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Hello Everyone , 

Kashmakash will be a  PreRish series from now on, it goes in parallel to the tracks  or  episodes or spoilers  but with our version of PreRish stories... around the episodes .

so all updates will be in this same thread,  each part will be independent of the other with few scenarios put together but will have a  one central theme of Kashmakash...(For now)  around it or it can change to the initial pangs of awkwardness or understanding ...later on.. the index will be on the first page . 

Hope you like this .. 

Idea credit for Kashmakash series : Poo (-RD-) 



Kashmakash Part #2 : Aap ka shaara ..

Kashmakash #Part 3 : Darmiyaan

Kashmakash Part 4 : Rishtey

PreRish OS : Kashmakash

title credit : Poo (-RD-) 

Here a short one,.. 

She changes into her night suit, and walks into the bedroom of the royal presidential suit, Zurich .. she has gone into a shell, with no banter or words  and is lost in some deep thoughts,  ,  ever since she came back after being confronted by Anurag , earlier in the day . 

this has kept him wondering, can he ask ? can he not ?? Mr.Bajaj is wondering what might have happened, he hasn't seen her  in this state, not even when he proposed her for marriage, not even when she agreed, not even when they got married.. what could have happened, Bajaj's thoughts were wandering around her ever since she returned to the hotel. 

She hasn't spoken a word, other than a monosyllable or just nod .. he is concerned , she was about to go to the adjacent living room to sleep on the couch. 

 "aap yaha so jaayiye " Mr.Bajaj's voice startles her .. she looks at the person, who is showing her the bed to sleep on ...  she walks towards the bed in a zombie state..

Bajaj wonders or rather feels strange that she followed his direction without  her trademark  lecture and rant that how dare he ask her to sleep on the bed with him....

Prerna gets on the bed and sleeps ... on to the edge of the bed, cuddling herself in the comforters.. Bajaj makes an exit to the living room,  on the other end, not before looking behind , with what looked like  concern in his eyes... 

She was unusually silent at dinner, for  some reason he is not feeling right seeing her in this state , it was more of worry and concern... 

His heart wished for a taunting, lecturing Prerna than this one , though he tries to lie down on the couch ... Rishab Bajaj lying on the couch in a Presidential suit ..but he is not able to .. 

he wants to know what happened .. after she met Anurag .. what did he say that she has gone into a complete shell .. the worry and concern wouldn't let him sleep .. 

the door bell rings, the staff brings in  coffee for the two ..which Mr.Bajaj ordered ...  but then he is apprehensive to go into her room, he calls her , 

 "hello" her voice weighed down in tears, it's chocked.. 

"aap ek baar baahar aa sakti hai kya" with concern lingering in his voice...

"hmmm" hangs up the call and gets off the bed , takes few steps towards the door... opens the door .. Mr.Bajaj is right there in front of her ...

 "aap teek nahin lagri ...let me call a doc" reaches for his phone.

Prerna leans on the door...unable to walk , about to fall due to weakness .. ... 

he is in dilemma to hold her or not ...but then he brushes her impending lectures, scoops her in his arms and puts her on the bed and covers her ...

 "Prerna .... Prerna... "he  calls  out her name..  sprinkles little water on her face.. she looks at him but falls asleep again ...  ..he calls the hotel for the doctor ASAP..

A concerned him pacing down the room, the on call hotel doctor arrives within 5 minutes ..he takes the doc to Prerna, the doctor checks her and says "I need to give her medication for better sleep now,  and then I can check her in the morning at clinic "

"No .. no sedatives" retorts  Mr.Bajaj 

"But that will put her to sleep ... she is very disturbed for some reason and she needs sedatives to calm her down " doc while taking the medication from the  bag ,... 

"but she is pregnant" reveals Bajaj .. 

"Ohh ... " the doc checks her pulse .. 

"how many weeks is she now "

"umm I donno "  blurts Bajaj .. 

Doc with a confused glare .."I am asking you how many weeks is your wife pregnant now ..."

Bajaj ... shakes his head.... "that doesn't matter now .. right does it" he further stuns the doctor .. 

"please let me know what other options we have so that she sleeps well " 

"Is she your wife ?" asks the doctor skeptically 

"Yes she is my wife, Mrs.Prerna Bajaj " says with confidence  ..

"Then you should know how to deal with her , you have a Good Night" , the doctor takes his leave,  leaving a confused Mr.Bajaj behind ... 

"back to square 1" his mind mocks him, which he shruggs

wondering what might have happened between them earlier in the day and how to get her to talking .. should he be talking to Anurag now.. a series of thoughts flash in his head .. 

unable to leave her in such a state, he decides to sit next to her on a chair 

he is sleepy , but the concern and unanswered questions wouldn't leave him ,,, 

he sees drops of tears from her eyes dripping into the pillow...every few minutes,  this heartless person's heart tugs...

he tries to wipe her tears.. moves hand almost close to her face, but withdraws instantly , but then , though sleeping, her  tears were dripping on and off ... 

"Mr.Basu .. what the hell did you say to her.... .. that too when she is pregnant ...I will not spare you"  his inner voice letting out his frustration ... 

seeing her in such a vulnerable situation, he wipes her tears, Prerna instantly holds his hand and sleeps ...

a shocked him, tries to gently pull his hand out from her grip.... for his conscience of unwanted touch between them ... and then fearing her reaction or rather he is ok or wanting to have one dose of her lecture ... he gives in,

 Prerna holding his hand while asleep , she needed the bit of support, but him .. there is warmth in his heart ..while  he gradually  drifts sleep in the chair next to the bed .

Next Morning Prena wakes up ... looks around the room ,.. her head is heavy, notices her holding his hand in hers, instantly  leaves it .. which wakes him up , startled, she gets off the bed ..

"aap ... yahaan..."  she asks in confusion  .. 

"Please aap relax kijiye ..last night you were not well and almost fainted, I called the doctor, told her not to give you any sedatives, so I was here on the chair and you were crying so when I tried to wipe your tears.. you held on to my hand and slept" Bajaj explained everything  in one go and is all ears for her lecture .. 

"thank you " is all she says .. leaving him even more confused ... this is not the Prerna ... he is still concerned ..

"May I ask you something ..." he apprehensively starts ...

"hmm " she nods 

"Anurag ne kya kaha aapse ..."

"kuch nahin ..." she evades ..

"whatever he said ..he shd have realized that you are pregnant and shouldn't be under any stress" he says with authority ..

"usse pata nahin ki I am pregnant ...."

this leaves Bajaj shocked to the core ...

"aur aap please kisi se kuch nahin kahiye , least for now ...only you are aware of it" requests Prerna 

he is not able to assimilate what he just heard... "par ..."

"It's a request, please" her eyes pleading him  ...

Bajaj nods ....yeh kaisi kashmakash hai .... lost in conflicting thoughts of anger towards Anurag, concern for Prerna and yet felt warm  in a corner of his heart, that she confided something in him ..

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Reswa * i am like neembu mirchi for ur post*smiley37smiley37

This is just so dil ko choone wala could really feel Bajaj ki kashmakash conflict sab kuch  luved it and write more smiley15

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Such a beautiful os♥️

Please keep writing like this☺️

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Originally posted by -RD-

Reswa * i am like neembu mirchi for ur post*smiley37smiley37

kaahe ka neembu mirchi.. u is naariya phod smiley37

aap aa gayi ab apne aap sab shubh honge smiley42smiley37 

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Originally posted by awesome

Such a beautiful os♥️

Please keep writing like this☺️

shukriya ji smiley27

Posted: 2 months ago

A good read 

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by munnihyderabad

kaahe ka neembu mirchi.. u is naariya phod smiley37

aap aa gayi ab apne aap sab shubh honge smiley42smiley37 


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