that we have got married. Our marriage has always been a rollercoaster ride for both of us. I know that I had married her forcefully putting some conditions in front of her. Basically it was just a contract marriage. She had her own benefits and I had mine. I wanted a mother for my daughter and she wanted to save his love from financial destruction. So she agreed to marry a beast like me. I had always been cold and unemotional person before I met her. But she entered like a fire in my heart and began to melt it. I didn't have any idea that I will somehow starts falling for her. But it isn't my fault. She is just impossible to ignore. Even if tried to ignore her ,I failed miserably. And I didn't even know when she had become my center of gravity. I know that she only loves Anurag and I don't have any place in her heart. She is just fulfilling her duties like a perfect employee. She is a good mother to my daughter. Has Always taken care of her like her own child. Sneha has also accepted her as her own mother. Even Her real mother didn't love her like prerna does. I know that she had got pregnant with Anurag's child but I didn't give her that feeling of guilt. I had always told her that it's our child,Not anyone else's.Only He is the father of her child. Don't know why but I had always liked taking care of her in her pregnancy. In these 4 months,I had lived a life feeling that she isn't alone pregnant but we are pregnant. I don't know what's in her heart. Does she even like me or not?? Is she only bearing me because we had a deal? I don't know anything but I know one thing that she is everything for me. And I can't even think about living without her and our child. Yes,it is a confession by this cold person. Finally I have got the guts to confess this feeling in front of me. Yes I love you "Mrs. Bajaj " and will always do.

But what if she isn't happy with me?? I can't force her to live with me without her will. She has never shown any sign of love towards me. No,I can't tell this to her at any cost. What will she think of me?? It was a mutual decision that we won't have any kind of relationship between us. And now suddenly I can't breach this term. No, I will free her from this so called marriage for her own happiness. And her happiness lies in Mr. Basu. I will unite them again. Maybe that will lessen my guilt of marrying her without her consent. Yes,I will do this. He sighed. 

He calls his lawyer to prepare their divorce papers .

Ronit,I want these papers by tonight.-He shouted.

At night,he leaves for Bajaj mansion determined to free his own wife from this relationship. He calls her before reaching that he has a surprise for her.

Mr. Bajaj,I also have a surprise for you, please come soon- She replied.

As usual,She is waiting for him at dinner with so much excitement as finally she will confess her feelings towards her husband. "Her Husband"?? Yes,he has finally become her husband in all senses. And today I will declare it in front of him . Your wife loves you Mr. Bajaj. And you are the only reason for this change of heart. I know that I loved Anurag like anything but he had always disrespected me even we had a deep relation. But it was you who had always given me so much of respect without expecting anything. A woman needs respect more than love which you have always given me Mr. Bajaj. I had always thought that you are not a good person and had always thought of your own gains. But I was wrong. In these 4 months,I have realized that you are a gem of a person that anyone could have. And I am lucky to have you in my life. Her thought have broken with the noise of the horn of his car.

She comes back to her senses and runs towards the door and sees him in front of her.

Aa Gaye aap- She asked.Itni der kardi, I was waiting for you. You know what I have a surprise for you.

Ms. Sharma, even I have a surprise for you. 

Ms. Sharma?? Come again. She retorted.

Yes, you heard it right,Ms. Sharma.

What's wrong with you Mr. Bajaj?? Why are you behaving like this?? Have I done anything wrong?? Please tell me. I'm getting worried.

No, you haven't done anything wrong Ms. Sharma. It's just that I am now fed up with this so called husband and wife relationship and have decided to free you from this cage. 

Fed up with our relationship?? Like seriously. She replied. What does this even mean Mr. Bajaj?? You have got bored with me and our relation.

Yes, this is the case Ms. Sharma. I'm bored with you. So these are the divorce papers,sign them and just leave from my life.

She gets devastated seeing the divorce papers and fells on the floor.

No,this can't be true-She murmured. Aap mazaak Kar rahe Hain na Mr. Bajaj?? You are just trying to irritate me like you always does. Please keh dijiye,yeh sab jhooth hai.She is sobbing.

He is unable to see her in this condition but feeling helpless. He wants her happiness and for this he has to pretend that he doesn't care for her.

He turns his face in the other direction. A lone tear rolls down from his eye but he wipes it before she could see that.

Main yeh Jo sab bhi keh Raha Hoon,woh bilkul Sach hai ,Ms. Sharma.

She gets up on her feet , moves towards him. And pulls his collar. Aap mere saath aisa kaise Kar sakte Hain?? Kya aapki life mein Meri liye koi jagah nahi??

He isn't still looking at her.

Jawaab dijiye mujhe- She screamed.

With so much pain,he replied- No you don't own any place in my heart. Do you get it.

Aap bhi Anurag jaise hi nilke,Mr. Bajaj. Aapne bhi wahi Kiya Jo usne mere saath Kiya. I thought that you are different but you proved me wrong. You are same like all the men in this world-Selfish and narcissist. It was all my fault that I dared to love a person like you.

Listening the word love from her mouth,he got shocked. She loves me?? Did I hear it right?? But how can she love a person like me??

He came back to reality with her voice.

Theek hai,aap yahi chahte Hain na ki main yeh papers sign Kar doon, I'll do it and make you free.She is about to leave but he helds her hand strongly.

Leave my hand,Mr. Bajaj. You have lost that right.She tries to free herself from his strong grip . With a jerk ,he pulls her towards him and she lands on his chest.

Now, what's all this?? She shouts. You wanted me to leave then why are you doing this now??

Look into my eyes and answer- Do you love me??

As if it matters to you- She replied.

Just give me the answer God damnit. Do you love me??

No, I don't love you, infact I hate you so much and turns her face to the other side.

He makes her look at him holding her face. So, you hate me Mrs. Bajaj?? He asked teasingly.

Yes,I hate you very very much. You are very bad person and starts hitting on his chest.

Holding his violent hands, but you know what ," I love you Mrs. Bajaj ,I love you so so much"and pecks on her cheek. She gets stunned with his sudden touch.

Jhooth bol rahe Hain aap?? You don't love me. If you had loved me, you wouldn't have done this to me. 

I had done this for "Your Happiness" Mrs. Bajaj.

My Happiness, like seriously?? Aapse door hone mein kaunsi happiness hai Meri??

I thought that you are not happy with me and your happiness lies in Mr. Basu. So, with a heavy heart I had taken this decision to divorce you and give you your happiness back.

How can you decide by your own to end this relationship?? Did you ask me before?? Did I say anything to you that I'm not happy with you?I didn't expect such stupidity from you Mr. Bajaj.

You and your perceptions, I just hate it.

I'm sorry Mrs. Bajaj for hurting you but you don't know how difficult it was for me to take this decision,to send you far away from me. I felt like someone has stabbed my heart again and again. It was that painful.

Do you think it was easy for me to get away from you? You are my husband and I had promised you that I'll always be your wife. Didn't you have any faith on me?? 

Aaj yeh sab keh Diya hai, Don't you dare to do this again to me , otherwise you will have to bear the consequences.She glared.

And  one more thing-" My happiness only lies in you,no one else in this life ". And I hope that I'm your only happiness . Got it??

Yes,my princess. I won't do this again and holds his ears to say sorry .

She stops him to do so and hugs him tightly. He reciprocates the hug with same passion.

Btw, you still haven't answer my question yet??

Which question?? She asked.

That you love mesmiley2

Do I still need to answer that?? and winks

The end.

So, how's it? Do like it and give your feedback.

PS- Ignore the typos


Posted: 4 months ago

Beautifully poignant! smiley27

The flow of love and the pain of separation is so heartfelt. 

Do write more. smiley9

Posted: 4 months ago

Reserved ! 

Posted: 4 months ago

omg omg...Iyea Maine kisko smiley31dekha ...Tani

n never knew you r so much multitalented...

just love to read you... Yaar aya Jaya karo..tumhare bina meri pehli forum hai jahape Mai active Hu...

n the writing is jjust awesome dear...keep writing more...

Posted: 4 months ago

That's a wonderful shot smiley27

Posted: 4 months ago

Wow it was totally awesome ❤️ pain and love💙

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Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by Wistfulness

Beautifully poignant! smiley27

The flow of love and the pain of separation is so heartfelt. 

Do write more. smiley9

Thank you so much for liking itsmiley9

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